Chapter 11: Temptation

Novel: Supreme Taoist
Alternative : Super God Dao Art, 超神道术
Author: Fireworks, 当年烟火

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Lieyang Gang branch, Bai Ziyue, and Zhang Guoyi just stepped in from behind.
Suddenly, Zhang Guoyi pulled Bai Ziyue's clothes and said, "It's that Wang Jian."
A tall and thin young man walked over. It was Wang Jian who had directly put them into an apprenticeship yesterday.
   "Hello brother."
Despite his uncomfortable heart, Bai Ziyue greeted him well.
Zhang Guoyi immediately lowered his head with a respectful look when he saw this.
In a short period of time, they have seen the strict hierarchy in the Lieyang Gang, and the status of the apprentice of chores is the lowest here, and the formal disciple can even beat and scold at will without any punishment.
Wang Jian glanced at the two of them faintly, ignored them, and walked over.
Seeing this, Bai Ziyue was relieved instead.
The other party ignores them, but in his opinion, it is better.
If you really want to grab them and say something, it might be trouble.
   "Bah, villain."
Zhang Guoyi cursed in a low voice until Wang Jian left.
Bai Ziyue was a little bit dumbfounded. But it is also clear that this is just a way of venting.
The two were treated unfairly from the beginning. After passing the assessment, they were directly assigned as the lowest-ranking apprentices. Anyone would feel resentful.
It’s just that Bai Ziyue knows that they have no reliance here at all; even Uncle Ming has no right to speak here.
Low-key forbearance is the best practice.
In the future, the strength will be strong and the confidence will be sufficient, and I will have the opportunity to retaliate.
The black paper ointment prepared by the middle-aged doctor is indeed very effective. In just one or two hours, Bai Ziyue felt that his arm was not so painful. Although you can still feel discomfort if you touch it, it doesn't affect you much.
So, after having lunch in the branch cafeteria, he hurried to the martial arts field, found a corner, and stood up on the meditation pile.
As for Zhang Guoyi, after staying for an hour or two, he couldn't stay idle and left.
"The meditation pile is practiced by qi and blood, and energy is practiced."
Although the strength from Master Hong Gang can make me feel the strength from the practice of meditation, it is still too advanced for me. The first thing I want to do is actually use blood, or, say, qi and blood, which run according to the way of vigor.
"The circulation of qi and blood must first be driven by breathing."
Bai Ziyue calmly analyzed
The power of the air-traveling power is impressive, but it is the power of others after all. He is only familiar with the way it works, but it is extremely difficult to develop power by himself.
Therefore, according to his own understanding, he divided the meditation post into three steps.
One is to control the breathing rhythm; the second is to master the direction of blood flow; and the third is to integrate everything and develop strength.
"and so……"
Bai Ziyue stood on the meditation pile, thinking about the vibrating rhythm of vigor, and then, according to this rhythm, began to constantly adjust his breathing, hoping to be able to match this vibration.
I don't know how long it has passed. At a certain moment, Bai Ziyue's breathing finally trembles with the strength in his memory, and he has a fit.
The air flow he breathed gradually moved the blood in his body, followed by tremors, and finally circulated it throughout his body.
So, a trace of heat was gradually generated on his body, and soon his whole body became warm.
Even the pain in the shoulder was relieved. Even the soreness when standing upright has been greatly reduced at this moment.
"That's how it feels."
Bai Ziyue has bright eyes.
could only hold on to the meditation post for three to five minutes. He stood for a full twenty minutes before he could not hold on and stopped.
Name: Bai Ziyue
Strength: 0.55 (cannot be increased)
Speed: 0.53 (cannot be increased)
Constitution: 0.57 (cannot be improved)
Martial arts: meditation stakes (no entry, no promotion)
Soul energy: 795
"In just 20 minutes of standing, my physical strength and speed have improved again."
I believe that as long as I keep practicing and within a few days, I can really get started with meditation.
Bai Ziyue's confidence increased greatly.
You must know that with the help of Hong Gang's transmission, his physique and strength have been slightly improved.
Now that he stands alone, his physique has directly increased by 0.05, his strength has increased by 0.04, and his speed has also increased by 0.02 accordingly. The improvement is not small.
"To get started on the meditation pile, you need to stand still while standing still, sweating out and forming water droplets.
Although I can't do this now, with the heat and warmth, I can already do it.
   From the real entry point, only the skill of water milling is left. "
Bai Ziyue is calm, and his eyes are full of joy.
Even if I don’t know how long it will take to get started, after all, he is still an apprentice to chores at this time, and all kinds of complicated tasks will fall on his head immediately, and the time for cultivation will naturally be greatly reduced.
But he understands that he is already on the right path, and he does not need to suffer the pain of passing energy again before he can practice the meditation post.
And once the meditation sessions start, he can use the power of the soul to directly improve.
Xiao Cheng, even Da Cheng, are no longer far away.
In the next period of time, Bai Ziyue rested when he was tired, felt better, and started to stand again.
With the passage of time, the time for UU reading to stand still has also begun to extend.
the longest time, even for half an hour.
"Ziyue, Mr. Qian is looking for us; it should be related to the distribution of apprenticeships."
In the distance, the sun was gradually setting, and when the sun was shining, Zhang Guoyi found Bai Ziyue and said solemnly.
"Then we go over."
Bai Ziyue's heart was tight, and he hurriedly left the martial arts field with Zhang Guoyi.
   "Mr. Qian!"
Bai Ziyue and the two came to Qian Ming’s courtyard.
   "You are here." Qian Ming nodded to the two of them and said: "Originally, there is still a shortage of people in this branch mansion. I also prefer that you stay here.
But someone said hello and didn't want to see you here. Therefore, I can only send you out.
As he said this, Qian Ming shrugged, looking helpless.
Zhang Guo asked angrily.
Bai Ziyue frowned but did not speak.
"I said yesterday that you offended people, and it seems to be true."
Qian Ming smiled, but the scar on his face was even more distorted.
"If you have something to do with me, I can help you run it." If you stay in the branch, there will always be more opportunities, right?
"Good luck!" "It is not impossible to get a big person's value."
Qian Ming followed the benevolent inducements and continued.
"Uncle Ming, the uncle Ming of our village, is the leader of the Gang at Qinghe Pier."
Zhang Guoyi's eyes lit up, and he spoke quickly.
"That's easy." Qian Ming clapped his hands and said, "You only need to take out fifty taels of silver." With your Uncle Ming's name and my guarantee, I can keep you in the branch.

Chapter end

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