1 Day later at night

I woke up and I was in one of his shirts and he was sleeping next to me. I got up and walked to the door then I was turned and grabbed the throat and lift it. “Sabrina...” he said “what” I said barely about to talk and breathe “Raelin would have laid on my back” he said gripping my throat harder. “I didn’t want to wake you because you probably haven’t slept this last week” I said then put my hand on his trying to pull it off because I started to feel dizzy then he dropped me and walked away and sat on the end of the bed. “I’m sorry” he said then I walked to him “it's going to heel” I said then grabbed his hand and he looked at my neck “you have bruise now...” he said then I pushed him to the wall and started to kiss him and he put his hand on my waist, and he pushed me on the bed and started to kiss my neck. “Open up” Sophia said then he shot off me and I let out a groan from him pulling away. He opened the door. “love are you ok?” she asked “I was doing better 1 minute ago” I said looking at the ceiling “Zayne what did you do?” she asked turning to him “what did I do what did you do?” he said then I looked at them “I’m going to take a shower” I said then speed to the bathroom I dragged the towel over my body the hot water felt good then I got out and walked past him without a towel and I felt his eyes on me from the bed “what are to you doing?” he asked I grabbed one of his suit skirts then walked out buttoning it and walking to him purposely messing up buttoning his skirt. “move your hands” he said then unbuttoned the skirt then looked at my breast then started to button it up then I pushed him back and put my pussy on top of his dick and lean down to his ear “I haven’t had sex in such a long time and last time and I was cut off last time” I said then he flipped me over “what about me” he said then he started to kiss my neck and I dragged my finger up and down his back then he pulled away and looked at then skirt then pulled me up and took of the skirt then reached for the drawer then grabbed the vibrator then pushed it in me and turned it on then I got up and pushed him to the end of the bed and crawl down and started to give him pleasure. He pulled out the vibrator and pushed his hard dick on my pussy lips and my clit “stop” I said “stop what” he said then I flipped him and put myself on his dick then he flipped us to our side and fucked me. I laid with his dick in me “so your cum want get me pregnant” I said “it’s a 1 in a 0 chance” he said then pulled out and I sat up “your already died” he said then kissed my forehead “Ok” I said then got up and walked to the bathroom door “are you coming” I said from the door frame and he turned his head and smiled then sped to me “of course” he said then picked me up bride style and placed me down by the feet on the cold floor. I turned on the water then I was grabbed back and his arms across my breast and he put his fangs on my neck and his cock in the middle of my legs “are you hungry?” he asked “for what?” I asked turning around “blood” he said then I took in a deep breathe, it the only way I can live. I gave him a smile “yeah” I said then put my head on the shoulder getting on my tippy toes. I sat at the table poking the blood bag, “Raelin?” he called to me, and I looked up “do you need help?” he asked “no... I'm ok” I said then took of the top, I closed my eyes and brought it to my mouth and drank it. After going thought two bags I felt like threw up. “You look less pale” he said then I shot him a stare and he smiled “so” he said leaning on the table then I had a flash back. “Where is my necklace...?” I asked with and Ice-cold look “what” he said “my crystal... necklace” I said then stood up and he sped off. “here” he said, and I grabbed by the stone then it burnt me. “What the fuck” I said dropping it. “And that’s why I didn’t give it to you” he said. I looked up at him “what did you do?” I asked balling my fist. “What did I do who even gave you that necklace did that” he said “my mother... she” I said then I hit him “you just want me to go against my parents” I said pushing his back turning not to cry then he grabbed my wrist and I tried to yank myself away then he pulled me into a hug and I still put-up fight. “Are you ok now” he asked “yeah...” I said then he let me go I stepped back and put my ass on the table. “what’s wrong” he asked, “I don’t know when I woke up something felt different” I said then “what do you mean?” he asked “I don’t know if feels full” I said then looked up “like I’ve unlocked something” I said, and he walked to me and cupped my face “we will figured it out” he said then I move my hand to his and then turned my face to be on his palm put my lips on it. “Thank you” I said then stood up and I gave him a weak smile then he gave me a questionable look, “it’s just... I won’t be about to have kids or other thing that a human can do” I said. “What happened to your brother?” I asked “his were he need to be” he said then I looked at him “ok” I said then he put his arms around me. I was laying on the bed looking at the wall then Sophia walked in, and I turned to her. “Hey love do you want to go shopping?” she asked then I leaned up, “sure” I said then got up and walked to the closet and she followed me. “What about blue this blue plaid?” she asked “no...” I said “we have been here for 20 mins” she said “ok fine the blue dress” I said then she hands me a white shirt to go under it.

Chapter end

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