Swordmaster's Youngest Son Chapter 587

Swordmaster's Youngest Son Chapter 587

Published at 23rd of March 2023 05:04:00 AM

Chapter 587
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Qwaul reflexively reached for the machine, and Jin tilted his hand, lightly dodging the touch.


“You shouldn’t try to steal other people’s stuff like that.”


“How is that yours!?”


“Because I got it from Zipfel.”


"Ha! Zipfel, you bastards! Did you take it from me?”


“You say it as if there is a reason why this must not be with Zipfel.”


Qwaul had reacted violently the whole time, but the fact that his face was red and blue as if it was about to burst was really angry.


Even his eyes became bloodshot in an instant, and his hands and feet were trembling.


"Those…… those motherfuckers! How dare you deceive this body...…!?”


“Did Zipfel trick you?”


Jin's brow narrowed. He will have to listen to the story first, but it was unconditionally advantageous for him have an antipathy to Zipfel.


"It's not Zipfel’s, it's mine!"


“Once again, you learn a lesson about being good at keeping things.”


“Give it back.”


“You probably don’t think that Runcandel is a clan that spits out the things they have won with just one word.”


It wasn't just to raise Qwaul's anger.


Machine and ship plans. How many sacrifices did he had make in Sota Desert to obtain those two items? It was acquired through the death of Jane, the Black Knight.


For Jin, it was unpleasant that Qwaul dared to claim ownership of things in front of him.


It is hard to imagine the utility value of the Qwaul, so Jin just did not reveal his murderous intent. If he had been someone else, he would have been immediately charged with crime.


“Okay, I admit it. Instead, I'd like you to tell me where and how you got it.”


“Why should I?”


“You said you wanted my ability?”


“That's a different matter. If you want to hear the background story, this time you tell me something that appeals to me.”


Qwaul gritted his teeth. In an instant, he took control of his emotions. He has never been lost his control in this way. People in power who happened to know about his abilities, including Zipfel, usually used meaningless threats and conciliation, and eventually only made farts.


As long as he had the ability as an engineer, Qwaul was always 'A'. Except for this moment, he certainly was.


'It seems that these things were more precious to Qwaul than I expected.'


Jin's idea that there would be a desire as an engineer to complete a masterpiece was exactly right.


Therefore, the acquisition is no different from the fact that it is already half-finished.


All that was left was the question of how cooperative he is.


“…… Jin Runcandel, you said it was a teleportation device, right? That item is not a teleportation tool, but a tool for super-speed summoning. It is completely different from teleportation.”


“What difference does it make?”


“Teleportation is subjected to climatic limitations, as is the case with transfer gateways, but this device does not have that, and can transcend space and time.”


That's why the name of the device was not teleportation, but 'spatial-time device'.


Jin couldn't help but open his eyes at Qwaul's answer.


'If it could transcend time and space.'


Perhaps, it was a technique that could bring the siblings from Laprarosa.


Of course, Jin couldn't completely trust Qwaul's words. It could have been just an absurd story, but it could have been an expanded interpretation to have hope.


However, the spatial-time device was also an impossible technology not long ago. Jin had never heard of such a technology even in his previous life.


“Is that all?”


"Yes. For now. Now it is your turn to answer.”


“It feels like a push and pull between lovers. The item was obtained from Sota Desert. I got both the machine and blueprints from the vault of the 2nd magic Tower. It's even weirder that you didn't know that. Were you not working for Zipfel at the time of the Sota Desert incident?”


“Hmph, was that the reason you suppressed your murderous intent as soon as I claimed ownership? You must have made a lot of sacrifices.”


"It's true, but it's strange that you read that."


“I apologize for that. The device obviously belongs to you.”


This time, Jin liked Qwaul's attitude. It's true that he's somewhat angular and eccentric, but at least he wasn't someone who didn't know the basics.


For a while, the two of them were silently organizing their thoughts.


It was Qwaul who spoke first.


“And here’s something you misunderstood, to be precise, the thing wasn’t made by me.”


Jin had no choice but to accept Qwaul's words as lies.


The fact that Qwaul was the creator of the machine and blueprints was already revealed by Valeria's record magic.


“Then who made it?”






“Lokia Ganesto. The machine was not made by me, but by my distant ancestors. The spatial-time device I created through it is nothing more than an attempt to restore objects from that era.”


If what Qwaul said is true, then the spatial-time device was created a thousand years ago.


Runcandel and Zipfel from a thousand years ago possessed far greater power than they do now, and it was possible just by looking at the fact that relics called masterpieces were often found with far superior performance than advanced technology.


It is not at all inexplicable that the creator, who was revealed by record magic, was Qwaul. Since he improved an already existing object, so he could also be seen as a maker.


Above all, the history manipulation of the ten great knights, including Lokia Ganesto, has only faded a little, but it is still working.


“Is the blueprint also made by Lokia Ganesto, not you?”


“If the blueprints you have are in paper form, it's right that I made it. But even that was restored through relics left by my ancestor. Like the spatial-time device, it is clumsy compared to the original that would have existed a thousand years ago.”


It was the first time Jin had heard that information.


Jin pretended to know that the original was in the form of a lithograph, but Qwaul burst into laughter.


“No matter how much you flew and crawled, you couldn't have stolen it. Because that item is in the 1st magic Tower, the Tower of Stories.”


“Are the blueprints and originals yours?”


“No, that would have been nice. It had belonged to Zipfel for a long time. It's different from the parts that were always in my arms until I started researching."


“I heard from my informant that the construction of blueprints began in 1775 and machine manufactured in 1780.”


“You have a great informant. But it's such a strange thing. As far as I know when my research started, there are only Kelliark, Kadun, and Octavia in Zipfel...….”


Qwaul narrowed his eyes as if he guessed something.


“I get it now. Your supposed informant, is a survivor of Hister? Record magic. Otherwise, it's information you'd never know. Unless Kelliark Zipfel gave it to you!”


Jin didn't answer and looked at Qwaul's expression. There seemed to be a burning desire in his dark eyes.


“Besides, my real name. That doesn't even make the assumption that Kelliark can tell. Unless it's record magic, you'll never know. You must have identified the device through a record magic. You will have seen the surname Ganesto there.”


The fact that there are survivors of Hister has been known among the great forces for a long time. And the fact that it is with Jin has been noticed to some extent by both major clans recently.


It was perhaps natural for Qwaul to make such an analogy.


“Are you going to say it’s an exaggeration?”


“It depends on what grounds you think so."


“I have lived under the name Tingen Bauer all my life. It was only recently that I learned of my real name, Qwaul Ganesto. After the world turns to chaos. If it's not record magic, what on earth can figure it out?"


It was only about a month ago that there was a problem with the manipulation of history in the name of ‘Ganesto’. The weakening of Zipfel’s power caused by Glyek was causing a butterfly effect between Jin and Qwaul.


And neither Jin nor Qwaul know.


This isn't the first time Zipfel’s manipulation of history has gone wrong. Even around the time that Qwaul was born, and during the lives of his other ancestors, there were moments when manipulation weakened. In particular, Ganesto’s manipulation of history was often problematic.


“It's a shame I didn't know that Kelliark doesn’t know your name either. Yes, the survivor of Hister is with me.”


It was not a situation to keep hiding. Jin continued to watch the longing formed in Qwaul's eyes.


Qwaul is a descendant of Lokia Ganesto, and is the world's foremost engineer. And what he most wanted was not wealth, power, or personal success, but the restoration and completion of technology.


If so, record magic that only Hister can use is an ability that Qwaul needed more than anything else.


“The conditions I was going to talk about in order to leave the cabin were originally these. First, you must own the machine. And the second is to recruit a person who can use record magic and make them my assistant. So, I didn't expect anything from you. I thought neither of them would be possible.”


Chiik, Qwaul said, lighting a cigarette.


“The first condition has already been met, and the second condition must have depended on how close you are to the record wizard. Would that be possible?”


"I think it's possible if you're an assistant, not them."


“Well, the issue of the name doesn’t matter. Anyway, if they check this body's ability, they will think of themselves as an assistant.”


Jin thought that Valeria would never do that, but Jin nodded his head.


Rather, Jin was drawing a picture of Qwaul claiming to be Valeria's assistant.


Qwaul held out his hand to Jin.


“There will be no greater luck than having me in your life, your family, and your entire faction.”


Jin responded by holding his hand.


“I will serve you with all my heart.”


"What does that mean?"


“It means that you are welcome to join the Vamel alliance.”


Qwaul showed his temper, saying that he did not belong yet, but Jin lightly overpowered him and threw him into Mort's mouth.

Chapter end

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