Ultimate Assassin System Vol 1 Chapter 10

Chapter 10 – I want to be an Assassin


TL: Vitus


Tang En put away the axe with an expressionless face as he watched the shattered fragments of the stone monument.

Tang En swore that when he meets Sethman, he will use that very ax to crush his bones to pieces and then hack him to death.

But Tang En wasn’t a fool. Earlier, he was blinded by rage and was desperate to find the whereabouts of Sethman. But now, after smashing the stone monument, he finally regained reasoning. He knew his strength better than anyone else and also understood that to avenge the little rock village was merely wishful thinking. He didn’t say anything else, as he came closer to the scorched earth, he realized that the scope of the explosion was greater than what could be caused by artillery shells.

The housekeeper was pleased and said: “That’s better.”

“As you wish!”

“Ding, Vengeance Mission Unlocked.

Time Limit: None.”

At the suggestion of old housekeeper, Tang En packed his things and left the hut, following the road towards the east.

For the next few days, except for eating and sleeping, Tang En put all his efforts into assassin system space.

While dressed in a white lab coat, the old housekeeper took a scalpel in his hand: “As a killer, you must be well aware of all parts of the body inside and out. Although we have no knowledge of this world, but according to my observations in these few days, the human body is the same. Next, I will show you the dissection of a variety of bodies so as to study about body anatomy”

“Human body has a number of fatal spots in the upper body, temple, glabella, pharynx and larynx, heart, etc. are most important, however, those are also the parts defended most closely. For starters, those parts don’t work well, rather the aorta is a better choice. Come, hold the thighs. ”

Tang En slightly shivered as he took the dismembered thigh. Deep inside he constantly reminded himself, “fake, and fake! Everything I see is an illusion virtualized by the old housekeeper, hang in there, you have to become the king of assassins.” But, fuck don’t be so realistic, the stench of blood cataplasm sticks out.

All illusions…..

It is the only magic…. Puff! Tang En’s whole body was drenched in the “fountain.”

Isn’t this simple? I only have to follow the movements? Tang En studies the hand of the old housekeeper with which he held the dagger.

Tang En nods.

“You Died.”

Old housekeeper lightly replied: “In the assassin system space, you are truly immortal. So as to leave a deeper impression, this is a friendly reminder. Whenever you die, I will have you feel one to nine levels of pain in accordance with the situation. Trust me, it feels fantastic…… ”

“Okay, one more time. Determined to hold? ”

Tang En whines, and once again collapses to the ground.

“…you… sneak… attacked……” the fierce pain caused Tang En to nitpick on words to

“What a joke, how did any of this have any deeper meaning?”

Tang En’s body shivers, this is the first level of pain?
“Determined to hold up?”

Finally, after Tang En enjoyed three first-level aches, did the housekeeper reluctantly nodded to approve of Tang En’s dagger grasping posture.
“Well, after holding a dagger, the following is used. IF a short dagger does not hit the strategic point, the power is limited. Where are the key/strategic points, I have taught you in human anatomy. The forms of knife attacks are to generally stab, shear, tease, pick and cut. Next, I will demonstrate all of them in action, your task today is to wield the dagger in an “acceptable” manner for 1000 times.”

Tang En had a sleepless night, perhaps you might think 1000 times is nothing. But the emphasis is on the “acceptable” word. The old housekeeper’s dagger demonstration in the human anatomy has left behind certain parameter data. If his strokes don’t match this data, then it is not eligible.

His arms started to give off the heat first, went to being sore, then arrived numbness, and finally lost consciousness completely. The brains also become ignorant, finally leaving only mechanical waving arm.

This stroke passed!

This stroke passed!
This stroke passed!

The distracted Tang En does not know that at this time his dagger wielding “acceptable” rate was highest.

A few days later, Tang En in addition to learning other skills, must complete dagger wielding practice like this every day.

The old housekeeper looked at Tang En and said: “you are learning now.”

“Oh, really? Have you mastered the basic usage of daggers? ”

“Um, then let’s use the foundation dagger law in actual combat to have a look”, the old steward flashed his hand to reveal a dagger: “You attack.”

The old housekeeper cast aside his facial expression: “I do not consider it necessary to answer this question.”

“Uh…..he is really a skilled master” Tang En gave unstated criticism. He crooked his arm and with straight thrust, aimed for the heart.

Was needless saying that Tang En who body was reconstructed, tasted the first-level pain once more.

“Heavy.” The voice said faintly.

Tang En felt a chill over his neck, heard a hiss of the wind over his ear, thin blood spilled out of his throat like a falling curtain.

“Uh oh……” As the voice of pain arrives again, he was awoken from the art chamber like state by the first-level pain.
Old housekeeper clapped, and the dagger disappeared without a trace: “continue to practice.”

“Hang on…… Adhere to…… ”

Desert? Yes, it is a scorching desert.

The old steward said that it was some country’s Special Forces method of training strength and endurance.

In fact, Tang En’s feeling was not wrong, if seen from a bird’s eye view, Tang En walking path could draw an anomalous ellipse.

Then, Tang En suddenly found that behind him was a large millstone scorpion.

Old Butler while holding an umbrella under the desert sun, took a sip of iced wine: “He seems to have enough vitality, the course of this training was a bit inadequate, ah, a few more would be good.”

“Fuck, old butler, I, I……”
“I was wrong!!”

Chapter end

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