The Story of Living as I Please After Being Reincarnated in Another World with a Ridiculously Cheat Power Chapter 10

The commercial city Alias has gained independence from the Harold Kingdom. The city center is popular for its trading, and is influenced by rich merchants.

However, with the rise of trade, the carriages that needed to be protected from monsters increased too. Naturally this increased the profit of the adventurer’s guild and weapon merchants.  

-Even Sean Rockwell, this town’s main weapons merchant whom I came to visit today, belongs to a family that made fortune like that and, with weapons at its center, deals with everything like armor or magic tools, being the most prominent billionaire in Alias.

The house looks like a mansion. It is located in the high class district.

The gatekeeper let me through when I declared who I am, then I was guided by the maid to meet Rockwell

「Welcome, Sir Demon, we finally met. Since the weather is good, let us eat out in the terrace. Please」

「Much obliged……」

My impression of Rockwell is, he’s a short fat man, I thought

A “Dragon’s cage” regular, also Katie is his favorite, so I asked her about his personality beforehand.

「That old man, after he cums once he insist on making me fellate him until he gets hard again, I hate~ it.」

-is what she said.

Other than that, the only information I have is that he’s a really wealthy merchant.

When we reached the terrace, a large table with various dishes and wine is prepared.

「The main dish is roasted duck that has been raised in my house… A delicacy, isn’t it?」

「I’m looking forward to it」

Indeed, every dish was a line-up of delicious-looking food, but, as they were a luxury, to me they seemed just dishes with portions too little

Since I’m the one socializing here, let’s not say anything about it.

After that, Rockwell conversed me about business and monsters, then a woman came in.

「Father, is this a customer?」

When I first saw the woman, the word “Beautiful” immediately comes to my mind.

The woman has long blonde hair, small face and a dress that would suits up someone called a princess, her facial feature seems to be gentle, her smile would attract any man.

If Fatima’s beauty is like the moon, this woman would be the sun.

Fatima would be the goddess of lust, while this woman would be the goddess of love.

By the way, Emily is also beautiful, but this woman is superior in many levels.

Rockwell, when he saw the girl, made a face that seemed to say “crap!”, but I, hiding my inner thoughts, instead of staring scrutinizingly at the woman, asked with composure.

「Is she your daughter?」

「Yes, her name is Marie… Go on, greet the S-class adventurer Arc Demon」

「Nice to meet you Arc Demon-sama, My name is Mary Rose Rockwell, I look forward to our future」

Since the woman bowed pinching the hem of her dress, I stood up from the chair to return the respect.

「How do you do Miss Mary Rose, please do not mind me, I’m just an ordinary adventurer.」

「Please do call me Mary Demon-sama, I’ve heard rumors about you, you seem to take down scary monsters in just one strike 」

「Those are just exaggerated rumors miss mary.」

While exchanging a chat, I used the skill “See through” unnoticed.

The breast is smaller than Fatima and Emily, yet her waist is ant-thin. I’m not sure if her pubic hair is blonde too because it’s thin.

Still, her ass, it seems men would love it, what great volume, by no means it’s not a vulgar ass.

Speaking of, Fatima and Emily are of different type, getting comforted with an elegant body must feel good too.

「Demon-sama seems to be eager with work, are you interested in charity?」

「Charity… Let’s see, it may be not charity for some but doing adventurer work is charity for me. I get rid of the monsters who trouble people and the trade」

「Oh my! Then……」

「Marie, stop giving strange invitations on our customer… You may leave now.」

Rockwell restrained Mary and made her step back.

「I’m sorry father, then Demon-sama, I will excuse myself here.」

 Mary bowed once again, and I responded to it.

After Mary left, I returned to my seat, feigning calmness.

「What a beautiful daughter you have there, and she also have a nice personality, I would be envious of whoever marries her.」

「No, no… She may be beautiful but still she not yet of the right age… So until she’s 19, marriage talks are declined.」

You must be kidding?

I used the skill “Mind reading”. Rockwell seems to be a doting father, rejecting all the marriage proposals for her daughter.

And, if things go well, marry her to capital’s royalty or nobility and take the chance to expand business.

「Also, since she’s been doing charity work for the poor… I’m a bit worried handing over the business to her.」

「Hahaha, it doesn’t seem to me that she tries to throw the house.」

After that, Rockwell and I continued to chat on business.

Rockwell was relieved that I didn’t seem to show interest in Marie.

He’s mistaken

I want to embrace Mary

I want to bury my dick in that body of hers.

I want to know how a virgin woman feels like in bed.

I hid my animal desire, after my lunch with Rockwell was done, I left and made my way home.

The lust is swirling inside me since I saw Mary

After speaking with Emily at the Inn, I left and went to the brothel.

Chapter end

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