The New York Subway Part 19

Tucker & Vinton, Reinforced Concrete Walls for Eight Signal Towers.


Otis Elevator Company, Electric Passenger Elevators for 167th Street, 181st Street, and Mott Avenue Stations, and Escalator for Manhattan Street Station.

_Rolling Stock and Signal Department_

George Gibbs, Consulting Engineer.

Cars, Automatic Signal System.

American Car & Foundry Company, Steel Car Bodies and Trailer Trucks.

Buffalo Forge Company, Blacksmith Shop Equipment.

Burnham, Williams & Company (Baldwin Locomotive Works), Motor Trucks.

Cambria Steel Company, Trailer Truck Axles.

Christensen Engineering Company, Compressors, Governors, and Pump Cages on Cars.

Curtain Supply Company, Car Window and Door Curtains.

Dressel Railway Lamp Works, Signal Lamps.

Hale & Kilburn Manufacturing Company, Car Seats and Backs.

Jewett Car Company, Wooden Car Bodies.

Manning, Maxwell & Moore, Machinery and Machine Tools for Inspection Shed.

Metal Plated Car & Lumber Company, Copper Sheathing for Cars.

Pitt Car Gate Company, Vestibule Door Operating Device for Cars.

Pneumatic Signal Company, Three Mechanical Interlocking Plants.

Standard Steel Works, Axles and Driving Wheels for Motor and Trailer Trucks.

St. Louis Car Company, Wooden Car Bodies and Trailer Trucks.

Stephenson Company, John, Wooden Car Bodies.

Taylor Iron & Steel Company, Trailer Truck Wheels.

Union Switch & Signal Company, Block Signal System and Interlocking Switch and Signal Plants.

Van Dorn Company, W. T., Car Couplings.

Wason Manufacturing Company, Wooden Car Bodies and Trailer Trucks.

Westinghouse Air Brake Company, Air Brakes.

Westinghouse Traction Brake Company, Air Brakes.

Chapter end

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