Email 101 Part 15

Also posted as an FAQs to the Usenet newsgroup news.answers.

[6] LISTSERVERS are the best thing going for persons with E-mail but without full Internet service. You can send mail to an entire list and get a digest of "articles" posted on a given day. Lists are espcecially good for anyone with an interest in the Humanities. A list of all listservers known to any one listserver can be obtained by sending a message to that listserver (see below).

Send the message "help" to any listserver address, e.g.

"[email protected]"

to get started.

The listserver at Brown does not respond to the global command (but is worthwhile anyway). Try sending the command "lists global" to one of the other listservers like "[email protected]".

For lists with lots of traffic you should consider the "set digest" command to get *one* mail message a day with a compendium of articles.

[5] Automatically supplied information about PSI's Internet service:

Send any message at all to address "[email protected]". There are lots of other files on their service available instantly. E.g., for information on their version of telnet, send any message to "gds- [email protected]"; for their version of FTP, any message to "psilink- [email protected]".

[4] Scott Yanoff's list of Internet Resources. At last count, there were 75 free things to do on the Internet.

Send the message:

send usenet/news.answers/internet-services/faq send usenet/news.answers/internet-services/list

to "[email protected]".

Another method is to request the materials by delayed FTP with the message:

connect cd pub get quit

to "[email protected]".

It is also worth adding the line "get internetwork-mail-guide" to the above request for a file on send E-mail between any two E-mail systems (file is 22k).

Anonymous FTP archive references:

[3] SURFING THE INTERNET, by librarian Jean Armour Polly. This must- have publication is still the best basic orientation to the Internet.

The nearest thing to the "how to use the library card catalogue" speech that opened up that other world for us when we were kids.

Send the message

connect cd pub/resources/guides get surfing.2.0.3.txt quit

to "[email protected]". Other interesting files in the same directory are:

ftp.list whatis.internet speakers_on_internet.txt

Anonymous FTP archive reference:

[2] The NIXPUB listing of public access UNIX systems (so you can read Usenet news!):

Send the message

connect cd pub/nixpub get long quit

to "[email protected]".

Anonymous FTP archive reference:

It is also posted as a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) to the Usenet newsgroup alt.bbs.

And the critics' choice is ...

[1] The PDIAL listing, a listing of dialup methods of connecting to the Internet for the general public.

Send a message to "[email protected]" with the command "send pdial" in the *subject* line.

Alternatively, send the message "send usenet/news.answers/pdial" to "[email protected]".

"What this country needs is a good 50 cent education."

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