Chapter 4 {Two Different Seals}

Chapter 4 {Two Different Seals}

"Who am I cannot remember but if you are here it means you are finally ready, how have you been?" The mysterious voice asked.


"Mmm you have two different seals as you saw you have a dragon within your body this dragon we call Divine Dragon God it's body it's too violent and too powerful the first thirteen seals will be getting your body ready to handle the full force they are 100,000 seals on this Divine Dragon God they will be other task to find the other parts to fully awaken it but not just that this dragon has fifteen hearts sealed within his body so you will need to handle the aura that comes out, the seal is dealing with that aura," the mysterious man said as he pointed straight forward and Gong Zhou Wei felt a dark aura such a deadly yet dark energy coming from the world pool. Deep within the world pool there sat a large giant statue who sat on a throne the stone looked so old yet when it opened its eyes. Gong Zhou Wei felt darkness forming around his body and he screamed. The mysterious man pulled Gong Zhou Wei away.

"That seal is a powerful seal as well this has 100,000 seals as well it's best to wait until you can control yourself to start breaking the seals but who knows what will happen. Now this place is your spiritual tomb that was created I cannot remember why but it feels so familiar this place will protect you and no one is able to entire they is another seal but I won't talk about that right now call me Elder Gong young boy."

"Elder Gong."

"Good now tell me what do you want to practice?"

"Nothing right now."

"Here this is Nine Dragon steps and learn them well."

"Thanks Uncle Gong, by Mister Yung!"

"Bye kid!" Yung Li said and waved goodbye. The moment Gong Zhou Wei was gone Yung Li pinkish flower body turned into a human form and he sat down on a grass and let out a sigh such a large yet beautiful spiritual mind this kid parents must be both god love if his able to have such a powerful aura like this but they is something else why does he have such a powerful dark aura? Let's not think about that right now and that mysterious man even though his cultivation is seventy million years old that man was frightening able to suppress such a evil aura like that but this kid path won't be easy at all. But his Yuan Saint Spirit Warrior is also sealed up this kid luck is both and bad mm but he will have a great future and limitless one at that.

Gong Zhou Wei sat up and he gasped such a weird dream huh his body he was wounded before but what happened? Gong Zhou Wei slowly stood up and coughed out blood that wasn't a dream and that mysterious light such a mysterious one.

This is bad if he goes home his mother and father are going to beat him up so he shouldn't go back home it's best if he just runs off wait isn't they tryout for the number one academy in Stella Sword Empire! If he goes there that would be perfect. Gong Zhou Wei heard his pet golden brown dog running up to him it was so cute it barked and jumped in Gong Zhou Wei arms. Gong Zhou Wei held out his hand on the ground and he felt the ground starting to shake a large griffin bird with beautiful peacock like feather flew straight straight at Gong Zhou Wei who jumped up and he sighed.

"Xiao Bai go to Stella Sword City."

Xiao Bai let out a threatening noise as it's twelve meter wings flew straight forward. Xiao Bai was a mysterious flying spirit beast bird it was part phoenix, peacock, and griffin and right now it was still a baby. As for Tun Tun his pet dog all it ever does is sleep and eat it's just a gluttony.

"Tun Tun all you do is eat anyway I can't allow my father to find out happen if he finds me he will so kill me his so scary both him and mom," Gong Zhou Wei mattered and shivered. As Xiao Bai flew forward Gong Zhou Wei closed his eyes and he stared at the cultivation notebook that elder Gong gave him. Let's start Gong Zhou Wei eyes closed as he started seeing the steps inside his mind he waved his hand around and he took a deep breath as he shook his head he let out a deep breath before closing his eyes again.

Four days later Gong Zhou Wei opened his eyes. Xiao Bai understood that they were now in Stella Sky Sword Empire. Gong Zhou Wei jumped down his ankle bracelet created a noise and Gong Zhou Wei slowly looked around his bamboo stick flew straight at him and Gong Zhou Wei nodded his head perfect. Xiao Bai turned into a small fat bird.

"Master aren't you worried about your parents coming after you?"

"Of course not with my talented brothers and sisters how can they worry about me?"

"I fear many things will happen to you plus you are so weak you just awaken now you can finally be Yuan Saint Spirit Warrior Master but how will you pay that girl for like almost killing you."

"Xiao Bai tell me where I'm going anyway."

"Tsk we to a Hotel and turn right then left after that you can open the door."

"Perfect thank goodness I still have my Union Spirit Card, my Louis Device and I can buy myself food as well."

"Huh what's that noise?"

"Street show."

"Damn it I wish I can see anyway I am perfect with puppet control."

Gong Zhou Wei walked inside Golden Rose Hotel the moment he stepped inside he could sense they were all kinds of people here he walked straight at the front desk and then he looked straight forward. Gong Zhou Wei's eyes closed for a moment before he held out his card.

"Hello my name is Gong Zhou Wei I would like a room."

"Yes sir they is one room left here it cost 120 Kruger's," The woman said and Gong Zhou Wei smiled before he was about to pay a guy pushed Gong Zhou Wei to the side.

"I will take that room."

"You are Qiang Lin!"

"Excuse me I was here first," Gong Zhou Wei said in a kind yet cold manner.

"Does it matter I am Qiang son so back off," Qiang Lin said as he paid for the room.

"What the hell is this how does the hotel deals with customers?" Gong Zhou Wei snapped.

Qiang Lin stepped forward and he frowned and noticed this guy is blind.

"Your blind."


"What brings a blind person here anyway this room is paid by me so now I have it."

Gong Zhou Wei who was born from a rich family isn't even that snobby! Gong Zhou Wei stormed his feet on the ground and he rushed forward to punch Qiang Lin who dodged the attack and he stuck out his tongue.

"You're blind you can't sense my movements."

Gong Zhou Wei clenched his jaw and he stormed his feet beautiful Lauio Grass appeared the swayed back and fourth as they wrapped around Qiang Lin Gong Zhou Wei eyes flashed he held out his right hand both fire and water appeared fusing into one and then Gong Zhou Wei slammed the water and fire at Qiang Lin who was trying to pull away from the Laiuo Grass that tightly wrapped around him. The next moment Gong Zhou Wei punched him as well knocking him out and Gong Zhou Wei turned around and grabbed his chubby bird.

"Just kill him fight fight fight fight fight fight fight!" Xiao Bai shouted and flew around.

"Shut up let's go to different hotel," Gong Zhou Wei said and he stormed off. He walked to much normal hotel he paid for and then he walked up the stairs. Gong Zhou Wei found that Laiuo Grass was helpful it has been with him since he was a child so he knows it well. As the Laiuo Grass wrapped around Gong Zhou Wei's finger he shook his head and he stood up he felt quiet happy today but he was so angry at the same time.

Qiang Lin woke up in his hotel room the first thing he wanted to do was find that person from yesterday even though he was blind he still defeated him how can that be fear who the hell is that guy!?

Qiang Lin looked out the window tryouts were happening in two days his eyes looked around and he saw the guy from yesterday. Qiang Lin rushed down the stairs and he courted up to blind guy. Qiang Lin reached over to the person and a killing instinct strike out.

"Move your hand you die, take a breath you die, now who are you?"

"I am the guy from yesterday," Qiang Lin said.

"Oh the room thief okay bye now."

"Wait a moment I want to fight you again."

"I refuse."

"I will pay for your food," Qiang Lin said.

Gong Zhou Wei who is a gluttony stopped and he smiled brightly.

"Alright when you want to fight we should do it in the forest so we don't cause trouble," Gong Zhou Wei said.

"Yes I agree with you so what's your name?"

"Gong Zhou Wei."

"You are from the Gong Family! I heard Gong Long became a disciple of a powerful elder who teaches at Grail Tomb Immortal Academy?"

"Yeah what is that?"

"You don't know about Grail Tomb Academy, it's in only monsters and each year tryouts become harder and harder, but they is a saying They don't expect ordinary people only monsters true monsters going to that school is biggest blessing."

"Does this letter mean?" Gong Zhou Wei said as he showed letter. Envelope that the Grail Tomb Immortal Academy symbol. Qiang Lin took the letter he didn't even get a recommendation letter this letter is telling him he has a high probability of getting in without taking the other test. Who the hell is Gong Zhou Wei.

"When did you get this letter?"

"A old man who gave it to me said you have talent come in Stella Empire and I will make sure you get into the school that's it."

"That's amazing keep this it will save you."


Gong Zhou Wei felt quiet tired he let out a yawn he walked to a food diner and he looked straight at Qiang Lin who looked back at him this guy is so strange yet his so powerful and different from other even if his blind his aura is different sigh this guy must be strong to have a teacher from the number most powerful school to give him a token to protect him.

Chapter end

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