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Chapter Eight : If Remembered, The Other Would Remember Too

Night arrived peacefully. The dark blanket in the sky was filled with stars and the crescent moon illuminated it.

However, one person did not feel calm by the tranquility. In the vague darkness that covered the bedroom, Jasmine stared out of her window from her cross-legged position on her fluffy bed while hugging her pillow.

The girl’s heart was filled with longing for someone. The incident in the lift earlier in the day had really gripped onto her soul. It wasn’t how they didn’t share the same views, but it was the sudden speeding up of her heart.

At this moment, Jasmine missed him. The stare he had made her melt. When his face was up close, she could see every fine detail on him; the long, thick lashes and his beautiful clear complexion that would make every girl jealous. It was hard for her to forget.

But then, it was harder for her to understand how beautiful this feeling she felt blooming in her heart could be. In one second, they hated each other but in the other second that followed…they had most likely fallen in love…?

‘The way Ginn’s eyes had shone in the lift was as if he was trying to show me something…something like love,’ Jasmine smiled at that thought, feeling a little shy.

But wait!

“How can things turn out like this?! There’s no way that I have feelings for that jerk!” Jasmine suddenly shouted. “Impossible!” She threw her pillow to one side and got up to move closer to her window. She faced the sky, trying to take in the sight before her. She counted the stars (never mind that it was impossible to count them all) and stared at the moon, trying to clear her mind. Still, Ginn Celes remained in there.

“I think he was wearing Allure Sport for Men just now…Was it because of me?” Jasmine mumbled to herself. She closed her curtains and plopped onto her bed. Her lips had curved up into a sweet smile, a smile that one would show when one was in love.

Her eyes closed in satisfaction. ‘He was wearing Allure Sport for Men like dad!’ she shouted happily in her mind.

Ginn could not sleep. He was standing on his balcony, looking out at the beautiful wide night sky that was filled with stars. The moonlight shown so brightly that it nearly illuminated the whole room behind him.

‘She should be able to see the moon clearly at her home…’ the thought unconsciously came into Ginn’s mind. When he realized that, he groaned in dismay. Her face had embedded itself in his mind. Did he fall for her already?

Well, he knew the answer to that question as he was already interested in her since their first meeting. However, the first meeting did not go well. Still, it did not mean that that didn’t promise a seemingly impossible dream, and the proof for that is that now he truly felt something in his heart for Jasmine. That feeling….that feeling was a feeling that he once felt with Moon. However, the one he felt now seemed more than love, it was like hope. Hope that both he and she could be more than friends….

Ginn let out a louder groan in dismay. ‘Impossible!’ he shook his head to rid of all thoughts about the beautiful girl living in front of his condo unit. He moved away from the balcony as he felt the cold biting onto him and headed to his bedroom. Every step he took, his mind would remember Jasmine’s face and stare. Her deep brown eyes were large and wide like a doe’s, but the emotion that shone in them made them more beautiful.

‘Was it love?’ Ginn smile at himself. There was no way he would believe that to be true.

He shut the bedroom door behind him and fell onto his fluffy and soft queen sized bed. It felt like heaven lying there but that could not compare to the feeling that made Ginn continue to smile at himself now

His bedroom felt so wide and large, making him feel lonely. The loneliness could be cause by yearning due to love. It was an emotion that made him feel impatient for the moment he would once again meet her, who he was hoping to be by his side at this second, to arrive.

“She changed her perfume…it smelled like Estee Lauder’s PAE just now…” Ginn mumbled, still smiling to himself. “She changed her perfume…was it because I commented on the topic that day?” he continued. Ginn wanted to believe that Jasmine had indeed changed her perfume because of his comment that day because now, he himself was starting to like the scent of Allure Sport for Men.

“Ah! That’s enough Ginn Celes! Not much had even happened and you have already fallen in love!” he groused while slapping himself on the cheek. “It’s better for me to sleep…!” he turned again and immediately shut his eyes.

It was obvious that he was exhausted by today’s events because he drifted off to slumber right after his eyes closed. His slumber brought him to a dream…a dream that invited him to meet with Jasmine.

Why is it a taboo to confess your love even though you can still feel it in the longing hatred, the cool night, the feeling of love is still there…

Chapter end

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