“How can they say that those relics do not belong to Pindari?!!” said Kritika, talking to Dev, in the class. Her father was an archaeologist so she had a keen interest in her father’s field since she got exposure to this field. She was a cute girl with long black silky hair and always had a cute smile on her face.

She said so while listening to Dev’s explanation about the relics and manuscripts which were taken away from Pindari in the colonial period.

Kritika and dev were best friends since childhood. And they used to talk to each other the whole day about topics of their interest and today's topic was relics and manuscripts, which was an interesting topic for both of them.
Their conversation went on for the whole period because the subject teacher was absent today and due to them being in junior high they had very little subject to study.

“Trrrrrrrnnnnn- ttrrrrrrnnnnnnnnn- trrruuuunnnnnnn” sound came suddenly. Dev’s sleep was interrupted due to a sudden ringing sound.

Yes, that entire thing he saw till now was just a dream about his past.
Sunshine was falling on his whole body, for a while he could only see everything blurry due to waking up that late in the day.

“What!!!?” was the first thing that came out of Dev’s mouth. It was 10:03 clock. And today he will be late to his college again but there seems to be a twist, today is his last exam which he had to report by 10:30. But the distance between his house and college is itself half an hour away when traveling by bus.

He ran down his bed and fell; yes he fell down as soon he rushed out of his bed. And there he goes, now he had swollen his head due to the legendary fall he had. “Oh god! Not today at least...” he murmured to himself.

His days were not going well for him this whole month and that dream he had today was a regular guest for him during his sleep the more regularly he saw the dream the more frustrated he was becoming day by day.

Well, today it was somewhat different because he had no time to think about this entire dream he had.

He took a packet of biscuits from his kitchen, changed his attire, and rushed to the garage to take out his bicycle as this was only how he can get faster to the college as he did not have the convenience of a motorcycle and because he would have to wait for a long lime waiting for a taxi, he didn't opted for this option.

It was already 10:12 on his wristwatch. ”here goes nothing” he said and started his journey to his college. He thought of all the possible scenarios that he will face if he’ll reach late for college’s reporting time.

He would have to stand outside the door, ask for forgiveness, and whatnot.
Upon snapping back to reality ‘wow’ he found himself in traffic which was not common here at all. ‘What luck I have got’ he thought.

After some effortful struggle, he was out of the scene. He dove his bicycle as a motorbike and just reached the college campus gate, which was about to get close. “Huff huff ff....” he was panting due to exhaustion.

Today he felt like some sort of hero as if he had rescued the world from a great threat. But as soon he realized that he will be late to enter the exam hall he ran ...... with a bump on his head.

“Roll no 17” called the teacher in the exam hall for attendance and to check whether all the students arrived or not. Suddenly the door opened, “present ma’am,” said Dev while entering the hall.

Everyone seemed to ignore him as it was not new for them to see him arriving late at college, but some girls smiled instead. Some did because of his timing and some because of the legendary bump on his forehead but this was only noticeable to very few of them due to their distance.

The teacher looked at him furiously and sighed. Then he went and sat in his respective allotted seat. Then he started to give the test, for which he had to through all these actions today.

After completing the test he went to the cafeteria and took out his biscuit from his bag and started to eat, to fill his appetite.

Suddenly a thought strikes him about the mysterious death of Kritika along with her family in a car accident just a day after she confessed to him about how she felt about him.

And now this thought about his best friend’s death made him lose his appetite.

- What does this all have to do with his death?
- And did he know the reality behind their death?

For knowing, please follow our series ... and stay tuned for more updates......
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Chapter end

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