In the Arctic Seas Part 31

9. _Calophyllum Phragmoceras_ (Salter). Sutherland; Pl. VI. Fig. 4.

10. _Syringopora geniculata._ 11. An undescribed species of _Macrocheilus_.

No. IV. BEECHEY ISLAND. (Lat. 74 40' N.; Long. 92 W.).

1. Orthoceras (species).

2. Great multitudes of _Atrypa phoca_, forming, in fact, a dark-colored earthly Atrypa limestone.

3. With these were associated many species of Loxonema, sometimes so abundant as to form a pale pink and whitish Loxonema limestone.

4. A species of ribbed Atrypa.

5. Crinoidal limestone in abundance.

6. _Syringopora reticulata._ 7. _Calophyllum phragmoceras_ (Salter). Sutherland; Pl. VI. Fig. 4.

8. _Cyathophyllum caespitosum._ 9. _Cyathophyllum articulatum_ (Edwardes and Haime).

10. _Calamopora Gothlandica._ 11. _Calamopora alveolaris._ 12. _Favistella Franklini_ (Salter). Sutherland; Pl. VI. Fig. 3.

13. _Clisiophyllum Salteri._ Sutherland; Pl. VI. Fig. 7.

14. _Cyathophyllum_ (species).

15. _Loxonema Salteri_, described by Mr. Slater in Sutherland's 'Voyage to Wellington Channel;' Pl. V. Fig. 19.

This is a fine slab of limestone, almost together composed of the remains of _Loxonema Salteri_ and _Atrypa phoca_. It appears to have been quietly deposited at the bottom of a deep submarine depression, swarming with Pyramidellidae and deep-water Brachiopoda. The physical conditions indicated by the fossils are also rendered probable by the rock itself, which consists of fine grey limestone, subcrystalline, and intimately blended with the finest and most delicate description of mud, such as could only be found where the water was deep, and all currents far removed.

No. V. CORNWALLIS ISLAND, Assistance Bay (Lat 74 40' N.; Long. 94 W.).

1. _Orthoceras Ommaneyi_ (Salter). Sutherland; Pl. V. Figs. 16, 17.

2. _Pentamerus conchidium_ (Dalman). Sutherland; Pl. V. Figs. 9, 10.

3. Pentamerus limestone.

4. _Cromus Arcticus._ Journ. R. D. S., Vol. I. Pl. VI.

5. _Cardiola Salteri._ Pl. VII. Fig. 5. Journ. R. D. S., Vol. I.

6. _Syringopora geniculata._

No. VI. CAPE YORK, Lancaster Sound (Lat. 73 50' N.; Long. 87 W.).

A specimen of the same fossil coral which I have named, doubtfully, from Beechey Island, as Favosites or _Calamopora Gothlandica_; it is not impossible, however, that it is not a Calamopora at all, but a species of Chaetetes.

No. VII. POSSESSION BAY, South entrance into Lancaster Sound (Lat. 73 30' N.; Long. 77 20' W.).

Specimens of brown earthy limestone, with a fetid smell when struck with a hammer; resembles closely the limestone of Cape York, Lancaster Sound.

No. VIII. DEPoT BAY, Bellot Strait (Lat. 72 N.; Long. 94 W.).

1. _Maclurea_ sp.

2. _Cyathophyllum helianthoides_ (Goldfuss).

The limestone at this locality is white and saccharoid, with large rhombohedral crystals of calcspar.

[31]No. IX. CAPE FARRAND, East side of Boothia (Lat. 71 38'; Long. 93 35' W.).

1. _Atrypa phoca_ (Salter). Sutherland; Pl. V. Fig. 3.

2. _Loxonema Rossi._ Journ. R. D. S., Vol. I. Pl. V.

3. _Atrypa_ (ribbed sp.) 4. _Calamopora Gothlandica_ (Goldfuss).

5. _Cyrtoceras_ sp.

The rock at this locality is a grey mud limestone.

No. X. WEST SHORE OF BOOTHIA (Lat. 70 to 71 N.), containing the Magnetic Pole.

1. _Atrypa phoca_ (Salter).

2. _Loxonema Rossi._ Journ. R. D. S., Vol. I. Pl. V.

3. _Favistella Franklini_ (Salter). Journ. R. D. S., Vol. I. Pl. XI.

4. _Loxonema Salteri._ Sutherland; Pl. V. Fig. 18.

The cream-colored chalky limestone found on the west side of Prince of Wales' Island here occurs, and is generally destitute of fossils, like that of Prince of Wales' Land.

[32]No. XI. FURY POINT (Lat. 72 50' N.; Long. 92 W.).

1. _Cromus Arcticus._ Journ. R. D. S., Vol. I. Pl. VI.

2. _Maclurea_ sp.

3. _Mya rotundata_ (?).

4. _Stromatopora concentrica._ 5. _Cyathophyllum helianthoides_ (Goldfuss).

6. _Petraia bina._ 7. _Calamopora Gothlandica_ (Goldfuss).

8. _Favosites megastoma (?)._ 9. _Cyathophyllum caespitosum._ 10. _Favistella Franklini_ (Salter). Sutherland; Pl. VI. Fig. 3.

11. _Strephodes Austini_ (Salter). Sutherland; Pl. VI. Fig. 6.

12. _Atrypa phoca_ (Salter).

The limestone here is of the same grey earthy aspect as at Beechey Island and Port Leopold.

[33]No. XII. PRINCE OF WALES' LAND (Lat. 72 38' N.; Long. 97 15' W.).

1. _Cyathophyllum_ sp.

2. _Calamopora Gothlandica_ (Goldfuss).

3. _Stromatopora concentrica._

These fossils occur in grey earthy limestone, near its junction with the red arenaceous limestone already described.


1. _Loxonema Rossi._ Journ. R. D. S., Vol I. Pl. V.

2. _Catenipora escharoides._ 3. _Orthoceras_ sp.

4. _Maclurea_ sp.

5. _Atrypa_ sp.

6. _Syringopora geniculata._ 7. _Clisiophyllum_ sp.

8. _Orthis elegantula._

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