Elliot sat in the university’s fitness center and tried to focus on keeping count of how many reps he did with the 80 pound dumbbell he was using. He was failing miserably at the moment because Sheree was running on a treadmill in front of him. Did her training pants always hug her figure like that, Elliot thought and licked his lips. He watched her butt bounce with every step she took. If I walk up and smack it I wonder what will happen he thought, and then pictured himself being catapulted backwards into the dumbbell rack. Sheree looked back at him and smiled. Elliot’s eyes went wide. She can’t hear my thoughts can she? That thought had crossed his mind on more than this occasion. There had been multiple times over the last few days that she seemed to respond to a thought he had. Maybe she was just perceptive, but just in case, he decided to test it out.
I wanna towel you off with my tongue, he thought and stared at her back as hard as he could. She didn't seem to notice. Okay so she cant read my mind, he thought as he watched the braid bounce on her butt. He really did want, and plan to, taste all of her after this. That would be new for them. They had been sharing his bed for several days now and they had explored each other with their hands as often as they could. They didn't do anymore than that though. He definitely enjoyed it, but he wanted more. He had the unrelenting urge to kiss down her back. He hadn’t acted on it because it seemed like a strange desire to have. Even though Sheree did tell him, after they left the cafeteria, three nights ago that she wanted to feel his mouth all over her. He had dismissed the thought because she was so turned on when she said it, and she hadn’t mentioned anything like it since.
“What are you staring at?” Albert asked him in a knowing tone, as he sat on the bench next to him.
“What, nothing” Elliot said as he felt his face heat up. He went back to his reps and looked down this time.
“I’m not judging you, bro. She’s clearly showing off for you,” Albert said as he lifted the huge dumbbell he was holding. It made the one Elliot was holding look like a child’s toy.
“Sheree wouldn’t show off for me, or anyone else really,” Elliot said in an offended tone.
“Okay, then why did she get on the machine directly in front of you when there’s all those other machines open?” Albert said and gestured at the six open treadmills that stood against the walls.
“Talk about the best seats in the house, she should be charging for this view,” a short, heavy set girl with striking, blue hair said and sat next to Albert.
“I’ll pay you to get on the one next to her,” Albert said with a flirty smile.
“Ha, that money would go straight to the doctors that have to revive my fat ass when I pass out,” the girl said before she, Albert, and Elliot all burst into laughter.
“Oh, Elliot this is Rayne. Rayne, this is Elliot,” Albert said, introducing them.
“Hi Rayne,” Elliot said and shook her hand. Her grip was so tight it hurt Elliot’s hand.
“Hey Haynes, that better be more than 400 pounds you’re lifting,” she said before comparing the massive weight she was lifting to the one Albert was.
“I don’t waste my time with anything less than 600,” Albert said and smirked at her.
“Whatever pretty boy, you still can’t take me though,”she said as her and Albert began growling at each other like hungry animals.
Elliot stared at them and realized they had something going on. Rayne seemed to balance Albert’s energy with her own. They made a strangely good couple, he thought.
“Why are they growling?” Sheree asked when she walked over. The white, towel on the bench next to Elliot, floated off the bench and into her outstretched hand.
“It’s apparently how they communicate, I’m not sure but I think Albert’s losing,” Elliot said and laughed before introducing Sheree to Rayne.
“Those weights are enormous,” Sheree said, her robotic tone making it feel like she was insulting them.
“Of course they are, we gotta get ready for the tournament. Small weights get your ass kicked,” Rayne said and gestured to the dumbbell Elliot was holding.
“Hey, not all of us can lift hundreds of pounds with one hand,” Elliot said and gestured at Rayne and Albert.
“How many hands would you need to lift me?” Rayne asked and winked at Elliot.
Sheree’s head gave a quick, involuntary jerk at her words. Elliots face turned a deep shade of red and Albert spoke up.
“What the hell was that?” He asked, his voice was a mixture of humor, and scolding.
“You see him. You don't think I like tall dudes? I didn't say nothing when you were watching her ass bounce on that treadmill,” Rayne defended herself.
Sheree’s hands shot behind her instinctively.
“Girl, now you just sticking your tits out, be proud to look the way you do. Why you trying to cover up?” Rayne asked Sheree.
Sheree didn't respond, instead she sat on the other side of Elliot and continued drying off.
“So who all can be in the tournament?” Elliot asked Albert.
“I think every student can try to qualify to be in it, not that any of you stand a chance against me,” Albert said as Sheree leaned forward and looked at him.
An awkward silence fell over the group at that moment. As they all remembered what had taken place between Albert and Sheree.
“The M-Week festival is also coming up,” Rayne said and broke up the tension.
“What’s M-Week?”Sheree asked.
“M-Week is the celebration of Henry's meteorite. Apparently it took a week to get here so the celebration lasts that long. There’s gonna be food, music, fireworks and souvenirs you can buy,” Rayne explained. Her face was full of joy as she spoke.
“You seem excited about this,” Albert said sarcastically. He exaggerated how she looked as she spoke.
"I wasn't that excited about it," Rayne said and lightly shoved him.
"Oh you wanna do this right here and now?" Albert said and put his dumbbell down.
"Bring it on Alberta," Rayne said and stood up. She stretched and threw punches at the air.
"Excuse me while i go kick my gi, my friend's butt," Albert said and stood up.
Rayne immediately pounced on him. They began trying to flip each other on the gym mat.
"I heard what you said, you think I'm some kinda girlfriend?" Rayne said as they struggled. The words sounded more like a challenge than anything else.
"You're whatever I say you are," Albert responded as they toppled to the floor.
He had her in a headlock and she had her arms wrapped around his abdomen, trying to suplex him.
"Wow," Sheree said as she watched struggling on the floor.
Elliot had a broad smile on his face and his fists raised as he watched the scuffle
“How come we never do stuff like that?” Elliot asked Sheree, with disappointment in his voice.
“Because of this,” She said in her flat tone and touched the back of his left hand with her right index finger. A tiny, blue spark of visible electricity popped between their skin and caused them both to shudder.
“Oh yeah, I forgot about that,” Elliot said and rubbed his hand.
“Oh Sheree, since the tournament is males versus males and females versus females, I’m making it my goal to face and defeat you,” Rayne said from the floor. She was sitting crossed legged now, while Albert lay flat on his stomach.
Sheree didn't respond, she just launched into a high pitched sadistic laugh as she stared wide eyed at Rayne.
“What did you just unleash in her?” Albert asked as he sat up.
“I’m not sure, but I don't think it's human,” Rayne said as the terrifying laugh filled the room.

Chapter end

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