Peerless Martial God Chapter 1470-1475

PMG Chapter 1470

Chapter 1470: Breaking Rules

The doors at the top of the flight of stairs looked like doors to heaven.

Wen Tian Ge and Wen Ao Xue arrived at the gate and smiled indifferently. Wen Tian Ge just said indifferently, "Such grandeur architecture, they're quite the ambitious bunch."

The one next to Wen Tian Ge didn't understand. What did he mean?

Outside, in the gardens, there were tables setup with food and drinks. At the top of the flight of stairs, one could smell the food and alcohol wafting over.

The buildings were white and beautiful, majestic and lofty. The Qi Empire was proud of themselves and their buildings. Their buildings were even better than the Qi Clan's in the Ba Huang Province.

"Your Highness The Messenger!" Emperor Dong rushed over to the Messenger after he saw him. He came to greet him himself. He was smiling wholeheartedly.

"Emperor Dong, Congratulations!" said the Messenger smiling and nodding.

"Thank you very much, Your Highness The Messenger! Come come, have a seat!" said Emperor Dong politely. Then, he smiled at the young men who were with the Messenger and said, "Those young men must be from the Gu Clan! They all look outstanding!"

"You're too kind!" said the young men smiling.

But Emperor Dong smiled coldly. Surprisingly, those young men were very arrogant and impolite. (Translator's note: interesting thing about Chinese culture, when someone compliments you, you're supposed to reply something like "no, no, that's not true at all", if you reply something like "you're too kind", it means that you agree with the compliment which comes down to bragging. The worst thing you could ever do in Chinese culture is reply to a compliment by saying "thank you").

Of course, even though he thought that way, he didn't show his anger. He just showed them where to sit.

"Thank you everyone for coming." said Emperor Dong to the emperors while showing them their seats. They didn't sit together though, they were still waiting for their disciples.

Emperor Dong welcomed the emperors himself. Emperor Qi also helped. Qi Qian Xing didn't come though. He didn't dare come, he couldn't take the risk after what Lin Feng had done to his clan recently.

Very quickly, people from all over Ba Huang and Jiu You all arrived and gathered with their friends. Even as Emperor Yu arrived, Emperor Qi welcomed him warmly.

"Hou Qing Lin and Tian Chi arrived as well!" some people saw two people move towards Emperor Yu. Tiantai's direct disciples, Hou Qing Lin and Tian Chi.

"Hou Qing Lin has broken through to the ninth Zun Qi layer. How terrifying! He'll soon become a cultivation emperor. He's so close to becoming one now." thought the crowd.

Many people were stuck at the ninth Zun Qi layer or couldn't even reach the top of the Zun Qi layer.

Nobody doubted that Hou Qing Lin was going to break through to the Huang Qi layer though.

"Bzzz!" At that moment, dazzling lights appeared in the sky. It was a gigantic bird, and there was another bird next to him who was a bit smaller.

"Emperor Peng and the little bird emperor arrived!" the crowd saw two birds. They were both great oriental greenfinch rocs.

"They're really obstinate and unruly." thought everybody.

Those days, people were used to calling Mo Peng the little emperor. Last time, the emperor had been bullied by Lin Feng. Since then, Mo Peng had broken through to the seventh Zun Qi layer as Emperor Peng continued helping him practice cultivation. He wanted him to break through to the Huang Qi layer.

"Emperor Peng, the little emperor, come here and have a seat!" said Emperor Qi indifferently. Even though he smiled coldly on the inside, he remained polite. The great oriental greenfinch roc was different from the others!

"Bzzz!" Waves of Qi rolled in the sky behind Emperor Peng. The crowd was astonished. He was there!

Emperor Qi was astonished as well, he felt like he was going to explode with anger.

Emperor Yu smiled happily though.

Lin Feng and Ruo Xie had made it!

"Caw!" Mo Peng cawed furiously. He was surrounded by golden Qi as he instantly threw himself at Lin Feng. He hated Lin Feng more than anything else because he had made him suffer so much. Even when he had an imperial weapon, Lin Feng had made him suffer.

Lin Feng smiled indifferently. He didn't even glance at the bird. Emperor Yu, Emperor Wen and Emperor DevMara were all there, so no emperor could attack him. Besides, those who had violated the rules might suffer severe consequences.

"Those who aren't emperors have to go through the gate, they can't fly into the city. Who do you think you are!""Who are you!" said a guard who knew who Lin Feng was.

"Are you blind?" replied Lin Feng indifferently. Lin Feng pointed at Mo Peng and said indifferently, "Is he an emperor?"

"Hmph!" Ruo Xie groaned coldly and said, "It's a wedding today and everybody has been invited. We came, so it's already an honor for the Qi Clan. If the Qi Clan wants guests, why impose such rules, especially if not everybody respects them. Do you want to imply that some geniuses are less important than others?"

The guard looked at Ruo Xie. Ruo Xie was talking with everybody in mind.

"He's a great oriental greenfinch roc!" replied the guard. He seemed a little unsure of himself.

"What you mean to say is that great oriental greenfinch rocs are more important than anyone else. Then, you should have only invited the great oriental greenfinch rocs and that's it. Why'd you invite everyone else?" replied Ruo Xie.

The guard was speechless. The birds looked furious too.

"Great oriental greenfinch rocs' social status is obviously higher than ordinary people's." replied the bird. He didn't dare offend everybody, so he only talked about "ordinary people".

"Is that so? Strength is the most important thing in the cultivation world. I am at the top of the Sixth Zun Qi layer, so I'll fight against him, a battle to death with no imperial intervention, nor imperial weapons. We'll see then! Does Emperor Peng agree?" asked Lin Feng, looking at Emperor Peng. The emperor was incredulous.

"What an arrogant guy! A battle to the death!" thought the crowd. Mo Peng probably didn't want to because Lin Feng wasn't an ordinary person.

"If you kill me, it'll prove that your social status is higher than mine. If I die, then I deserve it. I'll probably die so Emperor Peng doesn't need to act so polite. Don't worry yourself Mo Peng, let's fight!" said Lin Feng smiling indifferently.

"Hmph!" Emperor Peng groaned coldly. The birds didn't look as arrogant as before.

"Today is a wedding ceremony, so don't worry about the rules!" said Emperor Qi indifferently glancing at Lin Feng. Lin Feng and Ruo Xie continued flying, they didn't even glance at Emperor Qi as the flew overhead.

PMG Chapter 1471

Chapter 1471: Qi Yan's Wife

"Lin Feng, Ruo Xie!" Hou Qing Lin and Tian Chi smiled at Lin Feng and Ruo Xie and said, "You did a good job!"

Lin Feng shrugged. He knew what he meant. They were talking about the massacre at the Qi Clan. The Qi Clan and Tian Long Divine Castle had killed many people from Tiantai, so it was very warranted. Lin Feng and Ruo Xie had slaughtered people from the Qi Clan in their own territory, that was an incredible humiliation.

After what happened at the Qi Clan, Tian Long Divine Castle's people stopped killing people from Tiantai and they became much more discreet.

"The Qi Empire seems even more powerful and larger than the Qi Clan though!" Lin Feng had glanced around. There were many people, all of whom were incredible and heroic warriors.

"The Qi Clan is powerful. They wouldn't give up a territory which has a shrine. Many years ago, the Qi Clan took over this land, but in the past this place wasn't called the Qi Empire!" explained Emperor Yu. Lin Feng nodded. The ice emperor and the snow leader ruled over the Ice and Snow Empire. Being an emperor was sufficed to take over an empire sometimes. The Qi Clan was powerful because they had a medium-level emperor.

At that moment, Lin Feng sensed some sharp lights. He turned around and saw the two princes from Tian Long Divine Castle as well as Jing Gu arriving. If the first and second prince of Tian Long Divine Castle and Jing Gu died, Tian Long Divine Castle would have no proper descendants left.

Lin Feng took a glass of alcohol, he raised it up and smiled at Emperor Tian Long indifferently. Emperor Tian Long groaned coldly and ignored Lin Feng. He stood up, with his glass in hand, and went to another table, the one at which the Messenger was sitting.

Lin Feng smiled in a cold way and slowly downed his drink. He was staring at the table where the Messenger was. Many people raised their glasses at the Messenger as a sign of respect. His seat was higher up than everyone else's since he had a higher social status. He also raised his glass and smiled at people who were cheering with him, however, he looked indifferent.

"The Messenger must be a medium-level emperor!" whispered Lin Feng. Emperor Yu nodded, "Indeed, he's a medium-level emperor but his position is a bit special."

The Messenger controlled the road which led to the Holy City. He also managed the ancient battlefield of the Huang Sea. He alone could determine some rules.

"Let's go and have a drink with the Messenger!" said Emperor Yu to Lin Feng and the others. Then they all walked towards the Messenger.

The Messenger was sitting with some extraordinary and heroic, yet arrogant, young men.

"They must all be from the Holy City." thought Lin Feng. Lin Feng noticed that some of the young men looked arrogant while some of them didn't. They just looked indifferent.

"Your Highness The Messenger, my disciples and I raise our glasses in your honor!" said Emperor Yu politely.

"You're too kind, Emperor Yu!" said the Messenger while still smiling indifferently. He also raised his glass and even bumped his glass against Emperor Yu's glass. He didn't look arrogant at all, he looked indifferent and friendly.

"You're Lin Feng!" said a young man at that moment.

"That's me, indeed!" said Lin Feng nodding to them.

"I've heard about the geniuses of the Ba Huang Province, including you, Lin Feng. If we have the opportunity today, I'd like to fight against you." said the young man, smiling and raising his glass. He didn't stand up though, he remained seated.

"If we do have the opportunity, I'd be happy to!" said Lin Feng smiling. However, he didn't raise his glass. Then, Emperor Yu and the others turned around and walked away.

The young man looked angry as Lin Feng walked away.

"How disrespectful!" said a young man on his side.

"If he knew your social status, he wouldn't dare be disrespectful." said another one in a calm and serene way.

The young man smiled and didn't say anything else. He just glanced at Lin Feng from time to time.

"Those young men must be from the Holy City if they can stay with the Messenger." whispered Hou Qing Lin.

"I guess so." said Emperor Yu smiling in an uncaring way. Lin Feng smiled indifferently, he didn't care either. That young man had remained seated whilst raising his glass, which was a sign of disrespect, so Lin Feng didn't raise his glass in return.

Emperor Tian Long stayed with Emperor Qi the entire time. It was as if he wanted to show off how great he was because he knew Emperor Qi. Many people despised him for that but said nothing, after all, it was the Qi Clan's event.

"Emperor Yu, what do you think?" asked some people at that moment: Emperor Wen, Wen Tian Ge and Wen Ao Xue.

"Emperor Wen, please sit down." said Emperor Yu politely. Then, he looked at Emperor Tian Long and said indifferently, "He knows Tian Long is falling, so of course he's not happy."

"We can't blame him. After all, he lost so much already, he won't be able to rise up again anytime soon." said Emperor Wen. He talked loudly though, loudly enough that the two princes from Tian Long Divine Castle looked at him in a cold way.

They knew that their father didn't want to follow Emperor Qi like a dog, but he had no choice. Without Tiantai, they wouldn't have had such problems. Now, if Tiantai didn't completely disappear, they would suffer, perhaps even disappearing themselves.

"By the way, do you know who Qi Yan's new bride is?" asked Emperor Wen smiling at Emperor Yu.

"The Qi Clan didn't give any hint. Do you know already?" asked Emperor Yu. Qi Yan was Emperor Dong's son, so his wife had to be outstanding. But still, the Qi Clan didn't say who she was.

"We'll know soon enough." said Emperor Wen smiling. He was curious. Everybody was.

Emperor DevMara and some strong cultivators from the DevMara Palace went and sat down next to Emperor Yu and the others as well. Many people were chatting and enjoying themselves. At that moment, a gong resonated. At the same time, in the distance, a golden crow with nine heads was pulling a golden-carriage which shined like the sun.

Emperor Dong and Emperor Qi looked at the carriage and smiled. Many soldiers rose up in the air and opened the way for them.

The door of the carriage opened itself and someone came out: Emperor Dong's son, Qi Yan.

Qi Yan stretched out his hand and a slender white arm appeared. With the sun shining upon that arm, it looked even more beautiful.

"Who is she?" thought some people. A silhouette gradually appeared in people's field of vision. She seemed so beautiful.

"She's perfect for Qi Yan, what a perfect match!" thought some people. However, many people from the Ba Huang Province were astonished because they recognized her.

Lin Feng frowned, he was surprised, how could it be her!

PMG Chapter 1472

Chapter 1472: Doubts

Qi Yan held her hand. She was one of the four most beautiful women of Ba Huang Province.

"How could the Celestial Land of Alchemists join hands with the Qi Clan?" thought the crowd. That beautiful woman was Xue Bi Yao!

Lin Feng was astonished. There had been a misunderstanding between them, but in the end, they were not enemies. She had even given Lin Feng the pill Meng Qing needed to turn back into a human being. However, Qi Yan was a member of the Qi Clan, so they were enemies. Lin Feng wasn't happy to see her with Qi Yan.

Of course, that was her choice, so Lin Feng couldn't get involved. Lin Feng hated the Qi Clan, so he hated Qi Yan too. Xue Bi Yao wasn't his enemy though. Qi Yan was a great cultivator, his father was Emperor Dong, and he was a genius in the Qi Empire of Jiu You. Lin Feng could understand why a woman would want to be in a relationship with him.

"How disappointing! Surprisingly, the Celestial Land of Alchemists is just like Tian Long Divine Castle!" said Emperor Yu sighing. He was even angrier than Lin Feng.

"Is that an alliance through marriage?" whispered Lin Feng. Both had a special social status. One was Emperor Dong's son while the other was the holy girl of the Celestial Land of Alchemists. They were both supported by influential imperial groups, so it was easy to imagine that it was an alliance.

Some people were still in love with Xue Bi Yao in the crowd, so they looked disappointed.

"I don't think Qi Yan and Xue Bi Yao could possibly be in love." said Hou Qing Lin frowning.

"She doesn't look happy." Lin Feng frowned. He was gazing into Xue Bi Yao's eyes. It was her wedding, so she should have been happy if they loved each other, but instead she looked very unhappy. She walked forwards only when Qi Yan tugged on her.

"Indeed, it doesn't look good." said Tian Chi. Tian Chi was a Buddhist, he understood people's emotions. But in any case, most people who knew Xue Bi Yao could see that she wasn't happy.

"She has no choice." said Emperor Yu indifferently. The bride and the groom walked on the main road as the dazzling suns shone upon them.

"Qi Yan, you and Bi Yao, raise your glasses for the emperors." said Emperor Dong, smiling at Qi Yan.

"Alright, father!" said Qi Yan nodding. Then, he took Xue Bi Yao to the Messenger and smiled, "Your Highness The Messenger, thank you for coming. It's an honor to see you here. I raise my glass in your honor!"

"You're too kind! Your wife is beautiful. You're a good match!" said the Messenger smiling politely. The Messenger still hadn't stood up though.

"Please make yourself at home, and please forgive me if I've forgotten anything." said Qi Yan politely. Then, he raised his glass and cheered with the other young men. Qi Yan wasn't happy though because none of them stood up with him. Besides, they didn't look at him, they mostly looked at Xue Bi Yao.

But Qi Yan remained calm and went to each table, cheering with all the emperors. Some of them stood up to give Qi Yan face, while some remained seated.

Emperor Dong smiled indifferently and observed the people, especially how they behaved when they faced Qi Yan.

When Qi Yan arrived near Emperor Yu's table, he just smiled at them and his disciples in a cold way. Then, he continued walking without stopping. The Qi Empire and the Qi Clan both hated Tiantai, so Qi Yan didn't need to give them face.

Xue Bi Yao looked at Lin Feng in a meaningful way, as if she wanted to tell him something, but then followed Qi Yan.

"Wait." said Lin Feng indifferently. Qi Yan and Xue Bi Yao stopped and turned around.

Lin Feng stood up and looked at Xue Bi Yao.

Xue Bi Yao frowned and stared back at Lin Feng.

"Celestial girl, we're friends, aren't we?" said Lin Feng to Xue Bi Yao.

"Let's go." said Qi Yan pulling Xue Bi Yao's hand. Xue Bi Yao was being dragged by Qi Yan, but she still didn't turn around. She continued looking at Lin Feng.

"Qi Yan!" shouted Lin Feng. Qi Yan turned around and looked at Lin Feng coldly, "Lin Feng, this is my wedding ceremony, be respectful. Otherwise, Emperor Yu won't be able to protect you for very much longer."

"I'm just talking to Bi Yao, so why are you acting so nervous?" said Lin Feng smiling.

"Bi Yao, we had something special before, you must remember!" said Lin Feng loudly. Qi Yan was astonished and suddenly looked even more furious, "Lin Feng, if you dare disrespect my wife again, don't blame me for being impolite!"

"If you want to fight, then I agree." said Lin Feng. Then, he looked at Xue Bi Yao, "Bi Yao, have you forgotten what we did in the cave in the mountains?"

The crowd gasped. Did Lin Feng have sex with Xue Bi Yao?

In the distance, a beautiful woman looked at Lin Feng angrily: Yi Ren Lei. Had Lin Feng made love with Xue Bi Yao too?

"Who are you?" asked Xue Bi Yao in a cold way. She knew Lin Feng though, so what was with her act?

"Bzzz!" A huge amount of Qi moved towards Lin Feng. Emperor Qi had started walking towards him. Emperor Yu stepped in front of Lin Feng and smiled indifferently, "Emperor Qi, there's no need to be angry. Lin Feng is just joking. He's just sad because Qi Yan didn't raise his glass with us too."

"Just a joke?" said Lin Feng shrugging. Then, he sat down and said confidently, "Back then, before going to the Fortune City, I had a fight against the celestial girl. Many people witnessed it. After that, we became good friends. Cultivators have a good memory, so the celestial girl should remember."

Lin Feng dared continued, the crowd was speechless.

"Cultivators also have special means to make someone become amnesic using their godly awareness. There's nothing surprising. Lin Feng, have you never studied that?" asked Emperor Yu to Lin Feng.

"Bi Yao, we're going!" said Qi Yan while dragging Xue Bi Yao. This time, she didn't follow him though, she remained motionless and looked at Lin Feng and Emperor Yu. Amnesic?

"Teacher, how can you change people's memories then?"

"It's very easy. You first seal somebody's memories. Then, you use a dream technique to inject new memories in that person's brain. Apart from using techniques, you can also use pills." replied Emperor Yu.

"Emperor Yu, you're talking too much." said Emperor Qi in a cold way.

"Does it bother you, Emperor Qi?" asked Emperor Yu who was smiling thinly.

"Of course it doesn't." said Emperor Qi. Saying yes would have been a humiliation.

"Bi Yue, what's wrong?" asked Qi Yan to Xue Bi Yao. Xue Bi Yao was still looking at Lin Feng and Emperor Yu. She seemed to be interested in their conversation.

"Teacher, can the seal be broken, and can a person's memory be inspected?" asked Lin Feng.

"Inspecting their memories shouldn't be a problem, breaking the seal is another story. It all depends on the cultivator who sealed the person's memories." explained Emperor Yu. Xue Bi Yao then stepped away from Qi Yan. Qi Yan was astonished and said, "Bi Yue, don't listen to them, they're just talking bullshit!"

"I'll let him inspect my memory and he'll see if it's sealed. Even if it's not sealed, it won't hurt me." replied Xue Bi Yao. Qi Yan pulled a long face. He couldn't refuse.

PMG Chapter 1473

Chapter 1473: Danger

Actually, Xue Bi Yao couldn't remember much. She could remember her teacher and that she was the holy girl from the Celestial Land of Alchemists, but her memories were too blurry. In her memories, apart from the the fact that Qi Yan was her lover and that that day was their wedding ceremony, she couldn't remember anything else.

Her teacher had told her that she had been injured and that she had forgotten a lot. However, she felt like she should recognize Lin Feng. So when she heard Lin Feng and Emperor Yu talking, she also started to have doubts.

Qi Yan was upset. He shook his head and said, "Bi Yue!"

"No problem." said an old man at that moment. Xue Bi Yao looked at that person and said, "Teacher!"

"Bi Yao, do it only if you want to." warned the old man.

"Teacher!" said Xue Bi Yao bowing before the old man. She looked at Emperor Yu and said, "Thank you for helping me check!"

"Alright!" said Emperor Yu glancing at Emperor Dan, then the emperor from the Celestial Land of Alchemists.

Emperor Yu released his godly awareness and inspected Xue Bi Yao's memories. After a short time, he came back out and frowned. There was something there that he couldn't explain.

"Emperor Yu, is Xue Bi Yao's memory sealed?" asked Emperor Dan. Emperor Yu frowned and shook his head, "No, it's not sealed."

"It's not!" the crowd was surprised. Why couldn't Xue Bi Yao remember Lin Feng then?

"Hmph!" Emperor Dan groaned coldly and said, "Are you sure? She has forgotten a lot, so what would explain that?"

Emperor Yu shook his head. Xue Bi Yao's memory wasn't sealed, he didn't even know what was wrong with her. Her memory had looked intact.

"Since there's now seal, she couldn't have become amnesic?" Lin Feng was skeptical. Why would Xue Bi Yao want to get married with Qi Yan?

"Teacher, I'm sorry." said Xue Bi Yao bowing before Emperor Dan. She looked authentically apologetic. She felt guilty because she had had doubts.

"Bi Yao, I don't blame you. Our world is mysterious and strange. Lin Feng said you had had an affair, but he's just a pervert. You're so beautiful, you wouldn't do such things." explained Emperor Dan.

Then Emperor Dan looked at Emperor Yu, "Emperor Yu, your disciple is talented, but it seems like you're not done bullying Bi Yao. You should educate him better."

"You don't need you to worry about how I educate my disciples." said Emperor Yu in a cold way.

Xue Bi Yao looked at Lin Feng and said coldly, "You're that kind of person!"

"Even though there was a misunderstanding in the past, things didn't happen the way your teacher said. If I tell you that your teacher is trying to make you hate me on purpose, you probably still won't believe me."

"How dare you humiliate and disrespect my teacher?" said Xue Bi Yao. A lotus appeared in her hand and celestial Qi flooded out.

"Die!" Xue Bi Yao jumped towards Lin Feng. But, Lin Feng moved like the wind. Explosions sounded, and Emperor Yu's table broke apart.

The celestial lotus chased Lin Feng then while growing in size, suddenly blotting out the sky.

"How strong! Xue Bi Yao has become a lot stronger since the meeting of the emperors. She's changed a lot too." Lin Feng was observing her strength. Xue Bi Yao rose up in the air and a celestial territory appeared. A beautiful celestial girl appeared behind her, it was Xuan Nv the Celestial Fairy.

"Metamorphosis!" thought the emperors. Xue Bi Yao had become a lot stronger!

"Last time we fought, you also used your celestial territory. You should think about it." said Lin Feng. At the same time, he also used his demonic territory. He was trying to imitate the battle they had had the last time.

"You think that I trust you?" shouted Xue Bi Yao furiously, "Celestial Laceration!"

Dazzling lights shot out towards Lin Feng.

"Bzzz!" Lin Feng released sword Qi and a curtain made of sword Qi enveloped him. He was fixedly staring at Xue Bi Yao, "Think about it!" said Lin Feng with a demonic voice. His voice resonated in her brain and stutter.

A lotus appeared under Lin Feng's feet and started enveloping him.

"If you think I'm your enemy, then let's be enemies!" said Lin Feng jumping onto the lotus while releasing more sword Qi. The lotus started the crack apart."

"Curse!" said Lin Feng. Cursing energies then surrounded Xue Bi Yao. Lin Feng jumped forwards. The lights from Xue Bi Yao's celestial body slightly faded.

Lin Feng released demonic intent with his right hand.

"Piss off!" Lin Feng punched the air in Xue Bi Yao's direction, and her celestial lights exploded. Xue Bi Yao was propelled backwards, she even spat out some blood.

Xue Bi Yao's face turned deathly pale as she coughed. Lin Feng continued running towards her.

"I'll give you one last piece of advice, even though you're amnesic, you're not stupid. You can make your own decisions. If you get married with Qi Yan, then you'll regret it!" yelled Lin Feng. His voice resonated deep inside Xue Bi Yao's brain.

"Lin Feng, you're insane! You dare attack my bride on the day of our wedding. You're humiliating the Qi Empire!" said Qi Yan coldly. Some guards in white armor ran towards Lin Feng.

"She attacked me first, everybody saw that. I was merciful because I didn't kill her. Of course, I don't care about giving you face, everybody already knows what kind of person I am. At least I have honor and dignity. If you want to fight, come, but against you, I won't be as merciful." said Lin Feng.

"Who's lying to me!" shouted Xue Bi Yao, she felt conflicted inside. She had the impression she should trust her teacher, but from Lin Feng's expression, she didn't know what to think anymore.

PMG Chapter 1474

Chapter 1474: Seven Strong Cultivators

"Since you're so confident, don't blame us for not being polite." said Qi Yan in a cold way. "You're a guest here, so you shouldn't get involved. You even injured my wife, so I must kill you."

"If you want to fight, then come and fight already!" said Lin Feng. However, Qi Yan just smiled coldly and shook his hand. Instantly, seven soldiers jumped towards Lin Feng.

"Is the Qi Empire going to use those seven soldiers to fight Lin Feng?" the crowd was surprised. Lin Feng was extremely strong, and everybody knew that. By now, he had probably become even stronger. They didn't know yet that even cultivators of the ninth Zun Qi layer couldn't really compete with Lin Feng anymore.

Lin Feng looked at one of them and shivered. Those cultivators didn't seem easy to defeat.

"I'll go and kill him." said one of them. The six others moved back, and that cultivator stepped in front of Lin Feng.

"One person!" they thought that one person could kill Lin Feng?

That strong cultivator took out a spear, and with it, dazzling white lights illuminated the sky. Lin Feng narrowed his eyes to avoid being blinded by those lights.

Then, the cultivator ran towards Lin Feng as fast as he could.

He wanted to kill Lin Feng as quickly as possible, so his spear was aiming for Lin Feng's throat.

The crowd understood how strong that soldier was when they saw his attack. He understood acceleration abstruse energy, a type of speed abstruse energy.

How many of those soldiers did the Qi Empire have?

Lin Feng wasn't any slower than that cultivator though. With his wind and empty space abstruse energies at level seven, plus his Xiao Yao agility technique, he was also terrifyingly fast.

Lin Feng was surrounded by dazzling and beautiful white lights as a light moved towards him.

"How fast!" thought Lin Feng dodging the light beam. He didn't stop though, he continued moving running around.

"An ordinary cultivator of the eighth Zun Qi layer couldn't have dodged that attack. Even a cultivator of the ninth Zun Qi layer could have died." thought the crowd shivering. The two cultivators were extremely fast. Lin Feng had anticipated he might have to fight, but he hadn't thought that their soldiers would be so strong.

"Die!" shouted that strong cultivator. In a flash, the sky was filled with force and other energies. Some black lights had even appeared.

"Those are empty space fissure lights!" thought the crowd.

"So Close Yet So Far!" Lin Feng released empty space energies and used his So Close Yet So Far technique. However, a metallic ringing sound dinged. Lin Feng's opponent's spear was too fast and powerful, it immediately destroyed Lin Feng's So Close Yet So Far technique.

Lin Feng flew back at full speed, but his opponent's spear continued moving towards him. His speed abstruse energy was level nine!

"Slow!" shouted the opponent while releasing deceleration abstruse energy. Instantly, Lin Feng felt slower.

"Boom!" Instantly, demonic energies emerged from his eyes and rose to the skies.

"Die!" said Lin Feng, now sounding like a demon. He also released sword energies and condensed the natural force of the Earth and sky inside.

The soldier's spear and Lin Feng's sword collided, the sword broke apart, but Lin Feng also broke through the deceleration abstruse energy and got a little bit farther away. Not too far though because he still wanted to look at his opponent with his pitch-black eyes.

The soldier didn't know too many types of abstruse energies, but those he did were at a very high level.

"Who are those seven soldiers? They aren't ordinary soldiers. It's just impossible to say that ordinary soldiers could fight against Lin Feng. Even though that one doesn't know too many kinds of energies, his attacks are truly terrifying. That soldier could even kill Qi Yan if they fought." thought some people. Emperor Yu frowned as well.

"Emperor Dong, how come you had such terrifying cultivators come? What did you want to do during the wedding ceremony?" thought Emperor Yu. Lin Feng was releasing terrifying amounts of sword and demon energies to defend himself.

The soldier's spear was emitting buzzing sounds as terrifying lights shot out from it. Lin Feng couldn't see clearly because of those lights, however, he didn't care because his pitch-black eyes were strong enough.

The soldier moved again. At the same time, he released more deceleration abstruse energies which surrounded Lin Feng.

"Die!" shouted that soldier. A dazzling light appeared and moved towards Lin Feng with incredible speed.

Lin Feng was surrounded by demonic energies which blocked the deceleration abstruse energy and at the same time, he raised his hands and released sword and death energies. His sword energies moved slowly but it seemed very stable.

"He's insane!" thought the crowd. Lin Feng saw the terrifying light moving towards him, but he didn't decide to dodge. Instead, he decided to counterattack with sword energies. The attack was too fast anyways, so he couldn't dodge. However, if his sword attack was destroyed, he might die.

The spear and the sword collided. Lin Feng's sword contained immortal energy, therefore, the spear's lights moved aside and couldn't break it.

"Slow!" shouted the strong cultivator while releasing deceleration abstruse energy again. However, his deceleration abstruse energy was instantly destroyed. Then, Lin Feng's sword energies surrounded his face and made it explode!

"That cultivator's abstruse energy was level nine. Only cultivators whose abstruse energy is at the very, very top or even those who have cosmic energies can pose a threat to Lin Feng. Besides, if that cultivator didn't have level nine speed abstruse energy, he wouldn't have been able to resist that long." thought the crowd. The six other soldiers ran towards Lin Feng and surrounded him while releasing ice-cold energies.

If those six cultivators were as strong as the first one, then Lin Feng was in mortal danger.

"Hmph!" Hou Qing Lin groaned coldly and stood up. Those six cultivators wanted to join hands to kill Lin Feng so how could he sit idly by.

"Speed abstruse energy, level nine, earth abstruse energy, level nine, empty space abstruse energy, level nine, thunder abstruse energy, level nine…" those six cultivators were terrifying. The situation looked bad for Lin Feng.

"It looks like Emperor Dong was prepared to welcome Lin Feng." thought the crowd.

PMG Chapter 1475

Chapter 1475: Battlefield

Not only did those six strong cultivators have level nine abstruse energies, they were also gifted at using them.

The one with earth abstruse energy released an ancient seal which oppressed the Earth and sky. It contained terrifyingly hard and heavy energies which created craters all around them.

The one with empty space abstruse energy lacerated the air, he condensed golden empty space abstruse energy which eventually turned into a sword.

The one with thunder abstruse energy sealed the space around them with destructive Qi, making the scene look even darker.

Another one released speed abstruse energy which surrounded his colleagues' attacks, making them faster. The ancient seal, the thunders and the empty space sword moved at the speed of light.

The crowd was covered in a cold sweat. They could only imagine how they would feel if they were Lin Feng. Five attackers, one assistant who could make their attacks faster and slow Lin Feng down, and all of them had level nine abstruse energies…

"Reincarnation!" shouted Hou Qing Lin. He released reincarnation energies which surrounded those young men. They instantly sensed a pain invade their bodies.

Ruo Xie rose in the air too and released acceleration abstruse energy to surround Lin Feng and deceleration abstruse energy to surround the enemies.

Everything happened in the blink of an eye, Lin Feng released Ling Long's holy celestial Qi and he suddenly looked like an animal.

An empty space appeared, and Lin Feng jumped inside. The enemies' attacks crashed onto his empty space, causing the space in front of him to become distorted, breaking the space he had just hid inside.

After Lin Feng appeared, energies continued bombarding his body, causing him to cough up blood while throwing him backwards. Those six cultivators were terrifyingly strong, the weakest one had broken through to the eighth Zun Qi layer while the others had the strength of the ninth or at the top of the ninth Zun Qi layer. They also understood the force of the Earth and sky, so their force was a thousand times stronger as well.

However, at that moment, Hou Qing Lin, Tian Chi and Ruo Xie also arrived and released terrifying energies at the six strong cultivators who were attacking Lin Feng.

The six soldiers stopped and looked at Lin Feng and then the others in a cold way. Lin Feng and his friends couldn't see their faces, but they could still see their eyes.

"Tiantai came here on purpose to cause trouble and ruin the wedding ceremony!" said Qi Yan walking forwards. Xue Bi Yao was still frowning because her thoughts were chaotic. She wanted to remember, she wanted to understand what was going on with her.

"You sent people to kill me!" said Lin Feng.

Qi Yan smiled and said to Xue Bi Yao, "Bi Yao, go back to your teacher, I'll deal with this."

"Alright!" "Alright." said Xue Bi Yao nodding. She felt a bit guilty. What Qi Yan said didn't imply anything, besides, she trusted her teacher more than Qi Yan.

Xue Bi Yao moved to her teacher and Qi Yan looked too Lin Feng and the others. He was smiling coldly. He slowly turned around and smiled at the Messenger, he looked sorry, "I'm sorry, you must think we're ridiculous."

"I just came here to enjoy some fine liquors." said the Messenger shrugging. That thing had nothing to do with him, so he didn't need to get involved.

"Everybody, someone wants to ruin the ceremony. The Qi Empire is an empire in Jiu You and the Qi Clan is an influential imperial group in Ba Huang, we can't let these people humiliate us. If you could step away, we don't want our battle reaching you, that way, you can continue drinking." said Emperor Qi to the crowd. Instantly, the tables moved aside.

Emperor Dong smiled at the Messenger, but still, The Messenger didn't mind.

"The Qi Clan wants to fight Tiantai even though it's a wedding ceremony." everybody was surprised. Emperor Qi was very bold.

"Hehe, some people came to cause trouble, so we have to take measures." said Emperor Si Kong smiling indifferently.

"If you need any help, Tian Long Divine Castle can give you a hand." said Emperor Tian Long smiling indifferently.

"Thank you very much, Emperor Tian Long!" said Emperor Qi smiling politely. Many emperors looked excited about finally dealing with Tiantai.

Emperor Wen, Emperor DevMara, Emperor Yu, none of them moved. The Great Ape Emperor didn't move either.

"Eating here is the same as over there, so there's no need to switch seats!" shouted the Great Ape Emperor extremely loudly.

"I think so too. No need to switch seats." said the empress who was next to Yi Ren Lei.

Many people didn't move. They were all from influential groups: the Fire Mountain, the Island of the Thunderbirds, the Mang Niu Mountain, the Celestial Palace of the Immortals, the Celestial Thunder Temple, the Qi Feng Mountain and so on didn't move. Many people laughed and said, "Some people will regret causing trouble."

The crowd perfectly understood what was going on. Those who moved were giving face to Emperor Dong and the Qi Clan.

Even though everybody was smiling, they were ready to fight. Some emperors thought that by asking them to move, the Qi Clan was asking them to position themselves between the two sides.

"Your Highness The Messenger, I'm going to deal with this situation." said Emperor Dong smiling at the Messenger again.

"No need to worry about me." said the Messenger waving and smiling. Then, Emperor Dong stood up and walked to the middle of the floor. He was smiling, but he looked annoyed.

Emperor Dong smiled and then said, "Everybody, do as you wish!" Then he walked away with a sharp expression on his face!

Chapter end

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 Chapter 1368
 Chapter 1367
 Chapter 1366-1371
 Chapter 1365
 Chapter 1364
 Chapter 1363
 Chapter 1362
 Chapter 1361
 Chapter 1360
 Chapter 1359
 Chapter 1358
 Chapter 1357
 Chapter 1356
 Chapter 1355
 Chapter 1354
 Chapter 1353
 Chapter 1352
 Chapter 1351
 Chapter 1350-1355
 Chapter 1349
 Chapter 1348
 Chapter 1347
 Chapter 1346
 Chapter 1345
 Chapter 1344-1349
 Chapter 1343
 Chapter 1342
 Chapter 1341
 Chapter 1340
 Chapter 1339
 Chapter 1338-1343
 Chapter 1337
 Chapter 1336
 Chapter 1335
 Chapter 1334
 Chapter 1333
 Chapter 1332-1337
 Chapter 1331
 Chapter 1330
 Chapter 1329
 Chapter 1328
 Chapter 1327
 Chapter 1326-1331
 Chapter 1325
 Chapter 1324
 Chapter 1323
 Chapter 1322
 Chapter 1321-1325
 Chapter 1320
 Chapter 1319
 Chapter 1318
 Chapter 1317
 Chapter 1316-1320
 Chapter 1315
 Chapter 1314
 Chapter 1313
 Chapter 1312
 Chapter 1311
 Chapter 1310-1315
 Chapter 1309
 Chapter 1308
 Chapter 1307
 Chapter 1306
 Chapter 1305
 Chapter 1304-1309
 Chapter 1303
 Chapter 1302
 Chapter 1301
 Chapter 1300
 Chapter 1299
 Chapter 1298-1303
 Chapter 1297
 Chapter 1296
 Chapter 1295
 Chapter 1294
 Chapter 1293
 Chapter 1292
 Chapter 1291
 Chapter 1290
 Chapter 1289
 Chapter 1288
 Chapter 1287
 Chapter 1286
 Chapter 1285
 Chapter 1284
 Chapter 1283
 Chapter 1282
 Chapter 1281
 Chapter 1280
 Chapter 1279
 Chapter 1278
 Chapter 1277
 Chapter 1276
 Chapter 1275
 Chapter 1274
 Chapter 1273
 Chapter 1272
 Chapter 1271
 Chapter 1270
 Chapter 1269
 Chapter 1268
 Chapter 1267
 Chapter 1266
 Chapter 1265
 Chapter 1264
 Chapter 1263
 Chapter 1262
 Chapter 1261
 Chapter 1260
 Chapter 1259
 Chapter 1258
 Chapter 1257
 Chapter 1256
 Chapter 1255
 Chapter 1254
 Chapter 1253
 Chapter 1252
 Chapter 1251
 Chapter 1250
 Chapter 1249
 Chapter 1248
 Chapter 1247
 Chapter 1246
 Chapter 1245
 Chapter 1244
 Chapter 1243
 Chapter 1242
 Chapter 1241
 Chapter 1240
 Chapter 1239
 Chapter 1238
 Chapter 1237
 Chapter 1236
 Chapter 1235
 Chapter 1234
 Chapter 1233
 Chapter 1232
 Chapter 1231
 Chapter 1230
 Chapter 1229
 Chapter 1228
 Chapter 1227
 Chapter 1226
 Chapter 1225
 Chapter 1224
 Chapter 1223
 Chapter 1222
 Chapter 1221
 Chapter 1220
 Chapter 1219
 Chapter 1218
 Chapter 1217
 Chapter 1216
 Chapter 1215
 Chapter 1214
 Chapter 1213
 Chapter 1212
 Chapter 1211
 Chapter 1210
 Chapter 1209
 Chapter 1208
 Chapter 1207
 Chapter 1206
 Chapter 1205
 Chapter 1204
 Chapter 1203
 Chapter 1202
 Chapter 1201
 Chapter 1200
 Chapter 1199
 Chapter 1198
 Chapter 1197
 Chapter 1196
 Chapter 1195
 Chapter 1194
 Chapter 1193
 Chapter 1192
 Chapter 1191
 Chapter 1190
 Chapter 1189
 Chapter 1188
 Chapter 1187
 Chapter 1186
 Chapter 1185
 Chapter 1184
 Chapter 1183
 Chapter 1182
 Chapter 1181
 Chapter 1180
 Chapter 1179
 Chapter 1178
 Chapter 1177
 Chapter 1176
 Chapter 1175
 Chapter 1174
 Chapter 1173
 Chapter 1172
 Chapter 1171
 Chapter 1170
 Chapter 1169
 Chapter 1168
 Chapter 1167
 Chapter 1166
 Chapter 1165
 Chapter 1164
 Chapter 1163
 Chapter 1162
 Chapter 1161
 Chapter 1160
 Chapter 1159
 Chapter 1158
 Chapter 1157
 Chapter 1156
 Chapter 1155
 Chapter 1154
 Chapter 1153
 Chapter 1152
 Chapter 1151
 Chapter 1150
 Chapter 1149
 Chapter 1148
 Chapter 1147
 Chapter 1146
 Chapter 1145
 Chapter 1144
 Chapter 1143
 Chapter 1142
 Chapter 1141
 Chapter 1140
 Chapter 1139
 Chapter 1138
 Chapter 1137
 Chapter 1136
 Chapter 1135
 Chapter 1134
 Chapter 1133
 Chapter 1132
 Chapter 1131
 Chapter 1130
 Chapter 1129
 Chapter 1128
 Chapter 1127
 Chapter 1126
 Chapter 1125
 Chapter 1124
 Chapter 1123
 Chapter 1122
 Chapter 1121
 Chapter 1120
 Chapter 1119
 Chapter 1118
 Chapter 1117
 Chapter 1116
 Chapter 1115
 Chapter 1114
 Chapter 1113
 Chapter 1112
 Chapter 1111
 Chapter 1110
 Chapter 1109
 Chapter 1108
 Chapter 1107
 Chapter 1106
 Chapter 1105
 Chapter 1104
 Chapter 1103
 Chapter 1102
 Chapter 1101
 Chapter 1100
 Chapter 1099
 Chapter 1098
 Chapter 1097
 Chapter 1096
 Chapter 1095
 Chapter 1094
 Chapter 1093
 Chapter 1092
 Chapter 1091
 Chapter 1090
 Chapter 1089
 Chapter 1088
 Chapter 1087
 Chapter 1086
 Chapter 1085
 Chapter 1084
 Chapter 1083
 Chapter 1082
 Chapter 1081
 Chapter 1080
 Chapter 1079
 Chapter 1078
 Chapter 1077
 Chapter 1076
 Chapter 1075
 Chapter 1074
 Chapter 1073
 Chapter 1072
 Chapter 1071
 Chapter 1070
 Chapter 1069
 Chapter 1068
 Chapter 1067
 Chapter 1066
 Chapter 1065
 Chapter 1064
 Chapter 1063
 Chapter 1062
 Chapter 1061
 Chapter 1060
 Chapter 1059
 Chapter 1058
 Chapter 1057
 Chapter 1056
 Chapter 1055
 Chapter 1054
 Chapter 1053
 Chapter 1052
 Chapter 1051
 Chapter 1050
 Chapter 1049
 Chapter 1048
 Chapter 1047
 Chapter 1046
 Chapter 1045
 Chapter 1044
 Chapter 1043
 Chapter 1042
 Chapter 1041
 Chapter 1040
 Chapter 1039
 Chapter 1038
 Chapter 1037
 Chapter 1036
 Chapter 1035
 Chapter 1034
 Chapter 1033
 Chapter 1032
 Chapter 1031
 Chapter 1030
 Chapter 1029
 Chapter 1028
 Chapter 1027
 Chapter 1026
 Chapter 1025
 Chapter 1024
 Chapter 1023
 Chapter 1022
 Chapter 1021
 Chapter 1020
 Chapter 1019
 Chapter 1018
 Chapter 1017
 Chapter 1016
 Chapter 1015
 Chapter 1014
 Chapter 1013
 Chapter 1012
 Chapter 1011
 Chapter 1010
 Chapter 1009
 Chapter 1008
 Chapter 1007
 Chapter 1006
 Chapter 1005
 Chapter 1004
 Chapter 1003
 Chapter 1002
 Chapter 1001
 Chapter 1000
 Chapter 999
 Chapter 998
 Chapter 997
 Chapter 996
 Chapter 995
 Chapter 994
 Chapter 993
 Chapter 992
 Chapter 991
 Chapter 990
 Chapter 989
 Chapter 988
 Chapter 987
 Chapter 986
 Chapter 985
 Chapter 984
 Chapter 983
 Chapter 982
 Chapter 981
 Chapter 980
 Chapter 979
 Chapter 978
 Chapter 977
 Chapter 976
 Chapter 975
 Chapter 974
 Chapter 973
 Chapter 972
 Chapter 971
 Chapter 970
 Chapter 969
 Chapter 968
 Chapter 967
 Chapter 966
 Chapter 965
 Chapter 964
 Chapter 963
 Chapter 962
 Chapter 961
 Chapter 960
 Chapter 959
 Chapter 958
 Chapter 957
 Chapter 956
 Chapter 955
 Chapter 954
 Chapter 953
 Chapter 952
 Chapter 951
 Chapter 950
 Chapter 949
 Chapter 948
 Chapter 947
 Chapter 946
 Chapter 945
 Chapter 944
 Chapter 943
 Chapter 942
 Chapter 941
 Chapter 940
 Chapter 939
 Chapter 938
 Chapter 937
 Chapter 936
 Chapter 935
 Chapter 934
 Chapter 933
 Chapter 932
 Chapter 931
 Chapter 930
 Chapter 929
 Chapter 928
 Chapter 927
 Chapter 926
 Chapter 925
 Chapter 924
 Chapter 923
 Chapter 922
 Chapter 921
 Chapter 920
 Chapter 919
 Chapter 918
 Chapter 917
 Chapter 916
 Chapter 915
 Chapter 914
 Chapter 913
 Chapter 912
 Chapter 911
 Chapter 910
 Chapter 909
 Chapter 908
 Chapter 907
 Chapter 906
 Chapter 905
 Chapter 904
 Chapter 903
 Chapter 902
 Chapter 901
 Chapter 900
 Chapter 899
 Chapter 898
 Chapter 897
 Chapter 896
 Chapter 895
 Chapter 894
 Chapter 893
 Chapter 892
 Chapter 891
 Chapter 890
 Chapter 889
 Chapter 888
 Chapter 887
 Chapter 886
 Chapter 885
 Chapter 884
 Chapter 883
 Chapter 882
 Chapter 881
 Chapter 880
 Chapter 879
 Chapter 878
 Chapter 877
 Chapter 876
 Chapter 875
 Chapter 874
 Chapter 873
 Chapter 872
 Chapter 871
 Chapter 870
 Chapter 869
 Chapter 868
 Chapter 867
 Chapter 866
 Chapter 865
 Chapter 864
 Chapter 863
 Chapter 862
 Chapter 861
 Chapter 860
 Chapter 859
 Chapter 858
 Chapter 857
 Chapter 856
 Chapter 855
 Chapter 854
 Chapter 853
 Chapter 852
 Chapter 851
 Chapter 850
 Chapter 849
 Chapter 848
 Chapter 847
 Chapter 846
 Chapter 845
 Chapter 844
 Chapter 843
 Chapter 842
 Chapter 841
 Chapter 840
 Chapter 839
 Chapter 838
 Chapter 837
 Chapter 836
 Chapter 835
 Chapter 834
 Chapter 833
 Chapter 832
 Chapter 831
 Chapter 830
 Chapter 829
 Chapter 828
 Chapter 827
 Chapter 826
 Chapter 825
 Chapter 824
 Chapter 823
 Chapter 822
 Chapter 821
 Chapter 820
 Chapter 819
 Chapter 818
 Chapter 817
 Chapter 816
 Chapter 815
 Chapter 814
 Chapter 813
 Chapter 812
 Chapter 811
 Chapter 810
 Chapter 809
 Chapter 808
 Chapter 807
 Chapter 806
 Chapter 805
 Chapter 804
 Chapter 803
 Chapter 802
 Chapter 801
 Chapter 800
 Chapter 799
 Chapter 798
 Chapter 797
 Chapter 796
 Chapter 795
 Chapter 794
 Chapter 793
 Chapter 792
 Chapter 791
 Chapter 790
 Chapter 789
 Chapter 788
 Chapter 787-789
 Chapter 786
 Chapter 785
 Chapter 784
 Chapter 783
 Chapter 782
 Chapter 781
 Chapter 780
 Chapter 779
 Chapter 778
 Chapter 777
 Chapter 776
 Chapter 775
 Chapter 774
 Chapter 773
 Chapter 772
 Chapter 771
 Chapter 770
 Chapter 769
 Chapter 768
 Chapter 767
 Chapter 766
 Chapter 765
 Chapter 764
 Chapter 763
 Chapter 762
 Chapter 761
 Chapter 760
 Chapter 759
 Chapter 758
 Chapter 757
 Chapter 756
 Chapter 755
 Chapter 754
 Chapter 753
 Chapter 752
 Chapter 751
 Chapter 750
 Chapter 749
 Chapter 748
 Chapter 747
 Chapter 746
 Chapter 745
 Chapter 744
 Chapter 743
 Chapter 742
 Chapter 741
 Chapter 740
 Chapter 739
 Chapter 738
 Chapter 737
 Chapter 736
 Chapter 735
 Chapter 734
 Chapter 733
 Chapter 732
 Chapter 731
 Chapter 730
 Chapter 729
 Chapter 728
 Chapter 727
 Chapter 726
 Chapter 725
 Chapter 724
 Chapter 723
 Chapter 722
 Chapter 721
 Chapter 720
 Chapter 719
 Chapter 718
 Chapter 717
 Chapter 716
 Chapter 715
 Chapter 714
 Chapter 713
 Chapter 712
 Chapter 711
 Chapter 710
 Chapter 709
 Chapter 708
 Chapter 707
 Chapter 706
 Chapter 705
 Chapter 704
 Chapter 703
 Chapter 702
 Chapter 701
 Chapter 700
 Chapter 699
 Chapter 698
 Chapter 697
 Chapter 696
 Chapter 695
 Chapter 694
 Chapter 693
 Chapter 692
 Chapter 691
 Chapter 690
 Chapter 689
 Chapter 688
 Chapter 687
 Chapter 686
 Chapter 685
 Chapter 684
 Chapter 683
 Chapter 682
 Chapter 681
 Chapter 680
 Chapter 679
 Chapter 678
 Chapter 677
 Chapter 676
 Chapter 675
 Chapter 674
 Chapter 673
 Chapter 672
 Chapter 671
 Chapter 670
 Chapter 669
 Chapter 668
 Chapter 667
 Chapter 666
 Chapter 665
 Chapter 664
 Chapter 663
 Chapter 662
 Chapter 661
 Chapter 660
 Chapter 659
 Chapter 658
 Chapter 657
 Chapter 656 prologue
 Chapter 655
 Chapter 654
 Chapter 653
 Chapter 652
 Chapter 651
 Chapter 650
 Chapter 649
 Chapter 648
 Chapter 647
 Chapter 646
 Chapter 645
 Chapter 644
 Chapter 643
 Chapter 642
 Chapter 641
 Chapter 640
 Chapter 639
 Chapter 638
 Chapter 637
 Chapter 636
 Chapter 635
 Chapter 634
 Chapter 633
 Chapter 632
 Chapter 631
 Chapter 630
 Chapter 629
 Chapter 628
 Chapter 627
 Chapter 626
 Chapter 625
 Chapter 624
 Chapter 623
 Chapter 622
 Chapter 621
 Chapter 620
 Chapter 619
 Chapter 618
 Chapter 617
 Chapter 616
 Chapter 615
 Chapter 614
 Chapter 613
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 Chapter 611
 Chapter 610
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 Chapter 608
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 Chapter 605
 Chapter 604
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 Chapter 600
 Chapter 599
 Chapter 598
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 Chapter 596
 Chapter 595
 Chapter 594
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 Chapter 592
 Chapter 591
 Chapter 590
 Chapter 589
 Chapter 588
 Chapter 587
 Chapter 586
 Chapter 585
 Chapter 584
 Chapter 583
 Chapter 582
 Chapter 581
 Chapter 580
 Chapter 579
 Chapter 578
 Chapter 577
 Chapter 576
 Chapter 575
 Chapter 574
 Chapter 573
 Chapter 572
 Chapter 571
 Chapter 570
 Chapter 569
 Chapter 568
 Chapter 567
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 Chapter 565
 Chapter 564
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 Chapter 562
 Chapter 561
 Chapter 560
 Chapter 559
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 Chapter 552
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 Chapter 550
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 Chapter 530
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 Chapter 527
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 Chapter 390
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