the doom slayer was heading home after the slaughter of the demon army when he saw a group of people standing outside the gates.
"Is there something wrong?" asked the slayer.
"There has been a terrible accident," explained the man.
"A caravan transporting foodstuffs was attacked by demons and their supplies were completely destroyed.
the slayer cocked his shotgun.
"How many were injured?"
"We still don't know yet,"
answered the man.
"There was a lot of chaos."
"I'll help you," offered the slayer.

"Thank you," responded the man.
"But you shouldn't come with us. You're human..."
The slayer sighed.
"I suppose you're right," he said. "But I am going anyway."
After leaving his weapons behind, the slayer ran towards the gates. He was greeted by many people shouting and crying out in pain.
"Hurry!" yelled the slayer. "We need doctors, food, water, and blankets."
"Yes sir," replied the crowd.
As the slayer entered the city, he saw a large number of people that had bandages wrapped around their bodies.
"Are you alright?" asked the slayer.
''i'm fine'' said the slayer as demons began to swarm all around him.
"I've never seen so many demons together in one place," said a woman.
"Where did they all come from?" asked another.
"They came from hell," answered the slayer.
"What do we do?" she continued.
"Don't worry," answered the slayer. "I'm going to kill every single one of them."
"But the city isn't protected," said the woman.
"I don't care," answered the slayer. "This is war."
The slayer put his shotgun back on and headed into the streets. He found a small building that was surrounded by demons and made his way inside. Inside a doctor was tending to the injured.
"What is your name?" asked the slayer.
"Doctor," said the doctor.
"Doctor, I want you to treat everyone you can find and give them whatever they need," replied the slayer.
the demons then pounced on the slayer throwing away his weapons. He kicked and punched them away one by one. The demons then began to claw at his power Armour
"Come on," said the doctor. "Let me try to help you."
"No," said the slayer. "I can handle this."
"But-" started the doctor.
the slayer then grabbed Doctor and threw him through the window.
the demons kept swarming and beginning to overpower the slayer
"Why won't you let me help?" said Doctor.
"Because I can handle this," said the slayer. "And it wouldn't be fair for you to die."
"You're not even human," said Doctor.
"So what," said the slayer. "At least I don't hide behind a mask."
a demon clawed through the slayer's stomach Armour
"Enough!" yelled the slayer. "I'm ending this today! "The slayer picked up the nearest demon and smashed it against the wall. Then he ripped its head off with his bare hands. two more demons jumped on his back before they began dog pile on him like zombies.
"Oh my god," exclaimed Doctor.
the slayer yelled in rage and agony
"Get off of me!"
The demons then jumped on the slayer and began to rip him apart. After some time, the slayer was died. The demons got up and ravaged the rest of the city.

the slayer woke up in a desert wearing a more cyborg western look.
"What happened?" asked the slayer.
"You have been asleep for three months," answered Vega.

Chapter end

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