Toaru Majutsu no Index: New Testament Volume 18 prologue

Toaru Majutsu no Index: New Testament Volume 18 prologue

Simply viewing the history hidden on the surface is enough to know some important words are needed to describe that "human".

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of Thelema.

Every man and every woman is a star.

Love is Thelema, love under will.

"But you had to get drunk on self-sacrifice. To hell with all of that, Kamisato Kakeru."

"I'm done not acting like myself. I'll show this world just who Kamijou Touma is!!"

The "human" created by those ideals was sometimes judged to have an incoherent and sharp tongue, but adding in a single term could supply a pillar that brought dramatic order to that chaotic vortex of knowledge.

"Kihara Yuiitsu is using World Rejecter as a shield to apply chains to all 100 members of the Kamisato Faction."

"There is only one way of saving them. We must pull Kamisato-chan out from 'the other side'."

Namely, his plan.

The starting line was to accept the exceedingly simple fact that the "human" was always acting with a single goal in mind.

"Help us, Luca."

"We can save Kamisato with your magic. Do you still have any complaints!?"

This was different from a normal life plan or criminal scheme. It was not a "serial" plan in which each element was stacked on top of the last and stumbling anywhere would cause it all to come tumbling down.

"I see a connection between that curse and the A.A.A.!"

"If I can continue analyzing this, I'm sure I can find a clue to saving Kamisato-kun!!"

That "human" found success with difficulty and failed all too easily.

And yet as if it were normal, he had never once given up.

"You freed me from it…"

"But that didn't save everyone at Tokiwadai. They might be smiling on the outside, but something like a cold hunk of ice remains deep in their hearts. So overcome this and save those girls… Bring an end to this problem!!"

If one part broke, he would pile up the wreckage. If two parts were lost, he would take a detour around the cracks in the ground. He believed that a failure could be used as a handhold or foothold for the next part. So those whose thoughts were bound by the normal "serial" way of thinking could not understand his "parallel" actions. They wondered why that wicked madman was so intent on running full-force into the wall of ruin.

"When Yuiitsu stole Kamisato-han's right hand, you alone weren't trapped by the curse."

"You're actually a magician, aren't you? And since you're oddly obsessed with a British mascot, you're probably from the Anglican Church."

But did you know some of these other stories about that inhuman "human"?

"Don't take Kamisato-kun from us, Karasuma Fraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!"

"When did he become yours, Maya? And by leaving him, I will prove that he was not binding anyone to him and that we were following him of our own free will. And that will prove that he has nothing at all to worry about!!"

For example, even as he started down the path of magic research, he frequently visited a cheap publisher and wrote erotic novels. …And he did so with such enthusiasm that he referred to male genitalia with more than 100 different metaphors.

"Thank you for sticking with me this far, Luca."

"Now, let's bring an end to my love."

For example, he was constantly fighting with his fellow Golden magicians, so he repeatedly relieved his pent-up frustrations by putting members of the same cabal in the plays he wrote.

"Oh? You're leaving already?"

"Yeah, everyone's calling for me."

For example, the Paris police began covering the crotches of the male sculptures because they were deemed lewd, but he stole one of the butterfly decorations used for that task and wore it over his pants while boldly attending a social gathering.

"I see, I see, I see."

"This would be game over then."

For example, he gave his first daughter a name so long it was difficult to write out even in text. And when that daughter died of illness at a very young age, he left tearstains in his journal.

"This is a mere coincidence."

"The greatest damage in all this was not from Karasuma Fran's heat wave or Kihara Yuiitsu's Elements. It was me leaving the Windowless Building."

"But I will make use of this failure. As Kamisato Kakeru's observer, you are connected directly back to Lola Stuart. With you in my grasp, I can continue on."

He was so selfish and conceited that he spat on both the contemporary government and the immortal god. He fully believed that all people had the right to study and proclaim all truths equally. He wholeheartedly looked down on the masses who blinded themselves with their existing assumptions, morals, and beliefs and thus cast aside true freedom. And yet he held the contradictory kindness of not wanting to force out the unenlightened and scorned members of his own family.

"He's gathering a bunch of adolescent boys and girls in one place and injecting them with drugs to achieve further knowledge. This is the return of Thelema."

"We couldn't shake him by fleeing like normal, but that changes if we go to the last thing he wants destroyed and use it as a shield."

In the end, the "human" was a "human". By viewing him as an incomprehensible monster, many historical researchers led themselves astray in an inescapable forest.

"Kamijou Touma. When you're in trouble, it's always a good idea to ask a classmate for help, nyah☆"

So if this "human" was no different from anyone else, why did he stack his parallel plan so high, destroy so much, and stack so much back up? Let us reject the easy route into the forest and truly dig into the inner workings of a madman.

The curtain rises.

What will now begin is the story of Aleister Crowley, a "human" through and through.

Chapter end

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