Cho Jigen no Maou Vol 6 Chapter 4

Cho Jigen no Maou Vol 6 Chapter 4

After a number of years unable to be measured, Saneko ended the creation of the story, the universe and all its realms were recreated in a grand display of power. The Hyper-World, the human realm, and all the other separated realms were now built anew with no concept of evil.

Saneko slowly opened her eyes and sat up in her bed, her heart racing with nervousness. She took a deep breath and got out of bed, feeling a rush of excitement and anticipation.

She quickly ran out of her home, her heart racing with excitement and nerves. She had been waiting for this day for so long - her first day at Echosia's magic school. She had heard so many stories about the incredible things that the students there could do, and she couldn't wait to become one of them.

As she ran through the streets of her city, she saw the other students heading towards the train station. She quickened her pace, determined not to be left behind. Finally, she arrived at the station, panting and out of breath.

She took a seat on the train, and as it started to move she gazed out of the window of the train, watching as the scenery whizzed by in a blur of green and brown.

As the train rattled along the tracks, Saneko couldn't help but feel a sense of nervousness in her stomach. What if she didn't fit in? What if she wasn't good enough? These thoughts swirled around in her mind, but she pushed them aside, determined to make the most of this opportunity.

She glanced at the other students on the train, all of them chatting excitedly with each other. Saneko felt a pang of jealousy, wishing that she could be as confident as they were. But then she reminded herself that everyone had their own strengths and weaknesses, and that she was just as capable as they were.

Finally, the train pulled into the station, and Saneko quickly gathered her things and stepped off the train. The school was a short walk from the station, and she could feel her heart pounding in her chest as she made her way towards it.

As she approached the school gates, Saneko took a deep breath and reminded herself of her goal. She was here to learn, to grow, and to become the best magic user that she could be.

Saneko walked through the halls of the magic school, taking in the sights and sounds around her.

Saneko took a deep breath and opened the door to her classroom. Inside, she saw rows of desks and chairs, with a chalkboard at the front of the room. Several students were already seated, chatting amongst themselves.

Saneko quickly found a seat and waited for the class to start. As she sat there, she couldn't help but feel excited about the possibilities that lay ahead.

The teacher entered the classroom, and the students immediately quieted down, eager to hear what he had to say. The teacher was a stern-looking man who began to explain the basics of magic to the class.

Saneko listened intently, taking notes and asking questions when necessary. She was excited to learn everything she could and become a skilled magic user.

After a while, the teacher started to talk about the main focus of the class. "Today, we are going to take a field trip to the Hyper-World. It's a place where many skilled magic users reside, and it will be a great opportunity for you to observe and learn from them." he said.

Saneko's eyes widened with excitement. She had heard about the Hyper-World, a place where magic users can harness the power of the universe to perform incredible feats. She had always dreamed of visiting it, and now she finally had the chance.

The teacher led the class to the school's portal room, where they stepped into a large circular platform. The teacher activated the portal, and suddenly they were surrounded by a bright light.

As they emerged on the other side, Saneko felt a rush of energy. The Hyper-World was like nothing she had ever seen before. The colors were more vibrant, the air more charged, and the people more skilled than any she had encountered before.

The teacher led them through the bustling streets, pointing out various magical shops, academies, and even a few legendary landmarks. Saneko's eyes darted from one magical spectacle to the next, taking it all in.

As they walked, the teacher explained the intricacies of the different magical disciplines and how they worked. Saneko listened with rapt attention, absorbing every word.

After a while, they came upon a group of magic users practicing their craft in a large open field. The teacher approached them and asked if they would be willing to demonstrate their skills for the students.

The magic users agreed, and Saneko watched in awe as they summoned great beasts, created massive storms, and even opened portals to other realms. It was like nothing she had ever seen before.

As the day wore on, Saneko's mind was buzzing with new ideas and techniques. She felt like she had gained a lifetime's worth of knowledge in just a few hours.

Saneko headed into the city to take in more sites. As she was distracted by the scenery, she felt a jolt as she bumped into a girl, almost knocking her off balance. She quickly reached out to steady the young girl, who couldn't have been older than 14. "I'm so sorry," Saneko said, with a hint of concern in her voice. "Are you okay?"

The girl looked up at Saneko with a slight smile. "Yeah, I'm fine," she replied, brushing off her dress.

Saneko noticed the girl's attire, which was different from the other students in the area. She wore a simple blue dress with a white apron and a ribbon in her hair, like something out of a fairytale.

"Are you a magic user?" Saneko asked, curious.

The girl looked at Saneko with big, bright eyes. "Yes, I am," she said with a smile.

Saneko watched in amazement as the girl summoned a massive power ball, her eyes wide with wonder. The ball seemed to shimmer with an otherworldly energy, crackling with sparks of electricity that danced along its surface.

"What kind of magic is that?" Saneko asked, impressed by the display.

The girl smiled, her eyes sparkling with excitement. "It's called Thunder Magic," she said. "I can summon and control lightning and thunderstorms."

Saneko nodded, still in awe of the girl's power. "That's incredible," she said. "I've never seen anything like it before."

The girl grinned and said, "I'm one of the strongest people in the Hyper-World. I can manipulate all kinds of elements and bend them to my will." She then summoned a massive power ball, this time one of fire.

Saneko looked at the girl with a glimmer in her eye and said, "I wish I could be as powerful as you someday." The girl smiled and said, "You will be if you work hard enough." Saneko felt inspired by the girl's words and thanked her.

Saneko apologized once more to the girl and got ready to leave, but she couldn't shake the feeling that there was something familiar about her. She turned back to the girl and asked, "By the way, what is your name?"

"My name is Pikku Pachin" The girl answered.

Saneko was taken aback by the girl's introduction. "Pikku Pachin?" she repeated, trying to recall where she had heard the name before.

Pikku Pachin nodded with a smile. "Yes, that's my name. Nice to meet you."

Saneko returned the smile, feeling a bit embarrassed for not being able to place the name. "Nice to meet you too. I'm Saneko."

Pikku's eyes widened in shock as she heard Saneko's name. Her face contorted with confusion and her eyes started to well up with tears. Saneko noticed the girl's reaction and asked her if everything was okay.

Pikku took a moment to compose herself before speaking. "I'm sorry, it's just that your name sounds so familiar to me," she said. "I feel like I've heard it somewhere before."

Saneko was taken aback by this. "Really?" she asked. "That's strange because I also recognize your name."

Pikku wiped away her tears and gave Saneko a smile. "I think we'll be great friends," she said. Saneko felt a warmth in her heart as she returned the smile. She had been nervous about starting school, but meeting someone as friendly as Pikku had already made her day.

Pikku then invited Saneko to come with her to the magic market to see some of the amazing things for sale. Saneko eagerly agreed, and the two of them made their way through the bustling streets of the Hyper-World.

As they walked, Pikku chattered excitedly about all the different types of magic that existed and how she couldn't wait to learn more. Saneko listened intently, feeling a growing sense of excitement herself.

The end.

Chapter end

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