Protecting His Own Part 5

And he kept kissing her until every thought disappeared right out of her head, and her body melted into his.

When he released her mouth, her legs had turned to jelly, and only his arm kept her upright. Amusement lit his eyes as he waited for her to find her balance again.

Once she could stand alone, he stripped her towel completely off and opened a drawer on the nightstand. Since we removed the bondage hardware from the bed, lets use this instead. He lifted out a dark red leather harness and started fastening it around her torso.

Where did this come from? Vertical straps running down her front and back anchored two horizontal ones. One went around her waist. The other went around her neck like a collar. Beth shivered as he buckled it on.

Before I left for Africa, a sales rep visited the Shadowlands when the Masters were meeting. He showed us his stock, and I liked this one. He took his time, tightening and fitting, before adding ankle and wrist cuffs as well. Finally, he wrapped a wider cuff around her right thigh above her knee and did the same on the left.

Although the harness wasnt ascarnally comforting as the rope Sir preferred, the leather warmed to her skin quickly.

It isnt rope, but sometimes faster is good. The dark simmer in his eyes promised pleasureand other more ominous thingsand her body reacted as if it was onboard all the way. He clipped her wrist cuffs to the collar and played with her breasts some more, deliberately showing her she couldnt stop him.

Her resistance, her worries were slowly melting away under his confident control.

He straightened and patted the mattress. Up here and on your back.

Without the ability to use her hands, she was forced to wiggle her way onto the bed and roll over clumsily. The meanie.

His appreciative chuckle for the show was low and gravelly, and she felt herself flush.

After dragging her to the mattresss edge, he clipped the left ankle cuff to the back of the thigh cuff, pressed her leg toward her chest, and hooked the front of the thigh cuff to the side of the waist belt. When he did the same on the right, her bent legs were splayed out on each side of her body. Hed always liked having her pussy available for anything he wanted to do.

The knowledge sent a pulsing desire swirling through her pelvis.

He pulled more items from the nightstand. More new stuff. Good God, she needed to check the drawers on his side of the bed more often.

The first toy was a small anal plug with two attachments"a wired remote and a hose with a bulb on the end.

A hose? What is that? Her heart rate increased. They did anal sex occasionally, butitd been a long time. And he didnt use toys often.

His level gaze met hers, held hers, and said shed pushed her limits. Ill let you know when you can talkor make noise. Clear, sugar?

Oh God, he was going to insist on his damn protocols. Yes, Sir, she whispered.

Good. Without any more talk, he lubed the anal plug and pressed it firmly in, past her unhappy rings of muscle. It lodged in place with a tiny plop. The slight burn and discomfort was outweighed by the erotic sensation of his callused hands on her body, the determination in his gaze. She was his, to do what he wanted with, and the knowledge filled her. Turned her on.

Completed her.

He picked up the other toy"a tiny rubber triangle with thin straps. Remember this? Havent used it in quite a while. It was a wearable vibrator called a butterfly. Hed made her wear one the first time hed taken her.

The air around her seemed hot enough to scorch her skin; perhaps the air-conditioning had failed.

He put the butterfly on her, seated the supple rubber part right over her clit, and turned it on low.

As the tantalizingly faint vibrations hit, she jerked, and her whole lower half rapidly wakened to need. Since he didnt like her indulging without him, she hadnt gotten off in an awfully long time.

Now, lets have us a little chat. He smiled and slid a finger inside her.


He adjusted the vibrator so it pulsed against the right side of her clit and stimulated a new area of nerves. Youre unhappy. Stressed. Not eating. Im worried, darlin. With his other hand, he cupped her breast. Are you having nightmares about Kyler again?

His gaze roamed her face, her shoulders, her arms, reading her in his dangerously skillful way. From the stern set of his jaw, she couldnt evade his questions this time.

The nightmares have mostly died down. Now youre home, Im sure theyll go away completely. Her lips quivered as guilt raised its ugly head. Im sorry to be soso needy. I didnt realize Id have trouble with you gone, and"

He snorted. I dont sleep good without you either, sugar. If you told me you did fine without me, Id be pissed.

Really? Her hands unclenched. He slept better if she was with him. That had to be one of the nicest compliments shed ever received.

You like hearing I need you, yeah? His deep masculine chuckle let her relaxand then he slid two fingers inside her, filling her, and bringing her right back to need. To serious, serious need.

Master, she whispered. Her hips wiggled uncontrollably.

He lightly slapped her inner thigh. Dont move, subbie.

The sting sank down, past her skin, sending an erotic burn right into her core, and his merciless order sent desire singing through her veins.

Slowly, he rotated his hand, and his expert fingers rubbed so firmly on her G-spot that her toes curled. Fuck, I love your cunt. His voice got lower. Im home now, and youre still looking off. Whats eatin at you, sugar?

She tried to think through the fog of arousal. Answer him? But this was their special time, the first time they made love after being so long apart, and she didnt want to ruin it for him. If she told him about losing any chance for a child, hed be unhappy. Hurt. But he wouldnt accept a nothing is wrong.

However, she could give him something else and still be truthful. Connor and Grant went home with their mother yesterday.

Oh hell. Im sorry, baby. Ill miss them too. Its not good how fucked-up their home life is. Hed met their mother a couple of times and commented later on the telltale signs of a meth user"the emaciation, the rotten teeth, and the way she appeared a decade older than she was.

Maybe it will improve. Drusilla might stay off the drugs, and Jermaine took an anger management class. She offered up the hopes, not certain she believed them.

The hard line of his mouth rejected the easy answer. I think we should wander by and check, dont you?

God, she loved him. Id planned to wait a day or so and stop in. They Her voice faded away when his face went still.

Before you knew I was back?

Uh Uh? He growled. You know my thoughts on unescorted visits to abusive assholes.

She had no answer; she did know. Oops.

His face softened. Bracing himself on his good arm, he bent and nuzzled her temple and cheek before kissing her ever so gently. He lifted his head an inch, his gaze penetrating. Is their leaving the only thing bothering you?

When she flinched, she knew shed incriminated herself.

I figured. Give me the rest, sugar, before we move on to other things.

Its nothing. I dont want to talk about it. Not now. Not when shed end up crying. He deserved better from her than a sobbing hot mess.

Not the answer I was hoping for. His dark brows pulled together, his lips tightened, and his unreadable gaze sent her right into worry mode. Oh, she was in trouble. Without speaking, he flipped the anal plug switch.

The low vibrations from the anal plug and the ones over her clit met low in her core. The not-quite-enough pulses were enough to drive her crazyand his questions flew right out of her head.

As she lifted her head, planning to beg, he undid his jeans and released his cock. He was so, so gorgeous. The opened jeans revealed the flat muscle of his lower abdomen. His shaft was so much like him"purely solid and powerful.

He set the head against her entrance and pressed inone inch.

Oooh, the feeling. The promise of more made her hips squirm and earned her another light slap and growl. She grew even wetter.

But he didnt move. His gaze moved over her, dark and hot andmercilessly determined.

Sir. Master. My beloved Liege, she whispered, tryingtrying not to move as the vibrations drove her up and up. She wanted him inside. Please.

Easy enough to fix, sugar. Just be honest with me.

Honest. Her breathing turned ragged. Her legs trembled and strained against the unyielding cuffs. He hated lies"and evasions. But to tell him now"would hurt him. Would wreck this coming together. What could she say? Frustration and need kept derailing her thoughts.

Like clouds heralding a storm, worry was followed by darker sorrow, even as her body sent zaps of needy lightning through her. She couldnt think. If I tell you A tear escaped. She needed him, his arms around her, him deep within her"their special togetherness. Talking would ruin it.

You will tell me. The determination was there in his voice.

He didnt understand. I need to be with you first. PleaseI need thisyou and me, first. She closed her eyes, unable to think. If I promise to explain after, can we Look at me.

Her gaze met his dark, steady eyes.

I get it. Weve been apart a long time. He touched her cheek. Afterward, while youre in my arms, youll tell me everything.

Yes. A sigh escaped her. Hed never want to be shielded. Even if it hurt him, hed want to know. Yes, Master.

His hard lips curved in approval and satisfaction. Good girl. His cock pressed in, not brutally, but steadily, filling her wonderfully full. Thick pleasure flowed up her center in a long, sweet stream.

But he kept going. Too much. Itd been too long. Her legs jerked in protest. With a whimper, she pulled at the wrist restraints"uselessly.

He slowed only a little. Take me, Beth, he said gentlyruthlesslyfor he knew exactly how much she could take. Knew her strengths, her weaknesses.

And he still loved her.

Her body surrendered, giving up the instinctive need to fight, and he thrust in until his warm thighs pressed against her buttocks.

Her eyes closed as she pulled in long breaths, fighting the helplessness that terrified her yet fulfilled her, the loss of control she hated, and required. Only with Nolan could she let go completely"because she trusted him with her mind and heart and soul. With all that she was.

I love you.

Watching her closely, he caressed her breasts. Each time he rolled a nipple between his fingers, her pussy contracted around him. And finally, he started to move, short in and out strokes at first, then longer and harder.

Oh, oh, oh, so wonderful. A short, unexpected orgasm shook her.

His grin was a flash of white in his tanned face. Nice. He eased in and out as the spasms diminished. His erection was still thick and heavy inside her as he turned off the vibrators. But you can do better.

Do better? Her voice came out slow. Husky.

Yes, little rabbit, I want more. His cheek creased. I havent heard you scream in a long time.

More? She didnt scream unless she wasgone. Unless he pushed her to the point of mindlessness. Oh God.

Under his amused, searing stare, she felt her nipples harden to tiny points and her insides tighten around him. But Ive already come. She already knew his answer.

Oh, I dont think itll be a problem. Bracing himself on his good arm, he leaned down and took her mouth, slow and devastatingly thorough. Shed never found anyone who kissed like him, patiently continuing until she gave him everything he wanted. Just as he planned to do to her now.

The knowledge was frightening"and carnal.

He straightened and slowly thrust, in and out, driving harder, even as he flipped on the butterfly. The vibrator woke to life, back to a low hum. He frowned. Lets kick the action up a notch.

More? She shook her head no.

When he upped the speed on the vibrator, her already sensitive clit swelled and hardened as she spiraled back into need.

To her dismay, he pulled his cock almost out.

Master, she whined and closed her lips belatedly. She wasnt supposed to speak.

His grin came so quickly she almost didnt see it. Now didnt that sound nice? Lets have us some serious begging. To her alarm, he gripped the hose coming from the anal plug and pumped the rubber bulb at the end.

The anal plug in her back passage began to enlarge like a balloon. No!

Fraid so, sugar. With each squeeze of the bulb, the thing grew inside her. Too much. Too full. Ignoring her protest, he turned on the plugs vibrator as well.

Nerves jumped to life with a painful intensity, feeling so strange, so good. Oh God, please Did she want him to stopor to increase everything? She needed to comenow.

His chuckle was rough and sexy, and she shuddered with the pleasure of having him home. Having his hands on her. Having him in control.

Better. Lets go for a scream.

The inflated anal plug filled her already, so the entrance of his cock into her pussy made her gasp. He was impossibly large, and all the vibrations intensified as if they raged back and forth, shaking her from the inside out. Her legs trembled and fought against the restraints without success. She was powerless to prevent anything he did. She stared up at him, panting, excited, and anxious, as the need to come built higher and higher.

He pulled out, pressed in. Fuck, you feel good. Youd better hang on, pet.

Seriously? There was nothing she could do, not even hang on. Her glare made him laugh.

Then he took her, hard and fast and relentless. He paused only long enough to dial up the clit vibrator. The vibrations from the anal plug somehow merged with those from butterfly, until even his cock seemed to be vibrating as he hammered into her, Every ruthless thrust drove her up and up.

Every stroke seemed the pinnacle of exquisite pleasure.

Her breathing stopped, the world stopping with it, as she hung there, every muscle tense as the pressure built and built.

He ever so slowly withdrew, drawing the torment out with a sadistic finesse. His gaze held hers for an eternal moment With a hard thrust, he sheathed himself to the hilt.

Her nerves ignited, sending pleasure blasting through every cell. Glorious fireworks sparkled upward through her body and danced in her vision. The sensations soared higher and higher until her entire world went white, and a cascade of screams broke from her.

As all her muscles went limp, her Master gripped her hips, lifting her ass up for greater penetration as he took her, hard and fast. Burying himself completely, he came, leaning into her, pinning her to the bed with his weight and his cock.

Chapter end

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