Prologue : Before The Beginning

Prologue : Before The Beginning

"So where am I? '' Uchiha Madara frowns and his crimson eyes where layers of rings are imprinted with tomoes attached, he observes his surroundings without failing to comprehend the situation.

Just a moment ago, he was enjoying teaching a few brats a lesson which they would never forget in their entire life, that is if those brats were to survive his slaughtering.

"Guest from the 'other world', if you may then I shall introduce myself to you" A soft voice of a heavenly goddess, smooth and divine, greets Madara and prompts him to turn to meet his dreadful eyes with those celestial eyes of a fairy.

Resting on a golden lotus where divinity brims endlessly, a heavenly goddess was preaching supreme dao to the world and ignorants.

She has long silver hairs resembling the beauty of refined jade, each strand of her silver hairs shining with brilliance of light.

She has a soft and slim body, blessed with both voluptuousness and charm of the moon in the night. Her snow white skin even shames the beauty from the legend, one that stands supreme for ages.

Although she was resting in a meditative position, one can easily distinguish that she is tall and graceful, each of her moves commands authority.

She was the supreme beauty, no man or heaven has power to resist her temptation.

Wearing an immortal garment where sun and moon illuminates forever, eternity radiates from her mere presence while immortality breathes with each of her breaths .

She has a heavenly palace shining with majestic divine light, one that has been existing since the beginning of time, emanating both grace and nobility as if she was the empress of heaven and earth .

She was adorned with divine ornaments and accessories, each powerful beyond humanity .

"And who are you?" Madara frowns deeply, clutching his sage of six path's staff where a ball-sized black orb is hovering just above the black stick while ten truth-seeking orbs rotate behind him no less than the solar system orbiting.

"Please, guest from the other world, we mean no harm to you " The goddess smiles mercifully, her benevolence just beneath the buddha while above ten thousand myriad race "If truth be told, we ask you for your aid, support and help in our time of misery"

The elders resting on their divine seats nod in approval, each of them emanating aura far above an ordinary humans, almost as if they are god and kings.

"....." Madara remains silent, waiting for the mysterious lady to continue.

"I am Yuan Dao, sect leader of the Ancient Sword Deity Sect" When the mysterious lady introduced herself, Madara was surprised as he had never heard of the name of Ancient Sword Deity Sect before.

"The world you are right now is not the same as you were born and lived before you were summoned here by us, so please take your time and rest for now " Yuan Dao smiles and continues " Little Jian, please guide our guest to the honorable guest room"

A beautiful maid that was standing close to the main door humbly bows before walking to Madara and asking him to follow her, although Madara was still skeptical about the whole situation,he remained silent .

He follows the young maid who is a little shorter than him and has youth overflowing, despite her immaturity, she looks fresh and young with her own beauty.

After leaving the grandeur hall where those aloof figures rested, Madara found himself walking in the hallway where beautiful maids and servants were presented with celestial knights standing everywhere, fully on guard .

Madara moves his crimson eyes where layers of rings and tomoes are attached, observing his environment very carefully .

For some reason, he felt his vision had become both powerful and stronger, clear and vivid .

For unknown reason, he can guarantee that his eyes aren't rinnegan but a power that stands above.

Soon he arrived inside a large room where only the king and queen got to enjoy, everything was ancient yet extremely luxurious.

"My lord, if you have anything to ask or need, please call the servants closeby " The maid humbly bows and returns back to her duty, there were lots of servants close to vicinity, hence with a single call any random servant will come to him.

Madara nods his head, feeling everything fascinating.

After the young maid left him alone, he rested on the bed and crossed his legs, falling deeply in contemplation.

' I was in the middle of war and yet without any warning, I was pulled by a mysterious force of power unknown to be yet superior in terms of my own' Madara was sure that he wasn't mistaking anything here, he was hundred percent sure that he was pulled by a mysterious power.

Those people were overflowing with different kinds of energy which isn't a chakra but something similar yet not so different. He rubs his chin with his right hand while closing his eyes.

'For now let's see what is so different about my eyes ' The levitating black staff was grabbed by him before he walked in front of a wall mirror where his reflection reflects like a clear moon in the vast ocean, everything perfectly reflecting without leaving any single details behind.

He was tall, almost 6 feet, had white skin and white robe which he has been wearing since the time he achieved the power of six paths. Although he has a human body, everything about him is white and all.

The face of his rival, Senju Hashirama, has faded away from his chest and in fact the only feature that differs him from the human is his white and pale skin, making him resemble as if he is an undead vampire thirsty for blood.

"This—" He reached his hands close to his eyes while slightly feeling his heart tremble, of course his heart trembled because of two main reasons .

One is that his eyes were no more purple but crimson with a layer of rings with tomoes attached, no doubt they were all rinne-sharingan.

On the other hand, he can feel myriads of abilities stabilizing within his rinne-sharingan, each powerful far superior to what he had utilized during the fourth great shinobi war.

"Hahahaha" Failed to hold himself back, his laughter echoed in each corner of the world with devastating might and domineering intent.

Just his laughter alone affected the void around him, displaying his newfound power that was supposed to be far from attainable.


"Sect leader, do you think that man is trustworthy ?" Inside the main hall, an elder with dignified stature clad with sun-moon robe rubs his beard while asking the leader of his sect.

"—I don't know " Sect leader Yuan shakes her head while still maintaining her noble attitude, her each word carries the weight of an independent world " —maybe yes.... or maybe not? "

An elder nods his head in understanding and lifts his head, his eyes becomes deep and there flickers wisdom " With the ever-changing world, the end of the world is approaching with each breath we take"

This elder was old and had wrinkles on his face, his aura was powerful but has aged with time.

"Elders of the sect, I know you are all wary of the otherworldly powers that does not belongs to our world but you all must have realized that we alone can't go up against the forces that has been entering our world through the time-space rift, hence the reason why we have been summoning these warriors from different world" Sect leader Yuan does her best to stabilize the situation.

Listening to her, the elders were all silent, although they don't want to admit it but their lack of power is not something they can cover up with a few words.

"Still— what if that man betray us ?" An elder with sharp eyes and draconic power raised his concern " Elders and the leaders herself must know that we have already exhausted lots of our power and the resources just so we can summon the warrior from another world"

When this concern was raised, everyone couldn't help but bite their lower lips in distress.

"—Hence the more reason for our vigilance against him and the warrior before him" The elder continues while observing everyone's reaction " More than that, I can feel, no we all can feel that the warrior we have just summoned is much more dangerous than the warrior Issei who possess the God Artifact or something "

"...." The leader decides not to comment, simultaneously everyone also decides to not comment on that matter.

Dragon elder Kong wasn't wrong, each of his words justifies his vigilance and actions.

Although the warrior they had summoned in the beginning possesses this mysterious artifact called Sacred Gear, on top of that he is strong even though he isn't powerful enough to threaten them but the warrior after him, for some reason everyone can feel terrifying power coursing within his body and soul.

"For now, let us all keep quiet for we all are unaware of the capability he possesses or the nature of the white robed warrior " Sect leader Yuan didn't want any of her men to express hostility or estrangement against Madara so she did her best to calm everyone.

"—if you say so" No one forced themselves to speak after her order,deciding not to go up against their leader .

While Sect leader Yuan was also deeply focused on her own predicament.

Although they were the one to summon Madara in their world so that they can ask for his support and help to fight against the antagonistic force, they can't just force him to help them.

Warrior Issei wasn't against the idea of helping them, after all judging by his character he was immature, soft, kind, innocent, godly perverted but still, a man with a kind heart.

But judging from the newly summoned warrior's aura or even his eyes alone, anyone can tell that he was a war veteran, one who has seen and understood the meaning of life.

For him, life is no different than a joke.

Maybe, even death itself must be a joke to him.

"Sigh " She was truly getting old and helpless, with each passing time she could only let out a helpless sigh .


"Baam" A young man jumps up in the air, soon even faster than the blink, he was already above the sea of clouds.

His sharp eyes with black circles around, penetrates his gaze into the flying eastern dragon.

The dragon had a long body of snake with green dragon scales, each scale was beautiful and priceless, shining with the light of sun.

While a pair of reindeer horns with sharp teeth enough to chew irons and mountain into single gulp. The dragon was ferocious and dangerous yet the young man only sneered in disgust, obviously expressing his disdain.

The dragon was at least three miles long and gigantic, the head alone was thirty feet thick, causing dread to both man and beast .

The dragon angrily glares at the young human who has decided to rudely trespass in his territory, so obviously the dragon was enraged because this ignorant human dare belittle him.

Who was he ?

He is the commander of the great Great Dragon Ancestor Forest, one that has power to instill fear and dread upon all mankind .

Yet this insignificant ant dared to humiliate him and even sneer on him, was he seeking death ?

So be it human, I shall grant you your wish !!

The green dragon explodes with an overflowing dragon aura, one that causes sky to explode and a hole to appear, the sky was cleared within three hundred miles of vicinity, demonstrating the power of the almighty beast .

They are called dragons for a reason, and the solo reason is that they rule over all the monsters with absolute strength and power .

The young man felt his outfit flutter but there was no fear within his sharp eyes, his long dark-blue hairs also swayed with the wind.

He was don with high collared, black cloak (which also bears his draconian markings), sharp red claws around his neck, a sash around his waist, a gold arm ring tightened around his right upper arm, and baggy pants which are decorated the same as the most former article of clothing

His dark skin reflects the light and causes his dangerous charm to amply by a hundred times , the destructive and dangerous aura one that could be mistaken for the very source of death and darkness itself surrounds him like a magical thin outfit .

"You little worm, an insect that dares to breathe the same air as me, die !!" Acnologia roars and his dragon roars thunders the sky itself, the space trembles and the world comes to halt .

Both of these mighty powerhouses rush against each other, clashing their body while producing devastating force to level up a forest .

"Boom" Acnologia grabs the horns of the green dragon, stopping his enemy from marching forward while stubbornly and ruthlessly pushing the green dragon back.

The sheer physical strength itself overpowered a mighty dragon who has been living more than five hundred years, such display of strength was not to be taken lightly.

"Roar" The green dragon soon gathered spiritual qi from the surrounding, condensing the spirituality at the center of his jaw, he unleashed on Acnologia who wasn't far from him.

"Boom" Acnologia was sent flying after the explosive beam from the green dragon, the attack was so powerful the green dragon himself can see his enemy directly crash on the mountain not far from him.

Five miles away from the green dragon, from one mountain to another, Acnologia continuously crashed on those mountains without revealing any sign of stopping.

"Cough" But when he finally stopped, he had already passed by ten mountains, he coughed fresh blood and his eyes frowned tightly, gritting his teeth. Acnologia was beyond anger .

Although he coughed fresh blood, he was still unscathed, not even scratch can be found on his body .

"You little incest, how dare you " He roars toward the sky and explodes with dark blue magic, his energy was so great, it intensified the dangerous aura surrounding him for thousand times .

Everything around him started to die, be it plants or flowers, grass or even the lifeless rocks, everything began to turn corrupted, nothing remained lively but just despaired under his dominance.

"Roar" He aims his both arms toward the green dragon who was levitating in the sky, five miles away from him.

"Boom" A beam that even tore the fabric of space comes flying for the green dragon, although it would look easy and no difficulty when you think about the distance between Acnologia and the green dragon.

But when considering the speed and power of the beam, you will realize that you have less than one second to move out of your original position .

But even if you want to, the power and intent behind carries the momentum of a dragon slayer, one that has slaughtered thousands of dragons before getting cursed by the dragons.

The green dragon felt a primitive fear within his soul when he saw the dark blue beam coming for him, he wanted to evade yet he realized that the space around him has gotten confined, sealed by a mysterious power that can't be described or defined by few words .

No, it wasn't the space that was confined, instead it was him .

He was paralyzed by fear, he grits his teeth and soon activates his dragon aura to manifest an indestructible shield that can't be broken or destroyed by a human .

"Boom" When the blast reached him, the beam started to push him back . Even though his dragon power has manifested into an indestructible shield, it still failed to overpower Acnologia's magic power .

"Damn it" The green dragon cursed when he realized that his shield had started to receive cracks, like a fragile glass there were cracks appearing.

"Roar" The green dragon blasted all his power condensing into a beam as well, the shield dissipated after he unleashed a beam as well, when two beams clashed against each other, it turned into a clash of endurance and resilience .

"Haa!!!" Both parties were not ready to back down, each with their own arrogance and persistence.

"You disgusting eyesore !!" Finally Acnologia appears in front of the green dragon, surprising the latter greatly.

"Take this" Acnologia starts to hammer the green dragon with all he got, each of his fist holding the strength to collapse a mountain .

Such a dreadful fist was fatal even for a dragon like his enemy.

"You filthy human, how dare you !!" The green dragon wasn't ready to accept this at all, this filthy human was truly infuriating " How dare you, how dare you !!"

"SHUT UP , YOU LITTLE WORM !!" Acnologia strength was immeasurable for someone like this green dragon, while his power was insufferably arrogant .

He grabs the tail of the green dragon and starts to spin him before throwing his enemy away, similar to Acnologia, the dragon also crash landed on the mountain .

But unlike Acnologia, he completely crashed on a single mountain only, the mountain in return collapsed completely.

Everything fell apart and devastation took place, smokes and debris started to shower, leaving only remnants behind.

Of course, Acnologia appeared in front of the green dragon and did his best to grab a pair of those dragon horns.

"Not again" The green dragon condensed spiritual qi once again and shot on Acnologia, expecting the same result as before .

Yet this time Acnologia has this big sinister grin on his evil face, causing a bone-chilling sensation to crawl in the green dragon's spine .

"Boom" Leaving the fear behind, the green dragon unleashed his power and decided to one-shot Acnologia.

Yet something unexpected took place, Acnologia opened his mouth and started to devour all those incoming spiritual qi inside his stomach .

"What are you doing, damn human ?" The green dragon didn't expect Acnologia to devour all his attacks, even when he roared he only saw Acnologia taunting him with his eyes.

"Damn lowly human" The green dragon wanted to stop it and soon came to realize, he can't stop !!

He can't stop himself from attacking that energy consuming beam !!

What the hell was going on ?

His eyes which were only revealing a bit of fear before have now suddenly clouded with terror and trepidation.

This human was forcefully devouring all his spiritual qi !!

He was sucking his life force out of him !!

"No" The horror and helplessness in his voice was clearly unconcealable; there were no words left for him.

"Ha !!" With a loud battle cry, Acnologia exerted inhumane strength in both of his arms. Veins bulges and his whole body turns red, blood pumps and everything about him starts to race.

Soon, the body of the green dragon, which is hundred times stronger and powerful compared to even stronger solid matter or objects such as iron, titanium and other objects, was slowly stretching into two halves .

"Human !! You can !!" The green dragon roared but Acnologia was Acnologia.

If he listened to others, would he still be Acnologia ?

He was the strongest dragon back in his world, the True King of all Dragons .

God amongst Gods .

And King amongst Kings .

He, with his bare-hand, was tearing the body of a dragon !!

Soon while ignoring the miserable cry and threat from the dragon, Acnologia tears the body of his enemy into two halves

The tendon, bones, flesh, blood and everything about the dragon was now visible to the eyes .

Everything rains down and paints the forest beneath with the blood and freshness of the dragon, sacrificing a dragon to mother nature .

"Roar" His cry infiltrated both heaven and earth, the sky turned dark and no thunder started to buzz.

The sun turns lifeless while a myriad of supernatural phenomena starts to take place. The world was despairing after the death of a dragon who had power close to an ancient powerhouse .

"ALL THE DRAGONS MUST DIE !!" The declaration from Acnologia was heard by the heaven, a thunderstrike was shot from the heaven and landed on the tree, completely crunching the tree into dust.

Of course, Acnologia remained unfazed by such child play .


"So let me get this straight, this world is called Myriad Dao... did I get it right ?" Madara was resting on the seat under the roof of the gazebo, surrounded by a mythical garden where beautiful flowers of different countries were planted .

"Sir Madara is right" Sect leader Yuan nods her head in approval, she doesn't say anything after that and sips the delicious tea.

"The reason why I was called in this world is so that I can help you fight against evil power that has been recently appearing from the time-space rift opened after a clash between some mysterious powerhouses " Madara once again interrogates the sect leader .

With an elegant charm, Sect leader Yuan once again agrees with Madara.

Madara was slowly starting to get the picture of everything.

It happens that, a few years ago, there was a clash between a mysterious powerhouse. The result after their confrontation was that the time-space rift was torn and opened from where different powers began to appear.

Although those rifts disappear each time someone crosses through those time-space rifts, that doesn't mean they aren't dangerous .

Actually, there are many time-space rifts opened and no one knows exactly where those time-space rifts are located .

Since the Ancient Sword Deity Sect had two time-space rifts within their territory, they used heavenly resources and earthly materials to summon warriors from different dimensions or worlds, which explains why Madara was here .

"At first, those that crossed from the time-space rift were foreigners with kind hearts" Sect leader Yuan smiles lightly, her smile was truly something to behold and worthy for a man to protect forever.

"They were gentle and friendly, even the spirits of the elements would love to approach them and befriend them" Sect leader Yuan couldn't help but admire those foreigners "Some even managed to complete a sacred contract with them spirits and spirit kings"

"But with passage of time, one after another villains kept on entering our world" Madara was surprised when he saw sect leader Yuan's expression turn serious " They holds mysterious power which we have never seen before or even heard of, although not everyone were powerful, they still had the advantage of those mysterious yet almost omnipotent-like powers and abilities "

"While some countries took them as their ally, some made them their official" Sect leader Yuan sighed and her mood only managed to sour " Later, there appeared an extremely dangerous person who holds the power to destroy planets and even solar system "

"—destroy the solar system ?" Madara was extremely shocked to receive such information, it was absurd but he didn't ignore such crucial information .

"Yes " Sect leader Yuan nods her head, not denying what she just said " He is so strong, words alone can't describe about him "

"If someone can defeat him or even think about rivaling him, they must at least possess transcendent-level power which is impossible in this world" Since all those Dao Emperors leaves Myriad Dao after becoming the Dao Emperor in search and pursuit for greater power and ambition, no Dao Emperor stays in Myriad Dao.

Maybe there are Dao Emperors in this world but they all must be those who are about to die or have been existing since ancient times.

"What do I need to do to help you?" Madara asked while enjoying his tea.

He slowly takes his tea-cup down and looks at the reflection in his tea, slowly a purple petal of a flower flies to him and lands on his tea, beautifying the tea with extra charm.

He was deeply contemplating about something in his mind.

"You just need to join our Ancient Sword Deity and you can become a dao-teacher, just teach the disciples, that's all" Sect leader Yuan smiles charmingly, each of her heartbeat matches the rhythm of the world " When the sect is in danger or is in emergency, we will need your assistance "

"When nothing is wrong and everything is peaceful, you can just seat around, teach the disciple or do your own thing" Sect leader Yuan can tell that this warrior has power almost rivaling her even when he is so calm and restraint, not even a bit of qi is leaking out of him and is in harmony with himself.

Something that is required to become a Dao Emperor, a man in harmony with his Heart and Mind .

"That's all ?" Madara suspiciously looks at her, feeling intrigued there .

If all he needs to do is sit around and only help them in an emergency, doesn't that mean he can do whatever he wants to ?

Although he hasn't said to anyone that he wasn't dedicated or interested in this battle between foreigner and native, his mind was somewhere else .

"Yes, that's all" Sect leader Yuan reassured him which Madara found rather interesting.

"Sigh" Madara turns to look at the sky and falls deep in thought once again .

How many times has he already fallen into deep thought since the time he has entered this strange yet interesting world ?

Just a moment ago, he was fighting against the allied shinobi alliance, yet suddenly his life took drastic change .

More than that, he is stuck in his six path sage mode that seals the ten-tail inside his body, he has become a permanent jinchuriki of the ten tail.

He even has this pair of rinne-sharingan that is much more powerful compared to original rinne-sharingan, is it because of time-space rift traveling ?

All things behind, rather everything was starting to become interesting to him.

"So this is my new dancing stage " He softly whispers to himself while grinning unrestrainedly.


Note : This was a short Chapter since it was only prologue : after this, all will be 10k words

Genres : Action, Tragedy, Master-disciple, Strong Main Lead But Not Invincible, Strong Villains

This story will only be part to my future Fiction and I am creating my own Universe called Sagar Universe, similar to Dc Universe and Marvel Universe.

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