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Chapter Eighteen : Kaoru’s Cake House, V

Live together and work together – not only for the sake of each other, but for one’s own sake as well.

Jasmine was highly anticipating Ginn’s return – so much so that she was barely able to focus as his return date neared. Her attention wasn’t on on the breakfast with her mother and Suki, the new information given by Elle that her FUSE-FASHION photo shoot would commence in only five days, and on the small shopping trip the other two did at Sunway Pyramid. She was only focused on the fact that she and Ginn would finally be able to spend time together. Jasmine gathered her thoughts and collected herself as she stepped into Kaoru’s Cake House. Inside were the friends she made there… and Ginn.

However, Jasmine found herself struggling to find words to speak to the young man she had long awaited to return from his overseas trip, and instead focused her attention on Denny, who looked more cheerful than ever before.

“What’s gotten into you?” she smiled back at the blonde.

“Nothing, nothing~ I’m my normal self!”

Ginn pinched Denny’s cheek at his remark. He knew that his friend was keeping a secret.

Jasmine turned her attention to Izz and studied the man. His expression betrayed him of no emotions. Even after reuniting with Liyana, he retained his usual calm demeanor. Catching sight of Jasmine’s gaze, Izz smiled and nodded politely at her direction. The girl returned his smile, and although she anxiously wanted to prod him about his relationship with her best friend, she refrained. As neither parties broached the topic first, Jasmine didn’t want to come off as a busybody. Not to mention, she had been too immersed in things in her own life… particularly in a little subject called “love.”

Jasmine glanced at Ginn who caught her look and smiled. This game of smiling continued to the point where the others noticed that they were clearly in love. Denny could only shake his head, smiling at the two lovebirds, as he was the only one in the shop who knew more about their situation than anybody else.

Love is an emotion that forgives, accompanied by habitual soft gazes.

After giving his order, Ginn took a seat near the far right corner of the shop. Located close to the hidden balcony of the cake house and secluded from the other tables, the seat was a strategic spot for those who wanted to spend some private time with one’s significant other. Meanwhile, Jasmine was still studying the cakes on display with full concentration.

“Hey, Jasmine… I want to ask you something.”

She turned towards the voice, but saw only Denny who was looking down at the cash register. She could have sworn that it was he who spoke to her, but he only replied with silence at her stand to attention. As the girl was about to turn back to the cakes, Denny’s gaze flitted at her.

“Did Ginn say anything special to you?”

Confused, Jasmine shook her head.


Again, she shook her head. She averted her gaze to Ginn who appeared like he was in a reverie, staring at the view outside the window. Denny hissed at her actions, in fear that Ginn would notice her staring. Jasmine’s gaze snapped back to the blonde.

“Has he professed his love to you?”

With cheeks burning red and a demure smile, Jasmine shook her head a third time causing Denny’s lips to form a thin line.

“And Elle?”

Jasmine’s eyes widened. The main question in her mind was why Denny mentioned Elle’s name at all but even so, the memory of her and Elle enjoying themselves at the botanical garden replayed itself. She felt a small tug at her heart; she missed his presence.

“What about him?” she asked Denny, but Bob cut him off before the blonde could muster a reply.

“He liked you before and now he’s a busybody since the apple of his eye came back already~”

Denny had Bob in an immediate headlock, but unfortunately for the short-haired blonde, the other blonde that was residing in the kitchen of Kaoru’s Cake House suddenly emerged.

“Hey! Are you fooling around or working?!” Wing’s stern eyes narrowed further at the duo while a menacing aura appeared. Denny released Bob as though he had been scorched by fire and the two of them resumed their earlier work.

“Hello, Jasmine,” Wing smiled comfortingly as though the menacing aura from earlier was never there at all. “Where’s Ginn?”

“He’s over there…” Jasmine gestured to the corner where Ginn sat. This time, the young man cast his gaze towards the cashier counter and found Denny waving at him. He thought it was weird but dismissed it as part of Denny’s quirky, comical attitude. Ginn shook his head while Wing made his way towards the young fashion designer, leaving Denny alone with Jasmine once more. However, a new presence suddenly appeared in the Cake House.

“Hello dear~ I’ve missed you so much, 143!”

Jasmine’s head snapped to the entrance and found herself staring at a petite girl sporting a black bob skipping towards the cashier counter. Her features were akin to a child’s with her wide doe-eyes, button nose and small lips. Not to mention her skin too had a dewy, flawless look to it. Puzzled, the girl returned Jasmine’s stare.

“Hello, and 143 to you too, darling,” Denny replied, causing Jasmine to revert her stare back at the blonde. Denny grinned shyly.

“This is Jenny. Darling, this is Jasmine: one of Kaoru’s Cake House’s best customers,” he introduced.

“Hi, nice to meet you,” Jasmine smiled at the petite girl, who now had a name to her face.

“Hey,” Jenny beamed.

“Well, I’m going to head over there now. You guys have fun conversing. Let’s talk some time when we’re free,” Jasmine directed the last line to Jenny and then headed towards Ginn who was still in a conversation with Wing. Though, she wasn’t as much focused on guessing what their topic of conversation was, as to finding the meaning to the three numerals. Just what on earth did ‘143’ mean?! Ginn once spoke them to her the first time they dined together at Kelantan Delights. Today, she heard them again but spoken to each other by Denny and Jenny.

‘…Is it a secret code between lovers? Or is it something else?’

Jasmine soon grew frustrated and forced the thoughts back. Calming herself down, she decided that she would eventually learn the meaning of what the three numbers meant when the time was right. Whether by fate or coincidence, a familiar notification tone played, indicating that Jasmine had received a new text. Pulling out the phone from her back pocket, she saw that it was from Elle with the content being a simple ‘143’. The earlier thoughts resurfaced and the guessing game restarted in her mind.

‘My condo’s number is E-14-3 but that can’t be what it means since I’m pretty sure that Elle, Denny and Jenny don’t know where I live…’

Little did Jasmine know, her frustrations would not be ending anytime soon.

Chapter end

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