The King Chapter 260

The King Chapter 260

  Chapter 260 Hostility

   "What, rejected?"

   Caesar III said unhappily.

  Looking at Earl Lauren, the eyes changed, as if to say: You are not good at doing things, and you can't even handle this little thing.

   "Your Majesty, the Earl of Hudson's position of refusal is very firm. I really have no choice!"

   While speaking, Earl Lauren was about to cry. This matter is really not his responsibility, and he resolutely refuses to accept it, and he, the king's special envoy, can do nothing.

   There are a lot of things to catch ducks on the shelves, but it would be very nonsense to forcefully appoint a military commander when others refuse.

   Rubbing his forehead, Caesar III didn't know what to say for a while, and the atmosphere in the room became extraordinarily weird.

   In any case, military commanders are always needed. Knowing that it is a mess, no one is willing to take over, which is embarrassing.

  The former Southwest Front Army and Central Front Army appointed coaches who were all veterans of the Alpha Kingdom.

  The lessons learned from the past are there, and capable noble officers are naturally unwilling to jump into the pit. Tie Hanhan is willing to go, but everyone is worried.

  The basket that was poked before is big enough, if there is another wave, no one can stand it!

  Originally, Caesar III was worried that military power would be too concentrated, which would be detrimental to the domestic political balance. Now suddenly found that the problem is not balanced or unbalanced.

  The performance of the Southwest Front Army and the Central Front Army are purely two hot potatoes. If it weren't for the fact that the kingdom had no soldiers available, Caesar III wouldn't have even glanced at this kind of rubbish.

  It is mainly the sequelae of blind optimism. The capable noble children have all gone to the Northern Expedition Army to gain military exploits, and what are left behind are those who failed to succeed and failed.

   "Your Majesty, although the Earl of Hudson has rejected the position of commander, we can let him take charge of the troops first.

  Among all the generals in the kingdom, he is the one who can grasp military discipline the best. The soldiers under his command are the most law-abiding, and they will not leave the barracks without a military order.

   For the current Southwest Front Army and the Central Front Army, this kind of strict military commander is needed to reverse the unhealthy trend in the army! "

  Military Affairs Minister Effierro said solemnly.

  Someone has to pick up the hot potato. Hudson, who has strong ability, excellent performance and no identity background, is undoubtedly the best choice.

   "Lauren, how did the Earl of Hudson run the army?"

   Caesar III asked concerned.

   It is not an ordinary difficulty to pull a team that is rotten from top to bottom out of the quagmire.

  The previous commander did not fail to take measures, but unfortunately he failed in the end.

   "Your Majesty, I don't know exactly how the Earl of Hudson manages the army.

  However, in the southeast front army camp, I heard bursts of wailing, which should be the screams of soldiers who violated military discipline being punished.

  Perhaps the strict military discipline of the Southeast Front Army was forged by strict military law constraints. "

   Earl Lauren said uncertainly.

  This answer does not satisfy everyone. No matter how strict the military law is, someone must enforce it. After the military officers were also corrupted, no matter how strict the military law was, it was just a display.


   "If you don't know, then send someone over there to learn. The Ministry of Military Affairs, hurry up and arrange for the competent people to go over there. There is no need to add trouble to those crooked melons and cracked dates.

  Lauren, make another trip and make sure Earl Hudson takes over the Southwest and Central Fronts.

   Send an order to let these two troops move closer to the southeast front army. Next, I don't want to hear any more bad news! "

   Caesar III ordered angrily.

  In the Principality of Moxi, Crown Prince George warmly welcomed the reinforcements from the Terran Alliance. To be exact, this welcoming activity has lasted for half a month.

   There is no way, there are too many forces within the Human Race Alliance, and there are still conflicts among them. It is too embarrassing for them to arrive together.

   "Your Highness, Blake, head of the Holy See Judgment Knights, is here."

   What the attendant said shocked everyone. Even after hundreds of years, the resounding name of the Knights of Judgment is still a shadow in the hearts of many people.

  Different from ordinary knights, the Judgment Knights have long been transformed into a hodgepodge. There are not only knights who run on the ground, but also knights who fly in the sky, and even the navy has an establishment.

  The giant that gathers the three armed forces of land, sea and air has a total strength of 80,000. In terms of military strength, it is somewhat stronger than many countries.

  The head of the Judgment Knights personally led the team, which is enough to prove that the Holy See attaches great importance to this operation.

  The earth-moving dragon army, which made a shocking appearance, gave people the feeling of shaking the earth from a distance, and the huge body could tell that it was not easy to mess with.

   Seemingly dissatisfied with being robbed of the limelight by the ground dragon army, the flying dragon in the sky gave out a dragon roar, and instantly grabbed everyone's attention.

  The ordinary cavalrymen who ran into two teams pretending to be aggressive, seemed to be overshadowed. Even if they are the elite among the elite, they become inconspicuous in front of extraordinary arms.

   "Go, go and meet!"

  As soon as George finished speaking, a new team appeared in the sky. The same huge body came towards everyone like a mountain.

   There was a new dragon chant in the sky, the sound was slightly different from the previous flying dragons, but it didn't affect their domineering appearance in the slightest.

   No need to wait for his subordinates to report, just look at the lineup George knows that this is the Tyrannosaurus Rex Legion and Pterosaur Cavalry of the Frankish Kingdom.

  Dare to confront the Holy See so **** for tat, they are the only countries in the mainland. However, compared with declaring the pope illegal, this small target is nothing at all.

  The two major forces are competing, which is a pain for Prince George. They are all the top forces in the human race, and the family can't afford to offend them.

  The two families collided, and the reception became a big problem. At the same time, there is no way to welcome two people. If one family is greeted first, it is bound to offend the other family.

  Even though he was more inclined to the Frankish kingdom in his heart, George really didn't know what to do if the Duke of Mosi, who was seriously injured, was involved in this camp battle.

   "It's really lively, so how about adding me!"

   A hearty voice descended from the sky, and the embarrassed George was instantly overjoyed. The two strong oppositions are blended in, and if you are not careful, you will be smashed to pieces.

  Now it has become a tripartite confrontation, and the situation is instantly different. The emergence of the Kingdom of Iberia temporarily put an end to this struggle.

  Giant Eagle Cavalry, Vulture Cavalry, Griffin Cavalry, a proper air force grocery, but unfortunately it is still not as shocking as the previous "Dragon Species".

   However, the Velociraptor Legion on the ground is not inferior to the previous two. The size is slightly smaller, but the advantage is that it is more flexible.

  The second most powerful country in the mainland, Iberia also deserves its name.

  The confrontation between the top three really made everyone watch a good show. The rest of the reinforcements from all walks of life became low-key one by one.

  Compared with these three giants, other human forces, although they also have good strength, are still much inferior in general.

  The three major forces each sent 30,000 troops, accounting for 30% of all the reinforcements, but the combat power accounted for far more than half, and they were properly responsible for force.

  At the camp of the Southeastern Front Army, Hudson once again ushered in an uninvited guest. He really has no temper for this group of nobles who came to learn how to govern the army.

  In this era of strict confidentiality of knowledge, Hudson didn't know how to complain about stealing teachers so openly.

  Deep in his heart, he had already greeted Caesar III's family many times, but on the surface he had to warmly receive all the guests.

  Almost all the great nobles in the kingdom have sent representatives, and he really can't afford to offend him.

   Facing the looming jealous eyes in the crowd, Hudson knew that Caesar III had brought him a wave of hatred this time.

   Isn't it just refusing to be the commander-in-chief, so why are you so narrow-minded?

   Thinking about it, Hudson still joined everyone else in praising His Majesty the King for his wisdom. I really can't afford to be offended, there are too many ways for the boss to wear shoes for the younger brother.

  Happy for a while, but tragic for the rest of my life. Especially for a quasi-big aristocrat like Hudson whose fiefdom has not yet been settled, he can't afford to offend the king.

   It's okay to save face, but it's still impossible to want him to jump into the pit. Acting military command, what is the difference between that and being the head coach?

   Don't you all want to learn, then follow along. How much you can learn depends on your ability, anyway, Hudson will not take the initiative to teach.

   Leading troops to fight mainly depends on talent. If it doesn't work, it really doesn't work. No matter how many military books you read and how many military strategies you learn, you still can't change the essence.

   It is veterans who are cultivated by experience, not titans. The mass-produced ones can only be grass-roots officers, not "famous generals".

   "Dear Earl of Hudson, where do you put the dignity of the nobles when you run the army like this?"

   The voice of the misfit sounded, and Hudson knew that the kicker was coming. It was a group of N-generation nobles who were hit by the board now, and they happened to be bumped into by the study and observation group.

  Strict military discipline also requires a price. Most of them are mobs of the southeast front army, and the price of being able to do nothing to the civilians is the buttocks of a group of noble N generations.

  The operation is very simple, if you are restless, drag it out and beat it, and beat it in front of the soldiers under your command.

   If you are not convinced after one meal, you can have another meal. Anyway, if you are dawdling in the southeast front army, it is enough for the board.

   Most of the wailing in the barracks was contributed by the uneasy N generation officers. As for the serf soldiers below, how can they not know how to behave when their own masters have been punished?

  Occasionally there are unbelievers whose heads are still hanging on the flagpole outside.

   One counts as one, and Hudson has never been soft when dealing with people.

  He didn't cut off the heads of the noble officers, but just beat them up. That's because he saved face for the families behind these guys, and it's ridiculous to talk about the dignity of the nobles.

   "A group of guys without aristocratic qualities is a complete disgrace among the nobles, and they are not worthy of noble dignity. Do you think there is a problem?"

   While asking back, Hudson's sharp eyes also locked on the young nobleman. An invisible pressure made him take three steps back.

   Originally, I wanted to say something, but unfortunately, my morale was exhausted. The words came to his lips, but in the end he became hesitant.

  The brief confrontation was won, and Hudson was not at all happy. It's not that the quality of the nobles is not good, but that the quality of the nobles who play the field is not good.

  The reason is very simple, the elite of the younger generation are on the front line. Those who stay in the country are either determined to have no military talent, or they are the masters who eat and wait to die.

   There are only a very few, because they were seriously injured in the previous battle and had to stay for training.

  The fact that someone jumped out to make trouble so quickly is enough to prove that many people in the kingdom do not welcome him, a new player, to enter the arena.

   There is no way, who made him too young?

  Everyone really couldn't tolerate it: a guy who was younger than himself and from a worse background than himself was pressing on his head.

   This will make them very embarrassed, and the original excuse will not work. Failure to jump up is due to one's own incompetence, not caused by various special objective conditions.

  For most of the younger generation, children from other people's families like Hudson are both their own role models and a nuisance that pulls them back to reality.

  The young bird just now, the accent seems to come from the Northland. Vaguely, Hudson seemed to understand the origin of this hostility.

  (end of this chapter)

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