Entrance exam 2: Test your knowledge; Spell casting!

Entrance exam 2: Test your knowledge; Spell casting!

As we gathered around the second field with the concentric rings and the table of wands, the atmosphere was tense. Each person's determination and ambition were palpable as we awaited the next challenge.

Mr. Stone addressed the group, his authoritative voice cutting through the silence. "Welcome to the second test. In this challenge, you'll be tested on your magical aptitude. The goal is to channel and direct your magical energy through the wand to create a controlled and precise magical effect. The rings in front of you represent different levels of difficulty. Your task is to hit the target in the center of each ring with your magical spell."

He pointed to the table covered in wands. "Choose a wand that resonates with you. Remember, the wand is merely a conduit for your own magical energy. It's your focus, intention, and control that matter most."

Spell casting? But I don't know any spells. But should I use my microphone instead?

I approached the table and picked up a wand that seemed to call out to me. It had an intricate design with a smooth, polished surface. Holding it in my hand, I could feel a faint tingle of energy, as if the wand itself was eager to channel my magical abilities.

Once everyone had selected a wand, Mr. Stone continued, "The difficulty of the challenge lies not only in hitting the targets but also in controlling the magical energy. An uncontrolled burst of magic can be dangerous. Now, let's begin."

One by one, adventurers stepped forward to take their shots at the targets. Some managed to hit the center of the rings with impressive accuracy, while others missed or created unintended magical effects that caused sparks, small explosions, or even minor illusions.

Oh my God! How is this even possible? I've never seen magic like that before! This is mind blowing I can't think staight! It was incredible to witness such powerful magic. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was truly amazing!

But nobody seems to be amused because they were all expecting something even more spectacular. Like what? How on earth do they have to get bored when something so extraordinary is happening right in front of them?

It's as if their expectations are impossibly high, leaving no room for appreciation of the incredible magic unfolding before their eyes. Maybe they're just jaded from witnessing too many extraordinary feats, or perhaps they're simply unable to comprehend the true magnitude of the magic being performed. Regardless, it's disheartening to see such a lackluster response to something so awe-inspiring.

"Next up, Aimi Sasuki," Mr. Stone announced, gesturing for me to step forward.

As my turn approached, I couldn't help but feel a mix of excitement and nerves. This was a completely different challenge from the physical strength test, and I had no idea how my magical abilities would fare in this unfamiliar world.

I took a deep breath, gripping the wand firmly. I focused on channeling my own energy, drawing upon my connection to the unique magic of my home world. As I raised the wand, I visualized the target in my mind and concentrated on a controlled burst of energy.

With a flick of my wrist, I released the magical energy.


Huh? That's odd, nothing happen. Maybe if I could cast a spell it might work? Which one though? Should I use the spells that people use?

"Fire ball!" I cast.

But nothing happen. I started to feel everyones eyes staring at me, giggling and smirking.

"Earth spare!" I cast again but nothing happen.

I don't understand, is this wand not working? Everyone had no problem casting spells but me! What am I doing wrong?


Just like before, nothing happen.

I only took two tests and I'm screwing both of them! Why is this happening to me?

Just then, Mr. Stone came up to me, "Sasuki, can I ask you a question?"

"Uh, yeah, sure."

"Do you possessed any kind of magical abilities?"

I felt a sinking feeling in my chest as Mr. Stone's question hung in the air. The realization hit me like a ton of bricks - maybe I wasn't cut out for magic after all.

"Uh, no?" I replied.

"No? What the hell? If you don't possess any magic, why are you even participating in this test? You don't have to, and you're just wasting everyone's time!"

I could hear everyone stare, giggling and laughing behind my back. Good God, it's high school all over again. I had to hold back the tears that were welling up in my eyes. I wanted to scream out and tell everyone the truth, but I knew it was pointless. I just smiled and nodded, pretending I was okay with the situation.

I stepped out of the field and heard Kael's name called out. Kael walks towards Mr. Stone.

"Alright, kid, You know what to do; pick a wand and shoot those targets at-."

Kael cut off his words. "Thank you, but I can assure you that I don't possess any kinds of magic or study them. So, I politely decline your offer."

"Oh? Um, Ok? Then, I suppose everyone can continue and take their final exam. Follow me."

As everyone followed Mr. Stone, I could hear them whispering,

"How could someone like her sign up to be an adventurer?"

"Is she asking for a death wish, or she's here to embarrass herself?"

"She's so weak and stupid! Is there any chance she'll pass this exam?"

"There's no way she'll pass!"

Their laughs are like knives. Their mocking words pierced through the air, cutting deep into my confidence. I knew that proving them wrong would be a challenge, but I was determined to show them that strength comes in many forms, not just through magic.

But I do wonder: how come I can do magic when I use my microphone but not with a wand?

He led us to a densely forested area, the air thick with anticipation. "For our third test, we'll assess your problem-solving skills and teamwork. Within this forest, you'll encounter various obstacles, puzzles, and challenges. Your task is to navigate through the forest, working together to overcome each obstacle you encounter."

"Huh? Excuse me? Mr. Rock?" Someone from the crowd raised her hand.

She was tall and had chains around her neck. She had animal ears and a tail, indicating that she was not entirely human. I honestly don't know why she wears a costume in an exam, but it looks legit like she is part human and part animal.

"It's Stone, Alice: 'Mr. Stone'. Now, what is it?" Mr. Stone responded, his voice filled with patience.

"Sir, I'm just curious as to whether there is a time limit if we can all take a break and eat lunch before taking our final test."

"No, Alice. There are no lunch breaks. You should have eaten enough food before you came here."

"But we have been out in the fields for three hours at 50 °F, and our bodies need fuel to keep us going. It's important for our concentration and energy levels to have a proper meal." Alice pleaded, her voice tinged with desperation.

Mr. Stone sighed, his stern expression softening slightly. "I understand your concerns, Alice, but the exam schedule is tight, and we must adhere to it. However, I will allow a 10-minute break for everyone to grab a quick snack and rehydrate before we begin the final test."

Everyone sighed and went to the guild's cafeteria. The cafeteria was filled with people rushing to grab snacks and drinks, eager to refuel before the final test. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee and warm pastries filled the air, providing a much-needed boost of energy for the weary students.

I only had one purple rice bowl and decided to pair it with a refreshing glass of iced tea. Thank goodness they're serving us for free; otherwise, I'll be starving to death.

As I sat down at a table, I couldn't help but notice the camaraderie among everyone as they laughed together, momentarily forgetting about the impending test.

I then saw Kael ordering a large cappuccino and a slice of chocolate cake, indulging in a well-deserved treat before the exam. After he orders, a bunch of people run up to him and discuss whether he wants to join them or not.

Jeez, he threw one iron ball as high as possible, and now he's popular? It's amazing how a simple act of throwing an iron ball can suddenly make someone popular. Kael's newfound popularity seemed to stem from his impressive display of strength and skill, which captured the attention and admiration of those around him.

I notice Alice hasn't come to the cafeteria yet. Strangely, she was the one who suggested taking a break, yet she's not here.

Well, whatever, I'll just focus on my business and read some parts of the magical song book. I flip over the pages. and immerse myself in the enchanting melodies and poetic verses.

As I lose myself in the captivating words, I can't help but wonder if Alice's absence is related to something more pressing or if she simply got caught up in another task.

Nonetheless, I continue to enjoy my peaceful moment with the book, letting the music transport me to a world of magic and wonder.

After that, Mr. Stone tells us to finish eating and go to the field for the next three minutes. After finishing my rice, I take my book and microphone with me.

Even though my performance on the previous two tests wasn't great, maybe this item will help me pass this one, right?

Chapter end

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