The Story of The American Legion Part 22

COLORADO.--Morton M. David, 401 Empire Bldg., Denver.

CONNECTICUT.--Alfred A. Phillips, Jr., 110 Glenbrook Rd., Stamford.

DELAWARE.--L.K. Carpenter, Du Pont Bldg., Wilmington.

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA.--Howard Fisk, 833 Southern Bldg., Washington.

FLORIDA.--J.T. Wiggington, 818 15th St., Miami.

GEORGIA.--Louis H. Bell, care of Service Record, 208 Flatiron Bldg., Atlanta.

HAWAII.--J.P. Morgan, Box 188, Honolulu.

IDAHO.--Laverne Collier, Pocatello.

ILLINOIS.--Name not received yet.

INDIANA.--L. Russell Newgent, 518 Hume Monsur Bldg., Indianapolis.

IOWA.--John MacVicar, 336 Hubbell Bldg., Des Moines.

KANSAS.--Ike Lambert, Emporia.

KENTUCKY.--D.A. Sachs, Louisville.

LOUISIANA.--T.H.H. Pratt, 721 Hibernia Bank, New Orleans.

MAINE.--James L. Boyle, 184 Water St., Augusta.

MARYLAND.--Alex. Randall, 12 West Chase St., Baltimore.

MASSACHUSETTS.--George F. Gilbody, 3 Van Winkle St., Boston.

MICHIGAN.--Ryle D. Tabor, 312 Moffatt Bldg., Detroit.

MINNESOTA.--Merle E. Eaton, care of Lee & Lewis Grain Co., 200 Corn Exchange Bldg., Minneapolis.

MISSISSIPPI.--John M. Alexander, Jackson.

MISSOURI.--Ed. J. Cahill, Service Commission, Jefferson City.

MONTANA.--Ben W. Barnett, Helena.

NEBRASKA.--Allan A. Tukey, 1st National Bank Bldg., Omaha.

NEVADA.--J.D. Salter, Winnimucca.

NEW HAMPSHIRE.--Frank J. Abbott, Manchester.

NEW JERSEY.--George W.C. McCarter, 765 Broad St., Newark.

NEW MEXICO.--Harry Howard Dorman, Santa Fe.

NEW YORK.--Wade H. Hayes, 140 Nassau St.

NORTH CAROLINA.--Charles N. Hulvey, A. & E. College, Raleigh.

NORTH DAKOTA.--Ed. E. Gearey, Fargo.

OHIO.--Chalmers R. Wilson, Adj. Gen. Office, State House, Columbus.

OKLAHOMA.--F.W. Fisher, Oklahoma City.

OREGON.--Dow V. Walker, care Multnomah Club, Portland.

PENNSYLVANIA.--George F. Tyler, 121 S. 5th St., Philadelphia.

RHODE ISLAND.--James E. Cummiskey, Crompton.

SOUTH CAROLINA.--Ben. D. Fulton, 32 West Evans St., Florence.

SOUTH DAKOTA.--J.C. Denison, Vermillion.

TENNESSEE.--W.R. Craig, Nat. Life and Accident Co., Nashville.

TEXAS.--J.A. Belzer, Austin.

UTAH.--Baldwin Robertson, 409 Ten Boston Bldg., Salt Lake City.

VERMONT.--Joseph H. Fountain, 138 Colchester Ave., Burlington.

VIRGINIA.--R.G.M. Ross, 508 First National Bank Bldg., Newport News.

WASHINGTON.--George R. Drever, care Adj. Gen. Office, Armory, Seattle.

WEST VIRGINIA.--Chas. McCamic, 904 National Bank of West Virginia Bldg., Wheeling.

WISCONSIN.--R.N. Gibson, Grand Rapids.

WYOMING.--R.H. Nichols, Casper.


It is interesting to know what the press of the United States thinks of the American Legion. Practically every newspaper in the country honored the Legion with comment. In almost every instance it was favorable. Selection has been made of some of this comment--as much as is feasible to give here. It is of two kinds: first, what the press thought of the _idea_ of the Legion, and second, what opinion it had of the Legion after it was launched at St. Louis. The first type of comment was made prior to the caucus in this country and the second, afterwards. Comment on both types was generally favorable.

Chapter end

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