Nihonkoku Shoukan Chapter 48

Nihonkoku Shoukan Chapter 48


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Chapter 48 - The Pride of the Powerful (2)

Holy Mirishial Empire, Imperial Capital Runepolis, Imperial Palace

The Holy Mirishial Empire developed at an accelerated pace by studying the ruins of the ancient sorcerous empire and used its superior level of technology to climb to the top of the world. With this power, it built the extremely splendorous capital city of Runepolis using resources gathered from around the world. The citizens of the empire all consider it the true center of the world. The city is full of vehicles zooming around that are at the cutting edge of magical technology, and countless high-rise buildings are all lined up in rows. At night, the city glows with soft magical light.

When foreigners visit the imperial capital for the first time, they all say "What a glorious city; what a wealthy country; it's like a tale from legend come to life…"

In the middle of the city of Runepolis, the so-called center of the world, is the imperial palace, where the emperor who moves the world lives. That emperor was about to begin an emergency meeting. For the Holy Mirishial Empire, who had until now been able to conduct foreign affairs without any fear, an enemy had set foot on their soil for the first time. Despite the fact that it came about from a surprise attack, this meeting would determine the countermeasures they took against the Gra Valkas Empire.

Aside from Emperor Mirishial, the attendees included:

Minister of the Military Schmielpow Director of Imperial Defense Agra Information Director Arneus Head of Foreign Affairs Riage

The rest were all high-level governmental officials. Pecras, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, had already left for Cartalpas to rejoin the leadership conference, so he was not present. Therefore, Riage, the head of the foreign affairs office, was his representative to avoid forcing Pecras to make numerous trips between Cartalpas and the imperial capital.

"We will now commence the emperor's meeting."

Agra was leading this meeting.

"I shall now give a summary of the situation that led to this meeting. The other day, during the eleven-country leadership conference, an uncivilized nation to the west, the Gra Valkas Empire, declared their intent to subjugate the entire world. Gra Valkas is currently occupying the western countries of the Second Civilization. They have a number of consecutive military victories, including the destruction of the former superpower Leifor with just the power of a single warship. We believe this is what's fueling their violent conceit.

"After their reckless declaration at the leadership conference, the Gra Valkan delegation departed from Cartalpas on their battleship. Shortly afterward, a separate fleet appeared at the western islands and proceeded to attack the Zeroth Magic Fleet."

The battle report that followed shocked the room.

"The enemy's forces consisted of two battleships, three heavy cruisers, two light cruisers, and five smaller ships—twelve ships in total. Their battleships were on par with our newest magic ships. Enemy losses include one battleship, one heavy cruiser, one small ship sunk, heavy damage to one heavy cruiser, medium damage to one light cruiser, and numerous cases of minor damage. With regards to the naval battle alone, it was our victory. However, due to the enemy's fierce aerial attack afterwards, the Zeroth Magic Fleet was annihilated."

Frenzied whispers filled the room. The highly-decorated 0th Magic Fleet consisted of the Holy Mirishial Empire's newest ships, and it symbolized the empire's strength. To think that their strongest fleet was eliminated from the air… The country's leaders were devastated.

"That's impossible! There is no way for our fleet, already primed for combat, to be destroyed by some little planes!!! Were they heavily damaged at the time?" the Minister of General Affairs asked.

"We do not have precise details, but according to the defense office, prior to the aerial attack, their analysis concludes that our battleships were indeed already damaged. Furthermore, because so few of our air forces are deployed to the western islands, there was no air cover. After that battle, the Gra Valkan fleet then bombarded our detached ground base and proceeded east. We believe their target is the port town of Cartalpas, where the eleven-country leadership conference is currently underway. However, because it's also possible that it's a diversion and they'll actually come to the capital, we cannot commit our capital defense forces.

"Currently, the First, Second, and Third Fleets deployed to the east are heading for Cartalpas, but they cannot make it there in time. The only forces we have that can oppose them are the eight light cruisers there for local peacekeeping, as well as a comparable amount of air cover. Because it's highly likely that Cartalpas will come under fire, we've requested to all the other countries that we move the conference to the eastern city of Kan Braun, but they have refused, opting instead to stay behind and confront the Gra Valkas Empire. Additionally, the Empire of Annionrial alone withdrew from the conference."

After Agra's explanation was over, Head of Foreign Affairs Riage thought of a concern and asked "Considering the combined military potential of all the forces there, can we repel them?"

"They're going up against the group that buried the Zeroth Magic Fleet. If we could convert 'military strength' into familiar terms… Let's see, Mu's fleet and Japan's ship would all be counted as heavy cruisers, I think. For everyone else, it depends. But, they do have the advantage of numbers. If they could avoid damage, I think that would greatly improve their chances. As far as the current situation goes, that is the overview as we understand it."

After the answer was given, Emperor Mirishial raised a hand and everyone quieted down. He licked his lips and said measuredly, "Agra, thank you for your excellent summary."

The statement was so calm, so firm, that Agra could feel the majesty oozing from each word.

"Of course, Your Excellency!!!" It was all he could do to respond and bow his head.

"So, the Gra Valkas Empire… They seem quite strong, but both our empire and the other countries are in agreement… what fools they are. Where is the Gra Valkas Empire found?"

"Yes, Your Excellency! This is their location."

He pointed at a region of the ocean west of Mu.

"There is a large land mass right here, that is where their home country is located."

"So they are on an island all the way out there… What a small country…"

"We received this map from the country of Japan, and they were the ones to inform us of the empire's location."

"Japan… That country who essentially eradicated the Papaldia Empire, I see. They as well are isolated far to the east, yet they know the location of a country so far out west? It cannot be that the two counties have established relations, could it?"

The emperor wanted to know how Japan had discovered exactly where the Gra Valkas Empire was located.

"Please, allow me," Information Director Arneus interjected, raising his hand into the air. "It has only been a very short time since we established relations with Japan, but we have already begun to realize how advanced their technology is. Japan's influence reaches beyond the sky; they have installed monitoring equipment all the way up in space to observe our world. In this manner, not only have they determined the location of the Gra Valkas Empire, we believe they are even able to discern the goings-on of the other side of the world. Currently, along with the foreign affairs office, we are requesting the most current map of the world, but we are still awaiting a favorable response."

The shock that propagated through the room was tremendous. Space was a domain that man was simply unable to reach. In all of history, only one country could possibly deploy observation equipment that high; even if the Holy Mirishial Empire focused all of its resources into the attempt, they would find it an impossible task.

"It can't be… It can't be that Japan has heard of the folktale passed down about the ancient sorcerous empire, 'A World in Servitude,' and has turned it into reality?"

"Yes, they call it a 'man-made satellite,' but it does resemble the description from 'A World in Servitude' to a frightening degree."

"Japan is truly an interesting country, isn't it… Oh, my apologies, the conversation is going off track. With regards to the Gra Valkas Empire, after we resolve their invasion, form a combined fleet between the Central World and the Second Civilization, travel to the Leiforian territory, and drive them out of the Second Civilization completely. I would like to see Japan's power for myself, but… Riage, do you believe Japan would agree to send their fleet as well?" the emperor asked.

"No, Japan's laws forbid them from taking military action except in cases of self defense. However, if an acceptable excuse can be conjured, and we don't give them too much time to make a decision, I think they would lean toward assisting with a swift counterattack."

"I see, thank you. The Third Civilization is too far away, so let us discard any plans for a swift counterattack. Agra, I leave planning our strategy to you."

"Yes, Your Excellency!"

"In return for this shame they've given us, we shall reap an equal amount of barbarian blood, banish them from Leifor, and sanction their homeland."

Emperor Mirishial of the Holy Mirishial Empire, the overseer of the Central World, smoldered with rage.

Port town Cartalpas, a certain bar

The drunks were once again chatting, as usual. A plump man with a long beard who appeared to be a merchant spoke up.

"Hey hey, didja hear? During the leadership conference, Gra Valkas apparently declared war on the entire world."

Everyone looked at the man in shock. A different, elderly man responded.

"The Gra Valkas Empire has been invading the western countries in the Second Civilization and piling up win after win, you know. If they've declared war, that means they're pretty sure of themselves, yeah? They can't beat our Holy Mirishial Empire though, now can they…?"

"No way!!! Even if Gra Valkas is as powerful as they say, Mirishial's on another level. They may have beaten Leifor fair and square, but there's no way they could match even the superpower Mu, right?"

"But, did you see? At the port, Gra Valkas's battleship, the one called the Grade Atlastar, it's as big as a mountain… Mu's La Kasami-class battleship was near it too, but it was basically like a kid standing next to an adult. Maybe it's even bigger than the latest magic ships from our country."

The ruckus in the bar went completely silent for a moment.

"I heard this from some foreigners, but apparently, Gra Valkas is on its way here to Cartalpas, and the countries at the conference have formed an alliance with their escort ships and are getting ready to fight. In this part of the sea, we've now got the craziest naval power in the world, of course including our own magic fleet. And y'all haven't forgotten, have you? Right now, the ones who dismantled the eastern superpower, the Papaldia Empire, are here too. Japan's got that huge white ship that's even bigger than Mu's La Kasami. That's how much power we've got in Cartalpas. It's totally safe here."

"Hahaha, you ain't wrong!"

The drunks just kept on talking.

One after the other, the combined fleet formed by the world's powerhouse countries set sail. Fifty-three ships in all, their grand, majestic departure imparted a sense of comfort to the representatives from each country watching from the port. The commander for Mu's sixteen ships, Brendas, was on board the symbol of Mu's technology, the La Kasami, burning with confidence before the first battle against the Gra Valkas Empire.

Mu, with astonishing national power said to be approaching that of the Holy Mirishial Empire, had not been invaded in recent years. Unlike technologists who can calmly evaluate the technological disparity, Brendas was a military man who simply had absolute faith in his fleet.

"The enemy's numbers are completely unknown, but what do you think?" he asked the captain of the La Kasami, Minilar, standing beside him.

The pudgy Captain Minilar thought for a moment before responding. "Indeed, we don't know the enemy's numbers, but in all likelihood, their goal is simply to bring disgrace to the ministers' escort fleets… After that, they'll get off one attack on Cartalpas, which will be a slap to the face of the Holy Mirishial Empire; that must be what they're thinking. Considering how far away that empire is, it's extremely unlikely that they could have sent a large fleet out here. On the other hand, while our forces are mixed, our numbers are strong. I understand that this may be a rude evaluation, but ships from outside the civilized areas will at least serve as good shields.

"I predict that our adversaries won't be that plentiful. We'll have many shields on our side, though. From what I know of the battleships that they brought to Cartalpas, they may be quite large indeed, but they shouldn't be very fast… If that is the case, then with our bullet shields, it should be possible to close in on them and execute an attack."

He turned to look diagonally behind them.

"I must say, though, Japan's battleship does stand out…"

His eyes settled on the Japan Coast Guard patrol boat Shikishima keeping speed. The Shikishima was captained by someone of a higher rank than the La Kasami's commanding officer, so Mu's military had determined that it was likely a battleship.

"According to information from the technological division, Japan's ships apparently have extraordinary capabilities, so it should be very exciting to see how they approach combat. With such a powerful ally at our side, while it may end up being a hard-fought battle, we should also not face defeat."

"Reporting!!!" a comms operator on the bridge yelled. "We've received word from the Holy Mirishial Empire that there are aircraft believed to be Gra Valkan approaching Cartalpas from the southwest. Currently 130 kilometers out, numbering two hundred!!!"

"Two… Two hundred?!"

"According to Mirishial — there's no mistake, there are two hundred of them!!! Enemy makeup is unknown, but forty-two Alph3 air superiority combat fighters are taking off from the Cartalpas air base to intercept them."

"The Alph3 is Mirishial's newest model, isn't it? However, two hundred enemies, that's a helluva lot… I wonder how many of those are bombers? Do we know the positions of the enemy's aircraft carriers?"

"Enemy aircraft carrier positions unknown."

"Prepare to intercept! Launch all aircraft!!!"

"Does that include the bombers as well?"

"Prioritize fleet defense. Aside from bombers, launch everything else, we need to provide air cover for the fleet! Have them take up station a short distance from the fleet to avoid friendly fire from Mirishial!"


Mu's aircraft carriers launched plane after plane of their newest fighter, the Marin. The biplanes caught the wind at low speed to achieve lift. The beautiful white planes flitted up into the clear blue sky. Observers from all the countries had supreme confidence from the bottom of their hearts in the capabilities of these defenders of the skies.

Holy Mirishial Empire, 7th Air Superiority Squadron

The 42 aircraft in the 7th Air Superiority Squadron took to the air from the air base in Cartalpas. They were all the Holy Mirishial Empire's newest aircraft specializing in air control, known as the Alph3, and they flew in formation to the southwest. The 42 warriors soared through the clear blue sky; from their coordinated movements, it was clear that they were highly trained. Seeing those Alph3s, honed just like one would a katana, instilled a sense of absolute faith. In the silent sky, only the high-pitched whine of magical light discharge-type compressed air engines sounded.

Squadron Leader Silba of the 7th Air Superiority Squadron was nervous since this was his first sortie with these high-performance machines.

"All planes climb to fifty-five hundred meters, then pay close attention to the airspace below the formation," he ordered all friendly aircraft.


He thought of battle simulations against Mu and Eimor. With Mu as an opponent, due to the technological differences in their aircraft, they could employ hit-and-run tactics; facing the Eimor Kingdom's wind dragons, they would ascend to heights the dragon knights couldn't handle, break into groups, then endeavor to make it a battle of speed. Silba mulled over which strategy would be best to use against Gra Valkas.

Then, they received a magical communications from the Commander-in-Chief at the Cartalpas base. "Men, you will soon engage with two hundred of the Gra Valkas Empire's aircraft. Your numbers may be lacking, but there's no need to worry. You men are the elites of the strongest force in the Central World riding its latest vehicles. We have great expectations of this first foray against the Gra Valkas Empire with our newest technology. Our magical culture can't possibly fall behind some machine-powered airplanes. It is no exaggeration to say that you represent all of our pride. May the god of war be on your side."

The message ended.

"Enemy craft sighted! Eleven o'clock low!!!" reported a sharp-eyed pilot.

"Huh?! Those are…"

Clearly, they were headed straight for Cartalpas.

"There sure are a lot of 'em…"

Squadron Leader Silba had a good view of the enemy formation, but he couldn't tell which planes were bombers and which were air superiority fighters.

"…They look pretty sleek, just like Mu's planes…"

They were low wing aircraft with a single propeller spinning on each of their noses. From their size and speed, he felt that they were clearly more powerful than Mu's airplanes. For starters, he decided to order an attack.

"…We're going to engage the lead group! All planes, attack!!! After attacking from above, slip to the rear of their formation from underneath!!!"


The whining of their magical engines reverberated inside the cockpits, and the whole fuselage  shook as they each accelerated.


Silba had the faint feeling that something was wrong, and on intuition, looked back at the sun. It was so bright that he had to squint his eyes.

He could barely make out numerous little black dots against the sun.

"E… Enemy attack!!! Six o'clock high!!! They're coming from the angle of the sun!!!"

The sound of gunfire came from the enemy aircraft. Bullets of light streamed at them diagonally downward from above, the dull sound of fire reaching them later. The bodies of five of the air superiority-type Floating Ship of the Heavens Alph3 were peppered with large holes and exploded, or had their wings blown off, and they sank into the sea of clouds. The thirty enemy aircraft slipped diagonally underneath their formation after completing their attack. The Doppler effect from their propellers could be heard over any other noise.

"Those… Those bastards!!!"

Squadron Leader Silba had lost five of his squadron in the first attack; he was stunned at the development, but at the same time smoldering with rage at the enemies who killed his companions. The 7th Squadron's Alph3s spread out and began a dogfight with the Gra Valkas Empire's Antares fighters in earnest.

Their squadron outnumbered them. Silba was absolutely sure they would win out… However…

"Fuck! They're behind us again!!! Can't shake them off! Gah!!!"

The comms cut out as another friendly plane caught fire and disappeared into the clouds.

"Damn… Dammit! We can't get behind them! We can't turn as well as they can! Oh… Oh shi—!!!"

Another plane was shot down.

"This is impossible! They can even climb faster than we can!!!"

Unable to outrace a climbing enemy aircraft, it rolled over in the air and shot down its pursuer.

Silba, while still piloting his own plane, was overwhelmed with a sense of helplessness. The newest Alph3 planes from the world's strongest Holy Mirishial Empire, in an aerial battle with an advantage in numbers, was plainly being one-sidedly slaughtered. They had analyzed the ancient sorcerous empire's technology and improved their weaponry in order to become the shield of the races when it came time to fight the Empire of Ravannar once again. They should have been the land of warriors who represented hope, but here they were being beaten bloody by some enemy country from outside the civilized areas with inferior numbers. Even if he understood it rationally, he couldn't accept it emotionally.


Silba mustered his tattered spirit and poured it into flying his Alph3. He managed to take an enemy fighter from behind, but the slippery enemy aircraft smoothly evaded his attack and easily took his rear in return.


Silva's airplane suffered significant damage from the enemy's 20mm guns, burst, and fell from the sky.

Holy Mirishial Empire, Cartalpas air base

Magical technician Uran, who was monitoring the magic detector, couldn't believe his eyes. The enemy had machine-powered airplanes, and human-level magic power only appeared as a dim light, but the bright lights that were moving toward the dim lights were being snuffed out in quick succession. That meant that they were being shot down!!! It was possible the detector was malfunctioning, except that the enemy's cluster of feeble dots were still there, and they continued to move.

Uran fearfully made a report. "Th… The Seventh Air Control Squadron has disappeared from the magic detector display. I believe they've been wiped out."

His superior's eyes bulged and turned to look at the detector. "There's no way! That's impossible! That squadron had the latest aircraft, and they were also incredibly experienced!!! Isn't the detector just broken?!"

"I cannot determine if it's malfunctioning at the current moment."

"Get the old models, new models, all of our planes here! We can't let them approach our soil! Request support from the Eimor Kingdom's Order of Wind Dragon Knights!!!"

"Yes sir!!!"

"This is bad… At this rate, the only thing protecting the foreign affairs ministers at the leadership conference will be Mu's mechanical aircraft…"

Chaos broke out at the Cartalpas air base; it became as busy as a nest of hornets.

Japan Coast Guard patrol boat Shikishima

"The large formation we believe belongs to the Gra Valkas Empire has perhaps had its numbers reduced somewhat, but their speed has not decreased and they continue to approach our location."

Captain Seto looked like he had just swallowed a live insect.

"The Holy Mirishial Empire's forces sent to intercept them were annihilated."

Captain Seto and the other personnel's hopes were dashed on the anti-air radar screen that had shown the aerial battle on board the patrol boat Shikishima. The so-called "world's strongest" country had been unilaterally trounced, and now they were filled with despair. At this rate, there was no way they could break through and escape into the strait, not with the enemy's aerial forces hovering over the fleet. Looking at the other ships in the fleet, they couldn't identify any anti-air measures. Their only hope was Mu's planes tasked with guarding the fleet from the air, but pitting biplanes against World War II-era dive bombers and torpedo bombers was an exercise in futility, one that would result in their complete destruction.

To avoid friendly fire, they had to pay close attention and struggle as best they could.

"Prepare for anti-air combat! Watch the skies carefully!"


They could see many tiny dots in the southwestern sky. Mu's fighter planes flew toward those dots.

"I guess we can't avoid battle…"

Captain Seto picked up the mic.

"I have an announcement to make. Very soon, we will be participating in the first large-scale attack since the inception of the Japan Coast Guard. Fortunately, this ship is equipped with standard-issue Coast Guard anti-air weaponry, so everyone will certainly survive and make it home!!! In order to make sure of that, get pumped up! I need everyone to put in a hundred and twenty percent! We may have been put in a dangerous situation, but don't think you can't get through it, and definitely do not give up. You are the only ones to decide your own limits. I expect everyone to do their damnedest. That is all."

Patrol boat Shikishima was about to make history as the first Japanese patrol boat to face off against a large aerial formation.

 — — Chapter 49

Chapter end

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