Ultimate Assassin System Vol 2 Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – Thieves’ Guild

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Translator: Vitus
Editor: Brandon

Unlike Tang En’s imagination, the thieves’ guild was not set up in a remote corner.  Actually, it was set up in a good location along the main road. The union flag depicting two crossed daggers was also quite eye-catching, gleaming in the sunlight.

Tang En had already changed his costume. His upper body was covered with a black hooded cloak, the hat concealed his face with a black veil.

Tang En ended up buying all of this from a grocery store. The shopkeeper introduced the garment as a ninja cloak for 50 coins, while also presenting a triangular black veil.

After buying the ninja cloak, Tang En bargained with their employees, finally spending 2 silver and 20 copper coins, he settled on a silver dagger.

It was tang en’s first dagger, although it was an inferior product of 2 silvers, Tang En didn’t care for much. He has learnt from the old butler that even the thinnest sheet of iron becomes a deadly weapon when in the hands of an assassin.

The rules of an assassin state that after obtaining a new weapon, one must always become familiar with it first.

This dagger is about 7-inches in length, single-edged blade, wooden handle covered with ordinary rubber. Tang En uses an appropriate forehand grip, followed with a counter grip, but still, he isn’t as comfortable with it as he was in the assassin system space.

This was inevitable, because, in assassin system space, Tang En used a dagger which was custom-made with his hand characteristics.

Tang En skillfully hid the dagger in his sleeves beside his forearm near the elbow, such that it could be reached with just a slight bend, and the dagger will be drawn out stealthily like a snake.

This skill is very graceful indeed. Tang En learned this quick-draw skill from the old housekeeper, while doing so his arm ended up scarring his arm miserably, that is, in the system space. In the real world, Tang En wouldn’t dare study this.

After entering through the front door, he arrived at the guild hall of the thieves’ guild. At this time, the guild hall is bustling very lively, Tang En curiously observed the surroundings. The interior of thieves’ guild is somewhat gloomy; it forms a contrast with the bright and upright facade outside.

However, this also coincides with Tang En’s first preconceived impressions that the bandits and thieves are certainly accustomed to walking in the darkness.

The layout of the Hall is relatively simple, there are more than 10 counters similar to the windows/counters at modern office banks, at one side of the Hall there were many small compartments.  Viewed from the open door of the compartment, there was only an ordinary table. Something shaped like a crystal ball was suspended over the table.

Tang En’s attire here is inconspicuous because a lot of people wearing the Ninja cloak passed by him from time to time.  Of course, mainstream attire here is leather, he could occasionally see some female rogues, wearing lightweight leather which exposed their curvy bodies.

Compared with these slim female rogues, similarly the male bandits and thieves’ stature was obviously skinny and more dreadful, but male thieves having this kind of build is not much.

Tang En’s figure upheld his usual principle of being “ordinary”, neither fat nor thin, but a moderate build. After observing the moment, Tang En arrived before a guild window, at the window is a young woman, wearing a white uniform.

The woman smiled, “Hello, what can I do for you?”

The brisk melodious voice sounds very comfortable, Tang En also smiled and said: “I want to join the Guild.”

“Good, the entrance fee is five silver coins.”

Well, there is an admission fee? Tang En hesitated, still took out five silver coins and handed them over.

“Good, please wait a bit.” The woman from behind pulls out a crystal ball about a centimeter in diameter, and gave it to Tang En: “Here, Mr. Thief, this is your identity crystal ball.”

Is it done? Five silver coins traded for a pellet…

Afterwards, Tang En took the ball, inspected it, and still did not see a reason why it was needed. Tang En asked: “What’s the use of this?”

“Thief, have you never see this object?”

“Uh, no.”

The woman patiently explained, “It is called an Identity crystal ball, it is a product of magic and alchemy.  The crystal ball is now in its original state, you need to go inside one of those cubicle’s to use it, insert it below the thieves’ union crystal ball monitor. So you can enter your information and receive a variety of tasks, of course, after completing the task, you need to come here to claim the bounty.    As for the specific steps, you can refer to the crystal ball above the union, and follow the prompts.”

Tang En nodded, indicating that he understood, thanked the woman and left the window.

“The product of alchemy and magic”, Tang En looked at the crystal ball lying in his palm suspiciously. He had never heard of this practice before.

Anyway, let’s take a look at it… Tang En found a spare cubicle, went in quickly and pulled the door in.

In the cubicle, a Trade Union crystal ball was placed. Just above his head Tang En found a small circular groove. Needless to say, he identified this as a slot to plug in his crystal ball.


The trade union crystal ball sends out a light sound, gives off a soft light, the interior of the crystal ball presents a star cloud which seemed like a Nebula. One line of small characters appeared in that nebula,

“Because there is darkness, so there are bandits and thieves. A person who walks in the darkness truly understands the value of light.”

After the handwriting faded, the double dagger thieves’ Guild logo was presented.

“A little meaning…” The image within the crystal ball was the thieves’ slogan. But still, Tang En thought that is indeed worth pondering.

At this time, some words appeared inside the crystal ball,

“Please enter a name for the identification crystal ball.”

“Well, how am I supposed to do that?” Tang En was confused; they should have at least provided a keyboard or something…

The crystal ball didn’t answer Tang En’s query, however, Tang En soon discovered that the crystal ball could follow the shapes drawn by his fingers and corresponding symbols appeared on the crystal ball.

“I have to scratch or touch the screen? Very advanced!” Tang En was now even more interested in alchemy and magic. Struck by an idea, Tang En entered the name as “Hitman.”

“Name available, please enter password.”

Password? Um… “old butler”, Tang En’s poor taste gave away the name of old butler.

“Established successfully.  Please keep your identity crystal ball safe.”

Yo, pretty user-friendly. Tang En smacked his lips.

As the ‘success’ prompt fades away, a box appeared inside the crystal ball called as the task interface.

Task interface consists of a treasure hunt, assassination, and other categories.

Treasure hunt, needless to say, all rogues are willing to do this work, the duty inside was linked to finding objects basically. Some clients were listed in the grid, who wished to seek cooperation.  Some tasks specified the need for some kind of treasure, some were seeking bandits to help them out, and so on.

As he pulled the next task bar, various bizarre tasks appeared one after another. Such as the theft of Miss Duke’s underwear, to stalk an aristocrat, etc…

Tang En glanced casually, and next focused on the assassination tab of the taskbar. He is now desperate to increase strength, but his old housekeeper’s limited him to his current system rank refused to teach him the high-quality stuff.

Tang En wants to lift his system rank, but it can only be done with unceasing murder.

However when Tang En clicks on the assassination tab, the interface actually prompted Tang En to only receive tasks suitable to his rank.  After Tang En opened his rank, he discovered that he is now a first-level young assassin. He Only can receive the assassination duties of 1-5 gold coins.

We get a point for completing a task, on accumulating 10 points you can upgrade your rank, and then higher level tasks will be unlocked.

To Tang En, this didn’t come as a surprise, as early-stage assassins starting off to kill some bigshot is but a joke.

After opening the first-level assassin missions, Tang En starts to search the assassination object carefully. That’s right. Tang En is ready to start now. Upgrading strength inside the assassin system space aside, Tang En desperately needs the bounty from assassinations to feed himself.

He is really poor now, the rotten gambler had given him ten silver coins, but after a moment of spending, he only had 2 silver and 30 copper coins left.

The old farmer had explained to Tang En about this world’s money system. There are three denominations of currency: gold, silver and copper, the exchange rate was 1 gold = 100 silver coins = 10000 copper coins.  For an ordinary civilian family, 10 silver coins can maintain the food supply for barely a month.

Tang En only bought the primary equipment of rouges and his funds were already stretched thin. Moreover, tomorrow, Tang En has to get 20 silver coins to redeem the old farmer’s axe.

There are plenty of first-level assassination missions, Tang En constantly kept scrolling through the contents of the crystal ball, finally selecting a mission of assassinating a thug.

After selection, each task gives a simple explanation to briefly introduce the status of mission objectives, rewards, and so on.

For this mission, the introduction given by trade union crystal ball is as follows:

Mission Number: ****

Goal: An underground gang leader.

Trustee request: Kill

Monetary reward: 5 gold coins

Surprisingly concise! , the gang leader should not be the good person… Tang En finally chose to receive it.

“Ding, The mission was received successfully.  Following is more information about the target.”

Destination name: Bart (Nicknamed, Storm Bear)

Seven feet tall, wide body, black skin, black all over the face.  His main weapon is an axe, usually wields it single-handedly, frequently seen in South Pier No. 68.

After the task is completed, please submit a report promptly, thieves’ union will investigate to confirm the results within a day.

While looking at the prompt which states successful mission reception, complex feelings rose inside Tang En. Would he really start working as an assassin? Earlier he had added that he won’t kill people for money…

Tang En shook his head and dispelled out such thoughts. He looked around for a bit and dived into the assassin system space.

“Ding! Discovered otherworld assassin organization, loading data……”

“Loaded successfully, this information will be incorporated into assassin system.”

“Ding, congratulations assassin Tang En. Mission to seek for an assassin organization completed successfully.”

“Mission difficulty: F”

“Experience gained: 100, HP gained: 100”

Chapter end

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