Protecting His Own Part 27

Careful there. She gets awfully enthusiastic. Sophias mama had almost yellow hair. Beths hair was prettier with all the red, but the sun made Jessicas hair glow. And Sophia had the same color hair.

A crow of laughter came from beside Grants chair where Connor was rolling a ball back and forth with Zane.

Balls were fun. How long till Sophia can roll a ball?

Zanes mama laughed. Probably another year. To you, babies might not grow fast, but to mommies, they sprout another inch every day.

Did Beth think he and Connor grew fast? She was watching him with a little smile on her face. She did that a lot, and it always made him feelfunny. Happy, like now, only kind of like he wanted to cry, only not.

Connor got up and leaned against the dark-haired ladys knee. Her stomach was amazing big, and Beth said Anne was growing a baby in her tummy.

You really gots a baby in there? Connor asked in wonder.

Oh, do I. Her laugh was almost as low and soft as Beths. In fact, theres action in there right now, so you might be able to feel a foot. She took Connors hand and put it on her stomach.

Connors eyes got big. The baby kicked me.

Over beside Nolanman, the scary guy whod come with Anne turned. Hed heard Connor and started walking over. He was awfully big.

As he got close, Grant watched him and frowned, Is that man gonna be the babys daddy? He didnt look like he should be a daddy.

Guys, this is Ben. As the man set his hand on her shoulder, Anne curled her fingers around his wrist, and her face somehow got even nicer. Yes, hes the daddy. Well be a family of three.

Best thing that ever happened to me, Ben said to her, and when he grinned, he wasnt scary at all. Hey, guys.

Nolanman an Beff are our fambly, Connor told Ben. His brows drew together. But we didnt grow in Beffs tummy.

Grant tensed. They werent really a family?

Ben ran his hand down Annes hair and told Connor, Families are created in different ways. Sometimes from growing in tummies, sometimes from choosing someone"finding someone you love and want to live with. Doesnt matter which.

Okay. They were a family. Grant relaxed and rubbed his chin on Sophias silky hair. With a crow of laughter, she pitched the keys down on the blanket.

Connor picked up the keys and a stuffed cat the baby had thrown. This time she snatched the cat. Itd sure be fun to have a sister. If stuff worked like Ben said, a family could get bigger, couldnt it?

Connor held out the keys, giggling when she tried to grab them, too. I like babies.

Me, too. Grant bounced Sophia slightly to hear her gurgling laugh. We could choose a baby. Were big boys. We could take care of a little sister.

NOLAN STOOD BEHIND his two boys and could only stare. Were they talking about what he thought they were?

Yeah. I want a baby. Connor held a finger out for Sophia and grinned when she latched on with a tiny hand. If we share a bed, she could sleep in the other one.

Uh-huh. But girls play with dolls. Our boxes are full of boy stuff. Grant considered. Nolanman would help us build new boxes, but theres no room for them.

Connor frowned. A few seconds later, a sweet smile crept over his face. I dont need my frigerator. We can put boxes there.

He didnt need the refrigeratorbecause he didnt have to hoard food anymore. Nolan felt Beth beside him and put his arm around her.

Okay. Well pick out a baby, then. Grant kissed the top of Sophias head and said solemnly, And well keep her safe, like Nolanman does with us.

Connor nodded. Big boys pertect girls.

Nolan looked down and saw Beth smiling up at him with all the love in the world in her soft eyes. Yes, she whispered. Thats what they do.

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Rebecca thinks she is overweight and boring. Logan disagrees.

When Rebeccas lover talks her into a mountain lodge vacation with his swing club, she soon learns shes not cut out for playing musical beds. But with her boyfriend entertaining in their cabin, she has nowhere to sleep. Logan, the lodge owner, finds her freezing on the porch. After hauling her inside, he warms her in his own bed, and there the experienced Dominant discovers that Rebecca might not be a swingerbut she is definitely a submissive.

Rebecca believes that no one can love her plump, scarred body. Logan disagrees. He loves her curves, and under his skilled hands, Rebecca loses not only her inhibitions, but also her heart.

Logan knows they have no future. Damaged from the war, he considers himself too dangerous to be in any relationship. Once the weekend is over, hell have to send the city-girl subbie back to her own world. But will driving her away protect Rebecca or scar them both?.

Excerpt from.

Master of the Mountain.

THE SUN WAS high overhead and unseasonably hot by the time the trail descended, leaving the pines behind. He led the group across a grass- and wildflower-filled meadow to the tiny mountain lake, clear and blue and damned cold. Granite slabs poked up through the wildflowers, glimmering in the sun. With yells of delight, people dropped their backpacks and stripped.

Logan enjoyed the show of bare asses and breasts as the swingers splashed into the water like a herd of lemmings, screaming at the cold. As he leaned on a boulder, he noticed one person still completely dressed with wide eyes and open mouth. The city girl. Considering she and Matt bunked together, Rebecca couldnt be a virgin, but from her reaction, she was pretty innocent when it came to kink.

Cmon, babe, her boyfriend yelled, already buck naked in the lake. The waters great. Not waiting for her response, he waded out deeper, heading for a blonde who looked as if she had substituted bouncy breasts for cheerleading pom-poms.

Rebecca glanced from the water to the trail, back to the water, where Matt wrestled with Ashley, and back to the trail again.

Logan could see the exact moment she decided to leave. He walked over to block her way.

Excuse me, she said politely.


Red surged into her cheeks, and her eyes narrowed as she glared at him. Red-gold hair. Freckles. Big bones. Looked like she had Irish ancestry and the temper to go with it. Stepping sideways to block her again, Logan tucked his thumbs into his front pockets and waited for the explosion.

Listen, Mr. Hunt"

Its Logan, he interrupted and tried not to grin as her mouth compressed.

Whatever. Im going back to my cabin. Please move your Please move.

Sorry, sugar, but no one hikes alone. Thats one safety rule I take seriously. He glanced at the swingers. I cant leave them, and you cant walk alone, so youre stuck here.

Her eyes closed, and he saw the iron control she exerted over her emotions.

The Dom in him wondered how quickly he could break through that control to the woman underneath. Tie her up, tease her a bit, and watch her struggle not to give in to her need and Hell, talk about inappropriate thoughts.

He pulled in a breath to cool off. No use. It was blistering hot, and not just from his visions of steamy sex. Nothing like global warming in the mountains. He frowned when he noted her damp face and the sweat soaking her long-sleeved, heavy shirt. Not good. The woman needed to get her temperature down.

At the far end of the meadow, the forest would provide shade. He could send her there to sit and cool off, but shed be out of sight, and from the obstinate set of that pretty, pink mouth, shed head right back down the trail in spite of his orders.

Shoulders straight, chin up, feet planted. Definitely a rebellious one, the type that brought his dominant nature to the fore. Hed love to give her an order and have her disobey, so he could enjoy the hell out of paddling that soft ass. But she wasnt his to discipline, mores the pity, since a woman like this was wasted on that pretty boy.

And hed gotten sidetracked.

With a sigh, he returned to the problem at hand. She needed to stay here where he could keep an eye on her, and she needed to cool off.

Even if you dont strip down completely, at least take some clothes off and wade in the water, he said. Youre getting overheated.

Thank you, but Im fine, she said stiffly.

No, youre not. When he stepped closer, he felt the warmth radiating off her body. Being from San Francisco, she wouldnt be accustomed to the dryness or the heat. Either strip down, little rebel, or Ill toss you in with your clothes on.

Her mouth dropped open.

He wouldnt, would he? Rebecca stared up at the implacable, cold eyes, seeing the mans utter self-confidence. Definitely not bluffing.

Well, he could be as stern as he wanted. Damned if shed take her clothing off and display her chunky, scarred legs. She shook her head, backing away. If she needed to, shed run.

Faster than she could blink, he grabbed her arm.

She tugged and got nowhere. Listen, you cant"

With one hand, he unbuttoned her heavy shirt, not at all hindered by her efforts to shove his hand away. After a minute, her shirt flapped open, revealing her bra and her pudgy stomach. Damn you!

She glanced at the lake, hoping for Matt to rescue her, and froze. He was kissing the oh-so-perky Ashley, and not just a peck on the lips but a full clinch and deep-throating tongues. Rebecca stared as shock swept through her, followed by a wave of humiliation. He As her breath hitched, she tore her gaze away, blinking against the welling tears. Why had she ever come here?

Oh, sugar, dont do that now. Logan pulled her up against his chest, ignoring her weak protest. His arms held her against chest muscles hard as the granite outcroppings, and he turned so she couldnt see the lake. Silently, he stroked a hand down her back while she tried to pull herself together.

Matthew and Ashley would have sex. Soon. Somehow she hadnt quite understood the whole concept of swinging and what her gut-level reaction would be. But she could take it now that she realizedwhat would happen. After drawing in a shaky breath, she firmed her lips. Fine.

And if Logan insisted she strip to bra and panties, that was fine too. So what if these people saw her giant thighs and ugly scars. Shed never see any of them again. Ever.

For a second, she let herself enjoy the surprising comfort of Logans arms. Then she pushed away.

He let her take a step back and then grasped her upper arms, keeping her in place as he studied her face.

She flushed and looked away. God, how embarrassing. She had melted down in front of a total stranger, showing him exactly how insecure she was. But hed been nice, and she owed him. Thank you foruhthe shoulder.

With a finger, he turned her face back to him. I like holding you, Rebecca. Come to me anytime you need a shoulder. A crease appeared in his cheek. He ran his finger across the skin at the top of her lacy bra, his finger slightly rough, sending unexpected tingles through her. You think I can talk you out of this too?

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