Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 1192–END – Chapter 1192 Ultimate Origin Supreme

Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 1192–END – Chapter 1192 Ultimate Origin Supreme

Chapter 1192 Ultimate Origin Supreme

“I won't pretend anymore since you've already seen through it. I originally wanted to hide my existence. Now, I advise you to give up on expanding the Ultimate Origin World.

Otherwise, the blank domain will give birth to more potential like my current body. I can even use the will of all living beings to deal with you. You have no chance of winning.”

The sky of this world tore apart as soon as he finished speaking. Countless bolts of lightning rushed in. Every bolt of lightning was wrapped in the invisible power of rules.

He walked towards Han Jue with endless lightning and said, “Too many blank domains have been born, but every one of them is ambitious and wants to obtain the creation of the blank domain. They restricted the development of all living beings for their own selfish reasons. I'm very disappointed.”

Han Jue asked, “Have I interfered with the blank domain? I've been cultivating in seclusion ever since I attained the Dao. When have I restricted the development of all living beings? Without me, how can there be so many Dao Creators in the current era? How can you have the chance to have your will descend on living beings? If I'm not wrong, it's precisely because I broke through to the Creator Lord Realm that your will can take form. It's precisely because the Ninth Chaos was born that you can give birth to your will.”

Life Severing Great Origin Sovereign said coldly, “Indeed, but I also feel that the Ultimate Origin World wants to replace the blank domain.”

He raised his hand and slapped. Endless lightning struck at Han Jue with the basic rules.

The three demon statues behind him attacked one after another. The three Primordial Fiendcelestial shadows suddenly appeared and raised their palms together. Primordial Qi drowned Han Jue like an ocean.

Han Jue shook his head and laughed. His eyes narrowed and the three Primordial Fiendcelestials instantly dissipated. The lightning, Primordial Purple Qi, and basic rules wreaking havoc in the world vanished.

Life Severing Great Origin Sovereign's white hair fluttered in the wind. He widened his eyes and looked at him in disbelief.

Han Jue smiled and said, “My main body seems to have become stronger again. Sorry, I've been staring at the blank domain and gave you 50 billion years to grow. You're indeed very powerful. Even the Ninth Chaos is not your match after you absorbed the three Primordial Fiendcelestials. Unfortunately, you still can't understand the Creator Lord Realm.

“The Creator Lord Realm is already at the same realm as the blank domain. The blank domain is equivalent to your body. You can't use the power of your body and can only reincarnate your consciousness. You only rely on the potential of living beings to rise. How can you be my match?

“There's no hope for you anymore. I'll wait for you if you still want to make a comeback. I'll wait for you to become a Dao Creator before challenging me again.”

With that, Life Severing Great Origin Sovereign widened his eyes and was about to speak when a terrifying force crushed him. His body and soul were destroyed and he was reduced to ashes.

The immortality of a Dao Creator was child's play in front of the Creator Lord.

Han Jue looked at his hands and clicked his tongue in wonder. “What exactly did my main body comprehend? Isn't this too strong?”

He shook his head and laughed. With a wave of his right hand, three figures appeared in front of him. They were Han Huang, Primordial Origin, and Huang Zuntian.

The three Primordial Fiendcelestials looked at Han Jue in shock. They had witnessed everything as they shared the Life Severing Great Origin Sovereign's body.

That Life Severing Great Origin Sovereign was actually formed by the will of the blank domain!

The Lord was already powerful enough to threaten the blank domain itself!

Han Jue smiled and said, “Leave. Tell the others to calm down. As for what you saw and heard, keep it a secret, understand?”

Han Jue entered the stone statue without waiting for them to reply.

The three Primordial Fiendcelestials came back to their senses.

Huang Zuntian sighed. “Is this the Lord? So the Lord is not a title, but the name of a realm.” Primordial Origin said, “No, the Lord himself is his title. He defined a higher realm with his identity.”

Han Huang nodded, his eyes filled with admiration.

In the rule domain.

Han Jue stopped and started to meditate.

Han Liang stopped and soon saw countless lights surging from all directions and entering

his grandfather's body.

He was shocked.

Could these lights be absorbed?

He had tried to touch them before, but his soul almost dissipated.

He could only sense them carefully.

Han Jue ignored him and focused on comprehending the special basic rules. Time passed. Han Liang also began to meditate. Slowly, his cultivation level increased.

As more and more light entered Han Jue's body, the speed at which the rules of this domain flowed began to slow down. Gradually, a figure appeared in Han Jue's consciousness. It was the origin of the system, the will of creation.

This was an absolutely pale space. The Creation Will transformed into a human and looked very similar to Han Jue. His true appearance couldn't be seen.

“I didn't expect you to walk ahead of everything. Even the derivation of the system can't keep up with you.”

The Creation Will sighed. Han Jue smiled. “Perhaps we're about to reach the end, or perhaps it's still not the end. I can give you the meaning of existence. Do you want to take form? It's all thanks to you that we've come this far.”

The Creation Will said, “There's no need. I'm creation. Seeing that you can treat all living beings and creation well, my mission has already been achieved. Dissipate me when you reach a higher realm. Just pretend that I've never appeared. My birth is actually only because of the meaning of the existence of all living beings. I was born for all living beings and for all existences. It's just that the blank domain can't accept creation, so it expelled me. Now, the blank domain can no longer restrict you. My mission has been completed.” Han Jue said, “How should I treat the blank domain?”

The Creation Will asked, “Why are you asking me?”

“I understand.”

Han Jue smiled and walked forward, stretching out his right hand.

The Creation Will raised his hand and the two figures held each other's hands. In an instant, the Creation Will dissipated.

Han Jue bid farewell to the Creation Will in the manner of a modern person. The Creation Will returned to the beginning and he also remembered his original self. “I'll bear the meaning of creation now,” Han Jue muttered to himself softly. The smile on his face disappeared and he calmed down. At this moment, he found another meaning other than living. His heart had also truly transformed from a human heart to a Lord's heart. To be precise, it was the Supreme Heart.

Han Liang opened his eyes and looked at his grandfather in shock.

Han Jue's body emitted a golden light. He was extremely holy, making him inexplicably want to kowtow. “Grandpa broke through?” Han Liang thought in disbelief.

On a mountain.

A youth was cultivating at the edge of the cliff.

He held a sword, and sword Qi kept slashing out.

Xing Hongxuan stood not far away and watched quietly. She was lost in thought.

After a long time, the youth ran over, sweating profusely. “Great-Grandma, how's my sword technique? Have I passed? Can I learn a new Mystical Power now?”

Xing Hongxuan smiled and said, “You're still far from it.” The youth collapsed to the ground. Xing Hongxuan looked at him and smiled.

“You're really like your progenitor.”

The youth asked curiously, “Who is my progenitor? Great-Grandma, you never told me.”

Xing Hongxuan said, “You can't say his name.

It's taboo. I can tell you who your grandfather is.”

“Who is it?”

“His name is Chu Xiaoqi.”

“Chu Xiaoqi? Isn't that my name?!”

“Yes, his name is no longer Chu Xiaoqi. He has a title now, so I gave you this name.” The youth shouted after hearing that. He was curious about his grandfather and kept asking about him.

Xing Hongxuan began to tell the story when Chu Xiaoqi was still a mortal. “What are you saying? Can I listen?” A laugh sounded. Xing Hongxuan didn't turn around. She recognized Han Jue's voice, but she didn't care.

Chu Xiaoqi was shocked and hurriedly stood up with his sword.

Han Jue walked over and smiled. “Why are you ignoring me?”

Xing Hongxuan asked, “What is it?” Han Jue said helplessly, “Do you think I'm a clone? Has my clone ever left the Dao Field?”

Xing Hongxuan trembled and hurriedly turned to look at him.

She discovered that Han Jue was holding a baby in his arms. She didn't cry and only looked at him eagerly.

She asked carefully, “Husband?” Han Jue smiled. “Yes, my clone doesn't dare to pretend to be me.”

Xing Hongxuan was pleasantly surprised. She hurriedly walked in front of him and asked, “Why were you in seclusion for so long? Your Daoist temple doesn't let me in. Do you know how long it has been? A hundred billion years. “Also, who is this child? Her aura is different From yours and from Huang'er and the others.

She's not your bloodline, right?” Han Jue smiled. “I was breaking through in seclusion. As for this child, she has a powerful background.”

Xing Hongxuan asked, “Who?”

“She's the blank domain's incarnation.”

“What do you mean?” “Haha, you only need to know that she will be the future Lord.” “Lord?” Xing Hongxuan was moved. She grabbed his hand and asked, “What about you?” Han Jue said, “I'm no longer the Lord.” Xing Hongxuan was even more nervous. Han Jue leaned his head close to her ear and whispered, “I've already surpassed the Lord and become the Supreme. Even this blank domain is controlled by me. In the future, the Ultimate Origin World will still expand until it replaces the blank domain, but the blank domain won't disappear. I've already let her take form. She will become the Lord of the Ultimate Origin Era, and I'll fade from the recognition of all living beings. I'll play with you in the future.”

Xing Hongxuan was pleasantly surprised. She suppressed her excitement and asked, “Then will you still cultivate in the future?”

“Of course, I have to cultivate, but I don't have to cultivate with all my heart anymore.” Han Jue smiled. His tone was calm but filled with confidence.

He was already completely invincible and had reached the Ultimate Origin Supreme Realm he had defined. He had fused with all the basic rules and turned the blank domain's will into a deity. After all, he was born in the blank domain and did not want to kill it.

Han Jue was worried that the blank domain would not tolerate him in the past, but he was stronger now. He could tolerate the blank domain just like how he tolerated other Dao Creators.

Han Jue walked in front of Chu Xiaoqi and handed him the baby. He smiled and said, “Can you help me take care of her?”


Chu Xiaoqi was stunned and uneasy.

There was only one thought in his mind. This fellow was so good-looking!

Han Jue held Xing Hongxuan's hand and disappeared.

Xing Hongxuan felt her vision blur, then they arrived at the Transcendent Divine Hall. “Why are we here?” Xing Hongxuan asked curiously. Soon, her attention was attracted to a direction. She saw that the blank domain in the distance was dark red and endless. With the Transcendent Divine Hall as the center, one side was red and the other was white, as if the blank domain was divided into two.

Han Jue said, “Do you feel it?” Xing Hongxuan asked nervously, “Is this the future?” “That's right. This is many years later. It's so long into the future that a Great Dao Supreme might welcome his end. The Ultimate Origin World has already occupied half of the blank domain. Currently, there are 49 Dao Creators.” Han Jue said softly as if he was talking about something unimportant.

Xing Hongxuan asked in surprise, “Why did you bring me here?”

Han Jue smiled and said, “Of course, I'm showing my prominence in front of you.” Prominence?

Xing Hongxuan was even more confused.

At this moment, terrifying auras descended and Dao Creators appeared.

Ninth Chaos, Formless Transcendent Deity, Shi Tian's Immeasurable Destruction Venerable, Yin-Yang Purity Nirvana Deity, Chaotic Consciousness, Han Huang, Dao Ancestor, Li Yao, Han Ling, Pangu, Primordial Ancestor God, Holy Mother of Order, Dugu Wu, Life Fiendcelestial, Dao Sovereign, Han Ye, Chu Xiaoqi, Ji Xianshen, Heavenly Venerate Xun, Fang Liang, Formless World, Emperor Chen Ni, and so on. Xing Hongxuan looked at them and suddenly understood what Han Jue meant.

“Lord, do you really want to devour the entire blank domain?” the Dao Ancestor asked in a low voice. The Ninth Chaos, the Yin-Yang Purity Nirvana Deity, Murong Qi, Han Ling, and the other Dao Creators silently retreated and drew the line.

Han Jue smiled and said, “All of you, attack together. I will pardon the Endless Era if you can defeat me. From then on, the Ultimate Origin World will no longer expand.”

Hearing this, the Dao Creators were stunned and did not dare to rashly go up.

Han Jue suddenly waved his sleeve and the 49 Dao Creators were all reduced to ashes, not leaving any aura behind.

Xing Hongxuan widened her beautiful eyes in disbelief. She asked carefully, “Is this an illusion?”

“It's real.”

Han Jue waved his hand again and the Dao Creators were revived. They looked at Han Jue in horror and retreated. The feeling of death just now terrified them.

Han Jue ignored them and jumped out of the blank domain with Xing Hongxuan.

In absolute darkness, there was only a white sea below.

Shocked, Xing Hongxuan asked, “Is this a blank domain?”

“There's no existence outside the blank domain. The blank domain is originally endless. I created this darkness, and it appeared in a way you can understand. I can destroy the blank domain at any time and easily restore it,” Han Jue explained softly.

Xing Hongxuan looked at him in admiration.

“Husband, you're really powerful.” “No matter how powerful I am, I only want to show it to you. Now, it's time for us to go back.”

Han Jue smiled and brought Xing Hongxuan back to the cliff.

Chu Xiaoqi was teasing the future Lord. Xing Hongxuan asked curiously after she landed, “Is the future you saw true? The future…”

Han Jue nodded. “That's right. One day, all living beings will resist the Ultimate Origin and attack me. I've long expected it.” Xing Hongxuan asked, “How are you going to stop this?”

Han Jue shook his head and laughed. “Stop them? Why should I stop them? Let them come.

The past, present, and future have already become one in my eyes.

“I ignore the future and disregard the present.” Hongxuan was fascinated. What realm Xing was that?

Han Jue approached Chu Xiaoqi. The latter immediately became nervous and didn't dare to look at him.

“Kid, what's your goal for the future?” Facing Han Jue's question, Chu Xiaoqi replied with a trembling voice, “I want to become an immortal. I want to live forever… I want to be like you.”

Han Jue rubbed his head and smiled. “The first two goals can be fulfilled. As for the last one, don't think about it.”

He took the baby and suddenly pushed Chu

Xiaoqi down the cliff.

Chu Xiaoqi was shocked. He wanted to mobilize his spirit energy, but he discovered that he could not move. He could only watch as he got further and further away from the cliff. He was in despair. He did not expect to die like this. “Go and pursue the Lord. I'll let you become the white-haired man I was once worried about. I'll let you walk my path. This opportunity depends on whether you can withstand it. If you can, you'll be the second Lord in the future.”

Han Jue walked to the edge of the cliff and looked down, muttering.

A black light burst out, causing the world to lose its color. Chu Xiaoqi was swept into the black spatial vortex.

Xing Hongxuan walked over and said angrily,

“What are you doing now? We finally met a fun child, but you sent him away like this.”

Han Jue smiled. “I plan to use him to increase the standard of cultivation realms. Every invincible person in the past, including every invincible person in the future, will deduce him and feel his threat.”

Xing Hongxuan blinked and asked, “Why?”

Han Jue smiled. “For fun. Hahaha.”

He laughed wantonly, his laughter echoing through the world.

At the same time.


Han Liang, who was cultivating in the rule domain, suddenly opened his eyes and saw Chu Xiaoqi flying over.

This was the first time Han Liang and Chu Xiaoqi met, but this Chu Xiaoqi was not the one he knew.

The two of them looked at each other. For some reason, their hearts tightened.


The End.

Chapter end

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Chapter 840
Chapter 839
Chapter 838 – Breakthrough, Supreme!
Chapter 837 – Legend of the Immeasurable Calamity, Three Million Years Old
Chapter 836 – Sages of the Hidden Sect
Chapter 835 – Great Dao Supreme Primordial Fiendcelestial!
Chapter 834 – Unparalleled!
Chapter 833 – Gathering of the Hidden Sect
Chapter 832 – Karma of the Great Dao Providence Divine Authority
Chapter 831 – Pangu Protects the Heavenly Dao
Chapter 830 – Divine Authority Shaking the Chaos
Chapter 829 – Three Million Years!
Chapter 828 – Fiendcelestial Calamity
Chapter 827 – Master's Mystical Power
C826 – Seeing Through the Illusion, Good Friend
Chapter 825 – A Hundred Thousand to Ten Thousand!
Chapter 824
Chapter 823 – Death of the Life Lord
Chapter 822
Chapter 821
Chapter 820 – Fighting Ten Thousand Foolish Sword Sages
Chapter 819 – Breakthrough! Perfection!
Chapter 818
Chapter 817
Chapter 816
Chapter 815
Chapter 814
Chapter 813
Chapter 812
Chapter 811 – Pangu's Strength, Han Jue's Hot
Chapter 810
Chapter 809
Chapter 808 – Sage's Choice
Chapter 807 – Foolish Sword Sage Versus Pangu
Chapter 806 – Appearance of the Fiendcelestial
Chapter 805 – Deciding on the Sage
Chapter 804 – Curse Great Dao
Chapter 803 – Devouring a Chaotic Fiendcelestial
Chapter 802 – The Only Existence
Chapter 801 – Talking to Myself
Chapter 800
Chapter 799
Chapter 798
Chapter 797
Chapter 796 – Old King of Hell, Welcoming Sacred Palace
Chapter 795 – Competition of the Hidden Sect
C794 – Secret Dharma Treasure
C793 – Three Pure Sacred World
Chapter 792
Chapter 791
Chapter 790
Chapter 789 – Late
Chapter 788
Chapter 787
Chapter 786
Chapter 785
Chapter 784 – Unparalleled Prodigy, Eternal Fame
Chapter 783 – Divine Lord Xin Yu
Chapter 782
Chapter 781
Chapter 780
Chapter 779
Chapter 778
Chapter 777
Chapter 776 – Restarting the Chaos, Devil Ancestor Lu Yuan
Chapter 775 – Forbidden Faction, Fiendcelestial Race
Chapter 774 – New and Ancient, Daoist Destiny
Chapter 773 – Cooperation, Grand Primordium Domain
Chapter 772
Chapter 771
Chapter 770
Chapter 769
Chapter 768 – Future Sage
Chapter 767 – Dark Forbidden Zone
Chapter 766
Chapter 765
Chapter 764
Chapter 763
Chapter 762
Chapter 761
Chapter 760
Chapter 759
Chapter 758 – Trust
Chapter 757 – What Is Invincibility!
Chapter 756 – Ultimate Dao Treasure!
Chapter 755 – Breakthrough to the Mid–Stage, Beginning the Curse!
Chapter 754 – Daoless Deep Region
Chapter 753 – 600,000 Years Old, Successful Reincarnation
Chapter 752
Chapter 751
Chapter 750 – Heavenly Dao Justice
Chapter 749 – Unrestricted Deity
Chapter 748 – Sword Domain!
Chapter 747 – Then Fight!
Chapter 746 – Foolish Sword Sage
Chapter 745 – Divine Robe Daoist's Trick
Chapter 744 – Holy Mother of Order
Chapter 743 – Heavenly Dao Collapses
Chapter 742 – Fighting for the Heavenly Dao, No Regrets Even in Death
Chapter 741 – Nine Fiendcelestial Sages
Chapter 740 – Ascension of the Chickens and Dogs, Plot of the Deities
Chapter 739 – Heavenly Dao Map
Chapter 738 – Control, Great Sage Void Soul
Chapter 737 – Change in Ten Thousand Years
Chapter 736 – First Life Black Sovereign
Chapter 735 – Kill!
Chapter 734 – Han Jue's Anxiety
Chapter 733 – Despair Dao Spirit
Chapter 732 – Dark Instinct
Chapter 731
Chapter 730
Chapter 729 – Life Attacks!
Chapter 728 – True Body!
Chapter 727 – Fiendcelestial Slayer!
Chapter 726 – Power of Darkness, Coming One After Another
Chapter 725 – Yesterday, Plan
Chapter 724 – Supporting the Divine Might Heavenly Sage
Chapter 723 – Calamity Life Controller, Descendant of Pangu
Chapter 722 – Biological Father, Transforming into Life
Chapter 721
Chapter 720
Chapter 719
Chapter 718
Chapter 717 – Three Hundred Thousand Years Old
Chapter 716
Chapter 715
Chapter 714
Chapter 713
Chapter 712
Chapter 711 – Strength That Overturns Logic
Chapter 710 – Powerful Second Dao Field
Chapter 709 – Pangu's Will
Chapter 708 – Mysterious Fellow Daoist Han
Chapter 707 – Higher Level Chaos
Chapter 706
Chapter 705
Chapter 704
Chapter 703
Chapter 702
Chapter 701
Chapter 700 – Achieving the Great Dao!
Chapter 699
Chapter 698 – Destined Birth
Chapter 697 – Great Dao Immeasurable Calamity
Chapter 696 – Heavenly Dao Divine Soul, Primordial World Overlord Body
Chapter 695 – Terrifying Potential
Chapter 694 – He's the Dao Ancestor!
Chapter 693 – True Sage Circle
Chapter 692
Chapter 691
Chapter 690 – Chaotic Consciousness, Unspeakable Name
Chapter 689 – Transcendent Dao Expert
Chapter 688 – The Ancestor's Tribulation
Chapter 687
Chapter 686 – Heading to the Chaos
Chapter 685
Chapter 684 – Roping in Sages
Chapter 683 – On Han Jue's Account
Chapter 682 – Five Thousand Years, Great Dao Tower
Chapter 681
Chapter 680 – Unstoppable Curse!
Chapter 679 – Unyielding
Chapter 678 – Two Sages of the Hidden Sect!
Chapter 677 – Fighting for the Sage Position, Change in the State of Mind
Chapter 676 – Dominating the Heavenly Dao, Fourth Generation Disciple
Chapter 675 – Two Hundred Thousand Years Old
Chapter 674 – Pangu's Reincarnation
Chapter 673 – Soul Transforming into the Great Dao
Chapter 672 – Breakthrough! Karma Heaven
Chapter 671 – Infinite Reverence
Chapter 670 – Domineering Heaven–Opening Axe
Chapter 669 – Shock
Chapter 668 – Expansion of the Hidden Sect, Primordial Fiendcelestial
Chapter 667 – On Par With Pangu
Chapter 666 – Han Tuo's Unease
Chapter 665 – Terrifying Dark Forbidden Lord
Chapter 664 – Inauspicious Divine Emperor
Chapter 663 – Inheritance of Pangu's Will
Chapter 662 – Peace of the Heavenly Dao
Chapter 661 – Fusion of the Heavenly Dao, Revival of the Dao Ancestor
Chapter 660
Chapter 659
Chapter 658
Chapter 657
Chapter 656
Chapter 655
Chapter 654
Chapter 653
Chapter 652
Chapter 651
Chapter 650
Chapter 649
Chapter 648
Chapter 647
Chapter 646
Chapter 645
Chapter 644
Chapter 643
Chapter 642
Chapter 641
Chapter 640
Chapter 639
Chapter 638
Chapter 637
Chapter 636
Chapter 635
Chapter 634
Chapter 633
Chapter 632
Chapter 631
Chapter 630 – Fall of a Deity, Chaos of Order
Chapter 629
Chapter 628
Chapter 627 – Resolution of the Heavenly Dao, Submission of a Pseudo–Sage
Chapter 626 – Eastern Emperor Heaven Sage
Chapter 625 – 49
Chapter 624
Chapter 623 – Dao Attainment! Dao Attainment!
Chapter 622 – Heavenly Emperor Attaining the Dao, Han Jue's Chess
Chapter 621 – Reincarnation of the Fiendcelestial
Chapter 620 – Heavenly Emperor's Will, Things Have Changed
Chapter 619
Chapter 618
Chapter 617
Chapter 616
Chapter 615
Chapter 614 – Potential Released, Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du's Ambition
Chapter 613
Chapter 612 – Dark Sage King's Backing
Chapter 611 – Hope in Despair
Chapter 610 – Battle of the Sages
Chapter 609 – Without Becoming a Sage, There Will Be Nothing In The End
Chapter 608
Chapter 607
Chapter 606
Chapter 605 – Dark Falling Prison, Sages Join Forces
Chapter 604
Chapter 603 – Nüwa, Daoist Destiny
Chapter 602 – Chaotic Faction, Ten Thousand Years
Chapter 601 – Great Dao Concealment Fiendcelestial
Chapter 600
Chapter 599
Chapter 598 – Cultivating the Fiendcelestial Force
Chapter 597 – Hundred Thousand Years Old, Second Dao Field
Chapter 596
Chapter 595
Chapter 594 – Dao Ancestor's Birth
Chapter 593 – Breakthrough, Scientific Faith
Chapter 592
Chapter 591 – 90,000 Years Old, Earth Immortal World
Chapter 590 – Li Yao Creates a Sect
Chapter 589
Chapter 588 – Heavenly Dao Providence Board
Chapter 587 – Controlling the Divine Palace, Constantly Planning
Chapter 586 – Jing Tiangong's Despair, Han Yu's Determination
Chapter 585
Chapter 584
Chapter 583
Chapter 582
Chapter 581
Chapter 580
Chapter 579
Chapter 578
Chapter 577
Chapter 576
Chapter 575
Chapter 574
Chapter 573
Chapter 572
Chapter 571
Chapter 570
Chapter 569
Chapter 568
Chapter 567 – Su Qi Revives, Seeing the Light of Day
Chapter 566 – Evil Heavenly Emperor's Change, Dao Ancestor's Fiend Body
Chapter 565 – Sage Han
Chapter 564 – Submission of Reincarnation, Dao Seeker
Chapter 563 – Calamity's Vengeful, Battle of the Heavenly Race and Demons
Chapter 562 – Great Dao Tablet, Body Possession
Chapter 561 – Immeasurable Calamity, New Sages, Unknown Karma
Chapter 560 – Reincarnation Mystic Realm, Great Sage Heaven's Equal
Chapter 559 – 50,000 Years Old, Primordial Divine Rage
Chapter 558 – Hidden Sect's Internal Affairs, Going Beyond
Chapter 557 – Son of the Heavenly Dao, Fiendcelestial in the World
Chapter 556 – Freedom Sage
Chapter 555 – Wufa Sect Crumbles, Three Thousand Years
Chapter 554 – Respect of a Sage, The Great Battle Is Coming
Chapter 553 – It's Indeed Him, Heavenly Sect Master
Chapter 552 – Wufa Sect, Han Jue Battles Heavenly Venerate
Chapter 551 – Evil Heavenly Emperor, Heavenly Venerate Wufa
Chapter 550 – Dao Companion, Nether Zenith's Appearance
Chapter 549 – Ancient Desolate Buddha Lord, Demon Race Versus Heavenly Race
Chapter 548 – Fifty Fiendcelestial Dharma Idols, Father and Son Meet
Chapter 547 – Favorability of the Sages, Number One Mortal World
Chapter 546
Chapter 545
Chapter 544
Chapter 543
Chapter 542 – Despair of the Sages, Fiendcelestials' Ambush
Chapter 541 – Clearing the Heavenly Devils in Ten Breaths, No Route to Retreat
Chapter 540 – Everything in the World Is My Sword
Chapter 539 – Bloodline Transformation, Hot–Blooded Han Jue
Chapter 538
Chapter 537
Chapter 536
Chapter 535
Chapter 534
Chapter 533
Chapter 532
Chapter 531 – Li Daokong's Shame, The Hidden Sect Becomes a Holy Land
Chapter 530 – Suspected to be the Dao Ancestor, Battle Shi Dudao
Chapter 529 – Number One Person Below the Sages, Life Tribulation
Chapter 528 – Su Qi's Shock, Deriving the Future
Chapter 527 – Ninth Disciple, Awakening of the Death Fiendcelestial
Chapter 526 – Age of the Heavens, Fortuitous Encounter of a Sage
Chapter 525
Chapter 524 – God of Plague, Thousand Madness Devil
Chapter 523 – Secret Mission, Undercover Agent Becomes Buddha
Chapter 522 – Dark Forbidden Lord's Faction Appears, Hidden Sect's Zhang Jue
Chapter 521 – Five Thousand Deity Realm Experts, Second Primordial Fiendcelestial
Chapter 520 – Same Destiny, Crazy Curses
Chapter 519
Chapter 518 – Primordial Chaos Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal, Perfect Sage
Chapter 517 – Karma in the Mortal World, Achieving the Dao Sage Realm
Chapter 516 – Heart of the Dao, Heavenly Race's Immortal Search
Chapter 515 – I Desire, I Want, Three Sages of the Hidden Sect
Chapter 514 – Ten Years in the Mortal World, Wholeheartedly Pursuing the Dao
Chapter 513 – Limit of Dharmic Powers, Goal of Dao Attainment
Chapter 512 – Difficult to Transform, Realm of Providence
Chapter 511 – Upgrade of the Dao Field
Chapter 510
Chapter 509
Chapter 508
Chapter 507
Chapter 506
Chapter 505 – Great Dao Purple Qi, Rage of a Sage
Chapter 504 – Primordial Purple Qi Appears, New King of Hell
Chapter 503 – Ten Thousand Deity Realm Experts, Resolution of the Three Immortals
Chapter 502 – Heavenly Race's Power Struggle, Han Jue's Dao Companion
Chapter 501 – Number of Deity Realm Existences in the Hidden Sect, Long–arm Ape Race
Chapter 500 – Perfect Sage, Strongest Dao Attainment Method
Chapter 499
Chapter 498
Chapter 497
Chapter 496
Chapter 495 – Three Pure Sacred Ancestor, Heaven Split
Chapter 494 – Hatred of a Sage
Chapter 493 – Change of Attitude, Surpassing the Sages
Chapter 492 – The Two Disciples of the Human School Enter the Hidden Sect
Chapter 491 – Sudden Emergence, Joining of a Mighty Figure
Chapter 490 – Ancient Race Divides, Chaos of the Sages
Chapter 489 – Mad Sage, Emergence of the Human Race
Chapter 488 – Li Daokong's Ambition, Help from a Sage
Chapter 487 – Late–Stage Pseudo–Sage, Primordial Purple Qi
Chapter 486 – Strange Palm, 20,000 Years Old
Chapter 485 – Fame Shaking the Immortal World, Han Jue of the Mortal World
Chapter 484 – Attack of the Ancient Race, Two Slashes
Chapter 483 – Li Muyi's Arrival
Chapter 482 – Without Reaching the Pseudo–Sage Realm, You Are Not Allowed to Leave the Mountain
Chapter 481 – Hao Tian Submits, Ancient Race Emerges
Chapter 480 – Suppressing Zhou Fan, Hao Tian's Surprise
Chapter 479
Chapter 478: Mid–Stage Pseudo
Chapter 477
Chapter 476
Chapter 475
Chapter 474
Chapter 473
Chapter 472
Chapter 471
Chapter 470
Chapter 469
Chapter 468
Chapter 467 – Ferocious Beast Era, Ten Thousand Life Sword
Chapter 466 – Zhou Fan Enters the Hidden Sect, Han Zuitian
Chapter 465 – Number One Stone Spirit of the Heavenly Dao, Zhou Fan's Shock
Chapter 464 – Hidden Sect Is Everywhere
Chapter 463 – Dian Wei, Bodies From the Heavens
Chapter 462 – Qilin Race, Eight Thousand Years Old
Chapter 461 – Traceless Breeze Lotus, Merit Sage
Chapter 460 – Absolute Purification, Desolate Immortal World
Chapter 459 – Perfected Zenith Heaven Realm, Invincible Under the Sages
Chapter 458 – End of All Life, Reboot of the Heavenly Dao
Chapter 457 – Kill or Not, Ending the Immeasurable Calamity
Chapter 456 – Hidden Sect's Zhao Yun, Decisive Battle
Chapter 455 – Upgrade of the Dao Field, Nüwa's Great Dao
Chapter 454 – Sage's Death, Pursuing the Dark Forbidden Lord
Chapter 453 – Calamity of the Chiliocosm World, Slaying a Sage
Chapter 452 – Rise of the Heavenly Race, Han Jue's Development
Chapter 451 – Devouring a Deity, Sun and Moon Yin–Yang Protection
Chapter 450 – Rage of the Immortal Gods, Inauspicious Deity
Chapter 449 – Great Dao Variable, Primordial Fiendcelestial!
Chapter 448 – Hao Tian's Terror, Destruction of the Buddhist Sect
Chapter 447 – Protection of the Great Dao Divine Spirit, Limit of a Thousand Years
Chapter 446 – Late–stage Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal Realm, Five Fiendcelestial Dharma Idols
Chapter 445 – Dao Sovereign Enters the Hidden Sect, Hidden Sect's Number One Prodigy
Chapter 444 – Miserable Destiny, Favorability of the Ancestor
Chapter 443 – Su Qi's Master
Chapter 442 – Fang Clan, Cursing a Sage
Chapter 441 – The Might of the Dao Destruction Mystical Power
Chapter 440 – Darkness Shrouds the Heavens, The Dark Forbidden Lord Appears
Chapter 439 – World Savior, Han Jue's Vow
Chapter 438 – Dao Destruction Mystical Power, Terror of a Sage
Chapter 437 – Zhao Xuanyuan Enters the Hidden Sect, Definite Future Zenith Heaven
Chapter 436 – Hidden Sect's Power, Submission of the Human Race's Prodigy
Chapter 435 – Five Great Heavenly Dao Sages
Chapter 434 – Fang Liang's Confusion, Endless Dream Attempts
Chapter 433 – Han Jue Battles the Human School's Duo
Chapter 432 – Nine Hundred Billion Years of Rage, Primordial Devil Ancestor
Chapter 431 – Changes in a Hundred Years, Curses of a Sage
Chapter 430 – Chiliocosm World, Li Muyi's Dream
Chapter 429 – Fang Liang's Ambition, Fusang Tree Matures
Chapter 428 – Breakthrough! The Dark Forbidden Lord Is a Sage?
Chapter 427 – Mysterious Mighty Figure, Tragedy
Chapter 426 – Jade Emperor's Death, Becoming the Heavenly Dao
Chapter 425 – Birth of Three Thousand Fiendcelestials
Chapter 424 – Jade Slip of Creation, Crazy Devil
Chapter 423 – Nüwa's Dream, Heavenly Emperor's Fall
Chapter 422 – Li Muyi, Laozi
Chapter 421 – Unworthy of Pseudo–Sage, Competing with the Dao Ancestor
Chapter 420 – Taking Sides, Jade Emperor Transforms into a Heavenly Devil
Chapter 419 – Hundred Billion Years of Great Karma, Heavenly Dao Sage's Position
Chapter 418 – Unyielding Human Race, Rise of the Hidden Sect
Chapter 417 – Emperor's Awakening, Heavenly Court's Great Support
Chapter 416 – Prelude to the Battle for Providence
Chapter 415 – Humans Should Be Ranked Higher Than Immortals
Chapter 414 – Evil Dark Forbidden Lord
Chapter 413 – Fighting Great Nine Heavens, Invasion of the Evil Creatures
Chapter 412 – Nine Yin Fiendcelestial, Changing Fate
Chapter 411 – Dao Heart Cracked, Sage Jin'an
Chapter 410 – Upgrade of the Dao Field, Ma Chao
Chapter 409 – Heavenly Constellation Fiendcelestial, Rise of the Human Race
Chapter 408 – Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal, Jade Emperor's Mental Demon
Chapter 407 – Fuxitian, Transcending the Heavens!
Chapter 406 – Zenith Heaven Dao Fruit, Human Race's Human School
Chapter 405 – Six Thousand Years Old, Great Nine Heavens
Chapter 404 – Two Different Dao, Han Jue's Zenith Heaven Dao Fruit
Chapter 403 – Jade Emperor Creates a Storm, Dark Forbidden Lord's Choice
Chapter 402 – Six Mystic Divine Origin, Jade Emperor Zhou Yan Enters Dream
Chapter 401 – Special Trait of a Deity, Perfect Match
Chapter 400 – Sage Inheritance, Strange Deity
Chapter 399 – Zhou Fan's Foundation, Control of the Jie School
Chapter 398 – Dao Literature, Heavenly Emperor's Master
Chapter 397 – Heavenly Emperor Fang, Dao Ancestor's Favorability
Chapter 396 – Zhou Fan's Unyielding Temperament, Opportunity and Danger
Chapter 395 – Sage's Game, Next Heavenly Emperor
Chapter 394 – Five Mystic Divine Origin, Zenith Heaven Mystical Power
Chapter 393 – Li Yao Reaches the Emperor Realm, Han Jue's Shock
Chapter 392 – Dark Forbidden Zone, Chaotic Battle
Chapter 391 – Supreme Treasure VS Supreme Treasure
Chapter 390 – Golden Crow Demonizes, Heavenly Emperor's Dream
Chapter 389 – Battle of the Humans and Gods, Ten Thousand Bodhi Tree
Chapter 388 – Heaven Defying Rise, Unforgivable!
Chapter 387 – Comprehension of Life and Death, The Mental Demon of the Person Facing the Calamity
Chapter 386 – Emperor Ancestral Bell, Heavenly Court's Unparalleled Prodigy
Chapter 385 – Golden Crow Ancestor, Four Mystic Divine Origin
Chapter 384 – Jiang Dugu, Xing Daorong
Chapter 383 – Dark Forbidden Zone, Chaotic Fiendcelestial
Chapter 382 – Comprehending the Invocation Technique, The Asura Race Submits
Chapter 381 – Dijun's Plot, Li Yao Obtains the Inheritance
Chapter 380 – Chaotic Heavenly Dog's Rise, Dream from Dijun
Chapter 379 – Eating the Vermilion Bird, Imparting Merit
Chapter 378 – Attack of the Vermilion Bird Race
Chapter 377 – Sage's Favor, Cultivation of the Supreme Buddha
Chapter 376 – Dark Nightmare, Han Jue's Dao Title
Chapter 375 – A Hundred People to Face the Calamity
Chapter 374 – Jie School Enters the Nine Nether, Demon Race's Heavenly Court
Chapter 373 – Great Dao of Charm, Next Heavenly Emperor
Chapter 372 – Zu Tu's Fall, Dream by Nüwa
Chapter 371 – Cursing Him to Death, Changing Providence
Chapter 370 – Sage's Plan, Direction of the Situation
Chapter 369 – Immeasurable Calamity and Destiny, Heavenly Emperor's Resolution
Chapter 368 – Two Mystic Divine Origin, Cursing the Divine Palace
Chapter 367 – Five Thousand Years Old, Zu Tu's Horror
Chapter 366 – Many Curses, Observing Fate
Chapter 365 – Darkness Sect's Submission
Chapter 364 – Jiang Yi's Addiction, 29th Heaven
Chapter 363 – Sage's Attention, Han Jue's Network
Chapter 362 – Worship of the Number One Prodigy
Chapter 361 – The Secret Plan of Nüwa Imperial Palace, Morale of the Darkness Sect
Chapter 360 – Future Han Jue, Seeing Through Everything
Chapter 359 – Heavenly Dao Merit, Nether Race
Chapter 358 – Death of the Demon Emperor, Rise of the Dark Forbidden Lord
Chapter 357 – Like–Minded, Cursing the Demon Emperor
Chapter 356 – Hidden Sect, Lü Bu
Chapter 355 – Heavenly Dao Reincarnation, Strange Email
Chapter 354 – Mastermind, Two Choices
Chapter 353 – Demon Emperor Admits Defeat, System Upgraded
Chapter 352 – Transformation, Terror of the Demon Emperor
Chapter 351 – Satisfactory Strength, Demise of the Zenith Heaven
Chapter 350 – Lifespan Limit, Primordial Fiendcelestial!
Chapter 349 – Five Billion Years, Zu Tu Panics
Chapter 348 – Breakthrough to the Deity Realm, Awakening of the Supreme Buddha
Chapter 347 – Rank Nine Immortal Emperor, Heavenly Dao Supreme Treasure
Chapter 346 – Pretending to be the Dark Forbidden Lord, Han Jue's Rise
Chapter 345 – I Have Already Surpassed the Rank Five Immortal Emperor Realm
Chapter 344 – Wanting to Slaughter a Sage, Help from the Dao Sect
Chapter 343 – Li Daokong Battles Pan Xin, Primordial Yuan Phoenix
Chapter 342 – Samsara's Scheme, Jing Tiangong's Determination
Chapter 341 – Deity Realm of the Ruins of End, Possession by Hao Tian
Chapter 340 – Rank Eight Immortal Emperor, Demon Emperor's Dream Transmission
Chapter 339 – Reversing Yin and Yang, Entering the Nine Nether Purgatory
Chapter 338 – Pseudo–Sage, Hao Tian Awakens
Chapter 337 – Upgrade of the Dao Field, Sect Master of the Human School
Chapter 336 – Zenith Heaven's Killing Intent, Jiang Yi's Cry For Help
Chapter 335 – Heavenly Court's Support, Confidant
Chapter 334 – Rage of the Demon Emperor, Jade Slip of Creation
Chapter 333 – Buddha Taking in the Emperor, Plotting Against the Past
Chapter 332 – Changing Fate, Opening of the Yellow Spring
Chapter 331 – Reincarnation of the Purple Emperor Star, Darkness Sect
Chapter 330 – The Magus Race Submits, Empress Houtu
Chapter 329 – Strongest in the Immeasurable Calamity, Another Person to Face the Calamity
Chapter 328 – About to Breakthrough, Bold Idea
Chapter 327 – Divine Palace Changes Owner, Jie School's Sect Master
Chapter 326 – Huang Zuntian's Sadness, Dao Sovereign Enters the Heavenly Court
Chapter 325 – Things Have Changed, Su Qi Awakens
Chapter 324 – Jing Tiangong, 4,000 Years Old
Chapter 323 – Hao Tian Slaughters the World, Cursing the Dark Forbidden Lord
Chapter 322 – Nirvana of the Great Dao, Chaos in the Immortal World
Chapter 321 – End of the Dao Lecture, Favorability from the Mighty Figures
Chapter 320 – Great Dao of Karma, Rank Six Immortal Emperor
Chapter 319 – Great Ultimate Hall, Gathering of the Mighty Figures
Chapter 318 – Even the Heavenly Emperor Has to Give In to Me!
Chapter 317 – Immortal Emperor Samsara Appears, Pan Xin Returns
Chapter 316 – Fortuitous Encounter in the 33rd Heaven
Chapter 315 – Unparalleled Prodigy, Strongest in the Calamity
Chapter 314 – Rank Five Immortal Emperor, One Billion Years Per Person
Chapter 313 – Favorability From the Number One Sword Immortal
Chapter 312 – All Becoming Immortal Emperors, Peak of the Sword Dao
Chapter 311 – Unity of the Human Race, Long Hao's Talent
Chapter 310 – Immortal Emperor Samsara's Identity
Chapter 309 – The Dark Forbidden Lord's Forces
Chapter 308 – Consuming a Rank Eight Immortal Emperor
Chapter 307 – Reincarnation of Life and Death, Nine Nether Purgatory
Chapter 306 – Heavenly God General Declares War, Providence of the War God
Chapter 305 – Duan Hongchen Submits, Han Ming's Indignation
Chapter 304 – Li Xuan'ao's Mental Demon
Chapter 303 – Merit Supreme Treasure, Celebration of the Dark Forbidden Lord
Chapter 302 – Three Hundred Trillion Years of Lifespan, Ancestral Magus Tower
Chapter 301 – Spirit of the Divine Tree, Story of the Buddhist Sect
Chapter 300 – Undercover of the Buddhist Sect, Expanding the Hidden Sect Island
Chapter 299 – Dark Future, Rivaling the Heavenly Emperor
Chapter 298 – System Upgrade, Divination of Heavenly Secrets
Chapter 297 – Stupid Little Brother, Duan Hongchen
Chapter 296 – Expansion of the Reroll World, Mysterious Curse
Chapter 295 – The Unfathomable Cao Cao!
Chapter 294 – Fighting the Divine Emperor!
Chapter 293 – Deity's Degeneration, Cursing Till Madness
Chapter 292 – Dark Forbidden Lord, Upgrade of the Book of Misfortune
Chapter 291 – Ascension, Talent of an Immortal Emperor
Chapter 290 – Heavenly Emperor VS Li Daokong, Possession of the Immortal Emperor's Body
Chapter 289 – First Disciple of the Human School, Perfect Sword Immortal
Chapter 288 – Demon Court, Lü Bu
Chapter 287 – Fusang Tree Becomes a Spirit, Suppressing the Person to Face the Calamity
Chapter 286 – Unparalleled Sword Qi, The Person to Face the Calamity Shocks the Heavens
Chapter 285 – Rank Three Immortal Emperor, Planning to Insta–kill the Great Freedom Golden Crow Divine Emperor
Chapter 284 – Ksitigarbha Palace, Grand Magus Awakening
Chapter 283 – Second Immortal World
Chapter 282 – Hao Tian Shows His Might, Join Forces to Kill the Demon Emperor
Chapter 281 – Ambition of the Reroll World, Golden Crow Develops a Mental Demon
Chapter 280 – Descending into the Netherworld, Wrath of the Divine Emperor
Chapter 279 – Divine Investiture Board, Demon Emperor's Killing Intent
Chapter 278 – Great Freedom Golden Crow Divine Emperor
Chapter 277 – The Phoenix Clan Enters the Hidden Sect, Swallowing the Mortal World
Chapter 276 – Two Emperors of the Hidden Sect, Shock of the War God
Chapter 275 – Absorption of Negative Karma, Shock of the Black Hell Demon Lord
Chapter 274 – Divine Palace Participates, Chaos in the Heavens
Chapter 273 – 36th–Grade Reincarnation World Destruction Black Lotus
Chapter 272 – Demon Lord Submits, Mysterious Raincoat Man
Chapter 271 – Immortal Slaying Sword Formation Completed!
Chapter 270 – Hidden Sect Island, Crazy Demon Court
Chapter 269 – Heavenly Emperor's Card, Fishing in the Yellow Spring
Chapter 268 – Immeasurable Calamity Begins, The Black Hell Demon Lord Descends into the World
Chapter 267 – Killing Intent of the Demon Emperor, Rage of a Hundred Million Years
Chapter 266 – Mastermind of the Immeasurable Calamity, Golden Roc Demon Lord
Chapter 265 – Li Xuan'ao, Li Daokong
Chapter 264 – Dual Prodigies of the Human School, Su Qi's Determination
Chapter 263 – Primordial Chaos Reincarnation Great Dao
Chapter 262 – Fusing the Great Dao Fragments
Chapter 261 – Chaos in the Buddhist Sect, Mysterious Mastermind
Chapter 260 – Killing the Enemies, Wrath of the Demon Emperor
Chapter 259 – Immeasurable Emperor, Dragon Race's Invasion
Chapter 258 – Pan Xin, Great Traversal Divine Shadow
Chapter 257 – Three Great Generals, Immeasurable Calamity
Chapter 256 – Huang Zuntian Enters the Jie School, Ranking of the Reroll World
Chapter 255 – Immortal Emperor Samsara, Legend of the Immortal World
Chapter 254 –  Suppressing the Victorious Fighting Buddha
Chapter 253 – Trillion Years, Heavenly Devil Mission
Chapter 252 – Becoming an Immortal Emperor, Perfect Immortal Emperor!
Chapter 251 – Chaotic Domain, Dao Sovereign!
Chapter 250 – Sun Wukong's Story, Dao Insight Epiphany
Chapter 249 – Mysterious Door, Impending Danger
Chapter 248 – Victorious Fighting Buddha, Killing an Immortal Emperor
Chapter 247 – Devil Heart of the Buddhist Sect, Primordial Chaos Heavenly Devil
Chapter 246 – Heavenly Cycle Body Tempering Technique
Chapter 245 – Rivaling Immortal Emperor, Chaotic Physique
Chapter 244 – Severely Injured Jiang Yi, Difference Between Immortal and Mortal
Chapter 243 – Dijun, Eastern Emperor Tai Yi
Chapter 242 – Unattainable Emperor Realm
Chapter 241 – Tragedy of the Black Hell Chicken, Another Storm Rises
Chapter 240 – Terrifying Ancestor
Chapter 239 – Comprehending the Physique, Ancestral Recovery Array
Chapter 238 – Comprehending the Great Dao, Beaten to Death
Chapter 237 – Perfect Immortal Emperor, Story of Reincarnation
Chapter 236 – Perfected Reincarnation Golden Immortal Realm, Grand Desolate Sacred Dynasty
Chapter 235 – Complete Annihilation, The Unfathomable Han Jue
Chapter 234 – Sea Shaking Elephant Saint, Gourd Spirits Descend
Chapter 233 – Reroll World, Divine Palace's Yu Tianbao
Chapter 232 – Tai Sutian, Jie School
Chapter 231 – Heaven Mending Stone, Nüwa Imperial Palace
Chapter 230 – Late–Stage Reincarnation Golden Immortal Realm, Great Plan of Divine Investiture
Chapter 229 – Golden Age of the Mortal World, Delusional Evil Eye
Chapter 228 – Eastern Wu Divine World, Sun Quan
Chapter 227 – Ascension of the Mo Family, White–Robed Buddha
Chapter 226 – Change in the Mortal World, Heartless Great Dao
Chapter 225 – Hatred of the Demon Emperor, Friend of the War God
Chapter 224 – Attack of the Demon Saint, Heavenly Emperor's Ambition
Chapter 223 – Divine Lord Wu De, Murong Qi's Ascension
Chapter 222 – Heavenly Dao Buddha, Increased Providence
Chapter 221 – Discussing the Sword Dao, Blood Essence of the Ancestral Magus
Chapter 220 – Han Jue's Nature, Golden Crow Prodigy
Chapter 219 – Increase in Strength, Difference in Realm
Chapter 218 – Jiang Yi, Emperor Realm Mystical Power
Chapter 217 – Reincarnation Golden Immortal Realm!
Chapter 216 – Awakening of the War God, Nine–Tailed Demon Empress
Chapter 215 – Di Taibai's Shock
Chapter 214 – Guarding the Sword Dao River, Reincarnation Avatar
Chapter 213 – Heavenly Court's Plan, Captured Good Brother
Chapter 212 – Hidden Sect, Thinking of Becoming the Heavenly Emperor
Chapter 211 – Cursing the Enemy to Death, Powerful Protagonist
Chapter 210 – Chaos in the Heavenly Court, Grand–Disciple's Ascension
Chapter 209 – Late–Stage Reincarnation Mystic Immortal Realm, Suppressing an Immortal Emperor
Chapter 208 – Emperor Dao Supreme Treasure, Zhou Fan's Hope
Chapter 207 – Ancient Spiritual Ginseng Awakens
Chapter 206 – Three Factions of the Dao Sect, Dragon Subduing Buddha
Chapter 205 – Hao Tian Reincarnates, Terrifying Talent
Chapter 204 – Powerful Shen Peng, Li Yao's Predicament
Chapter 203 – Ten Years of Fortuitous Encounters, Observing the Protagonists of the Heavenly Dao
Chapter 202 – Sacred Dynasty of the Immortal World, Flame Lord Emperor
Chapter 201 – Heavenly Court's Foundation, Attack of a Powerful Enemy
Chapter 200 – Reincarnation Mystic Immortal Realm, Heavenly Court's Prodigy
Chapter 199 – Heaven and Earth Divine Body, Low–Profile Cave
Chapter 198 – Late–Stage Reincarnation True Immortal Realm, Chaotic Battle of Geniuses
Chapter 197 – Stellar Primordial Body, Shocking the Immortal World
Chapter 196 – Number One in the World, Bad Luck Spreads to the Immortal World
Chapter 195 – Guanyin Scripture, Heavenly Peach Banquet
Chapter 194 – Su Qi's Ascension, Emperor's Death
Chapter 193 – Undying Emperor, Divine Eye of Reincarnation
Chapter 192 – Powerful Divine Palace, Times Have Changed
Chapter 191 – Reincarnation True Immortal Realm, Crossing the Myriad Worlds
Chapter 190 – Great Sage Equaling Heaven, Buddha Bodhi
Chapter 189 – Heavenly Emperor's Sigh, Ranking in the Myriad Worlds
Chapter 188 – Di Taibai, Late–Stage Reincarnation Heaven Immortal Realm
Chapter 187 – The Greatest Support!
Chapter 186 – Three Pure World Cleansing–Nine Heavens
Chapter 185 – Definitely Cannot Lose!
Chapter 184 – 1,100–Years–Old Heaven Immortal!
Chapter 183 – When Immortals Fight, Mortals Suffer
Chapter 182 – Immortals Everywhere, Cleansing the Mortal World
Chapter 181 – Four Great Providences,
Chapter 180 – Destiny Sword Qi Great Wheel, Son of the Heavenly Emperor
Chapter 179 – Mid–Stage of the Reincarnation Heaven Immortal Realm, Impending Great Calamity
Chapter 178 – Mysterious Red Stone, The Stronger Han Jue
Chapter 177 – Golden Crow's Breakthrough, Chu Shiren's Obsession
Chapter 176 – Malevolent Demon Saint
Chapter 175 – Invitation from the Divine Palace, Fang Liang's Cultivation Potential
Chapter 174 – Reincarnation Heaven Immortal Realm, Sword God Emperor
Chapter 173 – Opening the Dao Field, Perfected Reincarnation Earth Immortal Realm!
Chapter 172 – A Thousand Years Old, Three Choices
Chapter 171 – Supreme Buddha, Impossible to Cultivate
Chapter 170 – Great Wei Divine World, Cao Cao
Chapter 169 – Ji Xianshen Battles Yang San
Chapter 168 – Black Fox Demon Emperor, Yang San Descends into the World
Chapter 167 – Demon Race Gathering, Divine General and Immortal Emperor
Chapter 166 – Numinous Palace, Nine Heavens Galaxy Water
Chapter 165 – The Tide of Geniuses, Han Jue's Ambition
Chapter 164 – Reincarnation Earth Immortal Realm!
Chapter 163 – Five Main Characters, East Heavenly Gate
Chapter 162 – Immortal Emperor's Providence, Late–Stage Reincarnation Loose Immortal Realm
Chapter 161 – Yuan Huanglong, Kill All Heavenly Soldiers and Generals!
Chapter 160 – Mid–Stage of the Reincarnation Loose Immortal Realm, Little Junior Sister
Chapter 159 – Eighth–Grade Heavenly General, Daoist Dan Qing
Chapter 158 – Battle of the Loose Immortals
Chapter 157 – Mysterious Curse, Attack of a Powerful Enemy
Chapter 156 – Black and White Deities, Han Jue's Limit
Chapter 155 – Challenge from the Number One in the World
Chapter 154 – Emperor Realm, Deity Realm, Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal
Chapter 153 – Meng Po, A Million Years of Lifespan
Chapter 152  – Reincarnation Loose Immortal, Essence Soul Leaves the Body!
Chapter 151 – Peak of the Mortal World!
Chapter 150 – Ancient Grand Magus, Heavenly Immortal Manor's Calamity
Chapter 149 – Pursue the Great Dao Together, Not Bad At All
Chapter 148 – The Peak Providence of the Mortal World, The Devil Race's Past
Chapter 147 – Eighth Level of Mahayana Realm, Invasion of True Devils
Chapter 146 – Clearing the Demonic Path, Helplessness of the Three Fiends
Chapter 145 – Seventh Level of the Mahayana Realm, Limit of the Mortal Realm
Chapter 144 – Heavenly Court's Plan, Fang Liang's Return
Chapter 143 – Seven Hundred Years, Grand Unity Supreme Treasure!
Chapter 142 – Fifth Level of the Mahayana Realm, Descendant of a True Dragon
Chapter 141 – Powerful Grand–Disciple, Loud Explosion
Chapter 140 – Jueyan Desires to Descend, Immortal God in the Mortal Realm
Chapter 139 – Heavenly Court, Divine Palace, Buddhist Sect
Chapter 138 – Third Level of the Mahayana Realm, Killing the Devil Master
Chapter 137 – Su Qi Returns, Soul Fragment of the Devil Master
Chapter 136 – Second Level of the Mahayana Realm, Number One Cultivator in the World
Chapter 135 – Subduing the Golden Crow, The Demon Lord Arrives
Chapter 134 – True Devil in the Mortal World, The Bridge of Forgetfulness
Chapter 133 – Crossing a Large Distance, Killing the Enemy With One Finger
Chapter 132 – The Devil's Origin, The Great Dao of Longevity
Chapter 131 – Mahayana's Dao Lecture, If Fate Comes In The Next Life
Chapter 130 – Devil Welcoming Ceremony, Mysterious Mystical Power
Chapter 129 – Mahayana Realm, Heaven Evading Stone
Chapter 128 – Su Qi Enters Qi Deviation, Ninth Level of the Tribulation Transcendence Realm
Chapter 127 – Mortal Golden Crow, Divine Golden Crow
Chapter 126 – Eighth Level of Tribulation Transcendence Realm, Three Suns
Chapter 125 – Ji Xianshen, Spirit Energy Competition
Chapter 124 – Fortuitous Encounter of the Son of Heaven and Earth, Thousand–Year–Old Mahayana Genius
Chapter 123 – Sixth Level Tribulation Transcendence Realm, Defending the Sword Dao for a Million Years
Chapter 122 – Huang Jihao's Resolution, Fang Liang's Emergence
Chapter 121 – Fated Brothers With Bitter Fate, Great Battle of Righteous and Demonic
Chapter 120 – Dao Comprehension Sword
Chapter 119 – Blessing From Above, Fortuitous Encounter From the Heavens
Chapter 118 – Third Level of the Tribulation Transcendence Realm, The Encounter of the Disciple and the Divine Pet
Chapter 117 – Five Great Fiends, Du Ku's Terror
Chapter 116 – Fiend Emperor Ji Naihe, Tribulation Transcendence Realm Guest Elder
Chapter 115 – Door of Reincarnation, Lifespan Reduction Effect
Chapter 114 – Providence Bearers Everywhere, Su Qi's Return
Chapter 113 – 100,000 Years of Lifespan, Son of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 112 – Tribulation Transcendence Realm, Ascension
Chapter 111 – Ninth Level of the Body Integration Realm, Demon Lord Visits
Chapter 110 – Daoist Jueyan, Jade Pure Sacred Sect
Chapter 109 – : Living Immortal, Strongest in the World
Chapter 108 – Slaying the Demon Saint!
Chapter 107 – Great Sage's Attack!
Chapter 106 – Crossing the Grand Unity Realm, Taking Another Three Steps!
Chapter 105 – Eighth Level of the Body Integration Realm, Heavenly Dao Spirit Stone
Chapter 104 – Second Master, Birth of a Demon Saint
Chapter 103 – Su Qi's Guess, The Growing Heaven and Earth Grass
Chapter 102 – Seventh Level of the Body Integration Realm, Tragic Situation
Chapter 101 – Terrifying Great Sage, Severely Injured Friend
Chapter 100 – Zhou Fan's Challenge
Chapter 99 – Sixth Level of the Body Integration Realm, Zhou Fan Returns to the Sect
Chapter 98 – The Next Sect Master
Chapter 97 – Immortal God Cultivation Potential, Great Sage Green Python
Chapter 96 – Devil Race, Xing Hongxuan's Providence
Chapter 95 – Zhou Fan and Dong Wangxian
Chapter 94 – Killing the Old Monster
Chapter 93 – The Greatest Cultivator in the World, Guan Yu
Chapter 92 – Fourth Level of the Body Integration Realm, Heavenly Immortal Manor's Dao Disciple
Chapter 91 – The Rise of the Jade Pure Sect, Enlightened Old Monster's Fear
Chapter 90 – Profound Truth Divine Emperor, The Golden Age of a Single Person
Chapter 89 – Divinity Awakens, Encountering Another Bearer of Providence
Chapter 88 – Seeking Refuge With the Jade Pure Sect
Chapter 87 – Devil Master, Xiao Yao's Challenge
Chapter 86 – Grand Unity Earth Immortal, Heavenly Immortal Manor's Number One Prodigy
Chapter 85 – Slaying a Divine Beast, Heaven Earth Mystic Yellow World Piercing Sword Finger
Chapter 84 – Divine Beast Zhu Dou, Destroying the World
Chapter 83 – Dong Wangxian, The Abnormality of the Fusang Tree
Chapter 82 – Increase of Lifespan, Zhou Fan's Inflated Ego
Chapter 81 – Body Integration Realm, Senior Xuan
Chapter 80 – Ninth Level of the Void Amalgamation Realm, Revival of the Protagonist
Chapter 79 – Grand Unity Sword Intent, The Fall of the Enemy
Chapter 78 – : Enlightenment of Sword Intent, Upheaval in the Sky
Chapter 77 – Seriously Injured Demon King, Number One Sword Cultivator of True Martial Sect
Chapter 76 – The Hatred of Snatching His Son Is Irreconcilable
Chapter 75 – Han Jue's Fatal Flaw
Chapter 74 – No Matter What, Don't Go to Great Yan!
Chapter 73 – Demon King Dian Su, Daoist Calm Sky
Chapter 72 – Sixth Level of the Void Amalgamation Realm, Fusang Tree
Chapter 71 – Three Pure World Cleansing, Who Can Break My Defense?
Chapter 70 – True Martial Sect, Eternal Sword Dao
Chapter 69 – Fifth Level of the Void Amalgamation Realm, Mighty Cultivator Guest Elder
Chapter 68 – Continue to Breakthrough, Paying Special Attention
Chapter 67 – Ancient Spiritual Ginseng, Three Great Cultivation Choices!
Chapter 66 – Third Level of the Void Amalgamation Realm, Problematic Disciple
Chapter 65 – Sect Master, Are We Still Attacking?
Chapter 64 – Su Qi Feels Touched, Attack of the Void Amalgamation Realm Cultivator
Chapter 63 – The Mysterious Power of Curses
Chapter 62 – Nineteen Sects Attack the Jade Pure Sect!
Chapter 61 – Amazing Cultivation World, The Sect Master Wishes to Run
Chapter 60 – Finally Achieving the Void Amalgamation Realm! Birth Dharma Treasure!
Chapter 59 – Preparing to Breakthrough, Jinx's Secret Mission
Chapter 58 – Eighth Level of the Soul Formation Realm, Book of Misfortune
Chapter 57 – Fourth–Grade Numinous Treasure, Successor of the Poison King
Chapter 56 – Ancient Forbidden Ground, Mysterious Wooden Tablet
Chapter 55 – Fifth Level of the Soul Formation Realm, Unlimited Revival
Chapter 54 – Heavenly Court's Jinx, Unparalleled Talent
Chapter 53 – Daoist Nine Cauldrons, Tathagata Incantation
Chapter 52 – Nine Stars Spirit Trampling Boots, Chaotic Heavenly Dog
Chapter 51 – : Huang Zuntian's Terror, Which Sect Is Chang Mountain?
Chapter 50 – Attack of the Raincoat Sect, Ninth Level of the Soul Formation Realm
Chapter 49 – Sect Master's Concern
Chapter 48 – The Demon Lord's Gift
Chapter 47 – Reaching the Soul Formation Realm, Ten Thousand Sword Sect
Chapter 46 – Dao Companion, Mystical Power Somersault Cloud
Chapter 45 – Innate Dao Heart, Attention from the Demon Lord
Chapter 44 – Immortal Domain Meeting, Ten Soul Formation Cultivators
Chapter 43 – Sixth–Grade Defensive Numinous Treasure, Severely Injured Elder
Chapter 42 – Huang Jihao's Challenge
Chapter 41 – : Cultivation Breakthrough, Demon Saint's Cultivation Technique
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C113 – 100,000 Years of Lifespan, Son of Heaven and Earth
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