The Story of The American Legion Part 4

KANSAS Gen. Chas. I. Martin, Topeka Gen. Wilder S. Metcalf, Lawrence Sgt. Fred C. Stanford, Independence Sgt. Mahlon S. Weed, Lawrence

KENTUCKY Pvt. Samuel J. Culbertson, Louisville Lt. W.C. Dabney, Louisville Capt. Shelby Harbison, Lexington Major James Wheeler, Paducah

LOUISIANA Capt. Allen Cook, New Orleans Lt. John M. Parker, Jr., New Orleans

MAINE Lt. Col. Arthur Ashworth, Bangor Col. Frank W. Hume, 103d Inf.

Capt. A.L. Robinson, Portland Pvt. Daniel J. Smart, Sgt. Wm. H. Whalen, 103d Inf.

Sgt. Freeman Wheaton, 107th Inf.

MARYLAND Lt. James A. Gary, Jr. Baltimore Sgt. Alexander Randall, Baltimore Major Redmond Stewart, Baltimore Brig. Gen. W.S. Thayer, Baltimore

MASSACHUSETTS Brig. Gen. Charles H. Cole, Boston Sgt. Edw. J. Creed, 101st Inf.

Sgt. Ernest H. Eastman, 104th Inf.

Major J.W. Farley, Boston Lt. Col. Louis Frothingham, Boston Sgt. Geo. Gilbody, 101st Inf.

Sgt. Daniel J. Nolan,

MICHIGAN Lt. Col. Fredk. M. Alger, Detroit Sgt. Rand F. English, Detroit 1st Sgt. Wm. King, Detroit Lt. Commander Truman H. Newberry, Detroit

MINNESOTA Pvt. Gordon Clark, Duluth Major Paul B. Cook, St. Paul Pvt. Wm. D. Mitchell, St. Paul Pvt. W. Bissell Thomas, Minneapolis

MISSISSIPPI Lt. John N. Alexander, Jackson Sgt. Maj. C.J. Craggs, Greenville Major Alex. Fitzhugh, Vicksburg Corp. Isador A. Frank, Clarksdale Sgt. Elmer Price, McComb

MISSOURI Brig. Gen. H.C. Clarke, Jefferson City Pvt. David R. Francis, Jr., St. Louis Corp. Sestus J. Wade, Jr., St. Louis

MONTANA Col. J.J. McGuiness, Helena Corp. Chas. S. Pew, Helena

NEBRASKA Major P.F. Cosgrove, Lincoln Pvt. T.T. McGuire, Omaha Sgt. R. Scott, Imperial Lt. Allan A. Tukey, Omaha

NEVADA Sgt. E.L. Malsbary, Reno Lt. Col. Jas. G. Scrugham, Reno

NEW HAMPSHIRE Sgt. Herve L'Heureaux, Manchester Major Frank Knox, Manchester

NEW JERSEY Col. Hobart Brown, Newark Sgt. Allan Eggers, Summit 1st Lt. Geo. W.C. McCarter, Newark Corp. Roger Young, Newark

NEW MEXICO Capt. Bronson M. Cutting, Santa Fe Col. Debjemond, Roswell Pvt. Canuto Trujillo, Chimayo

NEW YORK Lt. Col. Robert Bacon, New York Lt. Col. Grenville Clark, New York Brig. Gen. Chas. I. Debevoise, Brooklyn Pvt. Meade C. Dobson, New York Col. Wm. J. Donovan, New York Lt. Samuel Gompers, Jr., New York Seaman Jos. F. Healey, New York Chaplain Francis A. Kelley, Albany Lt. Col. J. Leslie Kincaid, Syracuse Ensign Jerome H. Larger, Brooklyn Ensign W.G. McAdoo, Jr., New York Sgt. Major Howard H. McLellan, Yonkers Ensign R.H. Mitchell, New York Major General John F. O'Ryan, New York Lt. D. Lincoln Reed, New York Col. Henry L. Stimson, New York Lt. Col. Chas. W. Whittlesey, New York Major Cornelius W. Wickersham, New York Sgt. Clarence E. Williams, New York

NORTH CAROLINA Lt. R.W. Glenn, Greensboro Lt. Cyrus D. Hogue, Wilmington

NORTH DAKOTA Capt. Matthew Murphy, Fargo

OHIO Sgt. Jas. K. Campbell, Shreve Lt. Col. Jas. R. Cochran, Columbus Lt. Col. Ralph D. Cole, Columbus or Findlay Lt. Col. Isadore H. Duke, Cincinnati

OKLAHOMA Sgt. Eugene Atkins, Muskogee Brig. Gen. Roy Hoffman, Oklahoma City

OREGON Pvt. Harry Critchlow, Portland Sgt. Carl B. Fenton, Dallas Lt. Col. Geo. Kelley, Portland Col. F.W. Leadbetter, Portland Lt. Col. Geo. A. White, Portland

PENNSYLVANIA Major Chas. J. Biddle, Philadelphia Lt. Joseph F. Frayne, Scranton Lt. Col. Robt. E. Glendinning, Philadelphia Lt. Col. John Price Jackson, Harrisburg Pvt. George Jones, Scranton Maj. Alexander Laughlin, Jr., Pittsburg Col. Asher Miner, Wilkes-Barre Lt. John R. Sproul, Chester Lt. Bernard J. Voll, Philadelphia

RHODE ISLAND Major Geo. E. Buxton, Jr., Providence Col. Everitte St. J. Chaffee, Providence Sgt. W.C. Kendrick, Pawtucket

SOUTH CAROLINA Sgt. W.C. Coward, Cheraw Lt. Chas. C. Pinckney, Charleston C.T. Trenholm, Charleston Major W.D. Workman, Greenville

SOUTH DAKOTA Capt. Lawrence R. Bates, Sioux Falls Capt. Royal C. Johnson, Aberdeen Sgt. Ruble Lavery, Vermilion Sgt. Jos. F. Pfeiffer, Rapid City

TENNESSEE Col. James A. Gleason, Knoxville Sgt. Major Keith J. Harris, Chattanooga Sgt. John Hays, Memphis Col. Luke Lea, Nashville Major T.C. Thompson, Jr. Chattanooga Pvt. C.W. Tomlinson, Chattanooga

TEXAS Capt. Stanley E. Kempner, Galveston Col. H.D. Lindsley, Dallas Col. H.B. Moore, Texas City

UTAH Sgt. Maj. H.H. McCartney, Salt Lake City Gen. R.W. Young, Salt Lake City

VIRGINIA Pvt. Frank G. Christian, Richmond Lt. C. Francis Cocke, Roanoke Col. Stuart McGuire, Richmond

VERMONT Pvt. Donald J. Emery, Newport Sgt. Eugene V. Finn, St. Albans Major H. Nelson Jackson, Burlington Capt. Redfield Proctor, Burlington

WASHINGTON Lt. Col. R.W. Llewellen, Seattle Major P.P. Marion, Seattle Brig. Gen. Harvey J. Moss, Seattle Sgt. John J. Sullivan, N. Seattle Sgt. Major R.H. Winsor, Tacoma

WEST VIRGINIA Capt. Fleming W. Alderson, Charleston Sgt. Walter S. Moore, Huntington Sgt. Thomas Schofield, Wheeling Lt. Col. Jackson A. Weston, Charleston

WISCONSIN Edward F. Ackley, Milwaukee Pvt. David Bloodgood, Milwaukee Sgt. Elmer S. Owens, Milwaukee Col. Gilbert E. Seaman, Milwaukee Pvt. John P. Szulcek, Milwaukee

Chapter end

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