143 Kaoru's Cake House CH 2

Chapter Two : A Wedding Dress Promise

 Days end rather quickly. Yet no matter how fast time ticks away, each second remains special to those who appreciate it.

The evening sky was breathtaking with grey clouds that were lined with hues of orange and red. It was as if it could relieve the saddened heart, and soothe the stirring soul.

From the 14th floor of a condominium, Ginn Celes enjoying that sunset as he sipped on a cup of hot coffee on his balcony. Immediately, he felt energized. He turned around and gazed directly at his living room with his back against the balcony railing. His eyes were fixated on the Ehlen Johansson coffee table that was filled with designs sprawled on top among different colored pens and pieces of paper that showed the multiple designs for wedding gowns…

“Who knew it was this hard to come up with a design for her…?” Ginn mumbled to himself.

Cring! Cring!

The shrill sound of his house phone ringing could be heard. With lazy steps, he went and fetched the phone.


“Hey! This is you’re brother! What’s wrong with your cell phone? Did you lose it yet again?” came the voice of Mike, his older brother.

Ginn was confused for a moment. Then, he remembered about his cell phone. Where was it again? He remained silent as he tried to recall.

“Hello! Hello!” Mike repeatedly called when Ginn had been quiet for almost a minute.

“I’m still here! Anyway, I don’t remember…it should be in the car, I guess.”

“What’s the matter with you, Ginn? Don’t keep the habit of forgetting, it’s dangerous!” Mike scolded. It was worrying when his brother was in such a condition.

“That’s not it…After coming back from the boutique; I rushed home so I could finish Moon’s bridal dress design. I just realized that your wedding is in 2 months! I can be laidback after I return fromKorea,” Ginn answered sincerely.

His older brother’s protests could then, be heard from his side of the line.

“Okay…my advice to you is that you discuss with her about the design. If she rejects later, it’ll just be problematic!” Mike finally advised.

“Alright…I’ll call her later. You have to be there too.”

“Of course! My fiancée is your ex-girlfriend. How can I leave you two be alone?” Mike answered jokingly.

Ginn harrumphed. “Hey, come on…it’s been 3 years alright? Do you see me wanting to steal her back? Anyway, she definitely loves you more than me,” he replied seriously.

Truth to be told, it had never crossed his mind once to return to the time where he still had Moon Johanez. The only qualified place where she belongs to is with Michael Celes, his brother. In the past, it could be due to his ego that he lost her, but he knows very well that egos can never overcome love. So, that was why he was willing to let Moon be with Mike.

“I don’t see it, Ginn. However, I won’t be confident as long as you don’t have a girlfriend. Understand?” Mike said in a somewhat teasing manner.

Whenever he was questioned about a girlfriend, Ginn would be rendered speechless. He himself didn’t understand why he wasn’t romantically linked with any girl, seeing as his everyday life was surrounded by them. Females of all kinds and types wanted his heart. If he willed so, he could surely have gotten any girl by now. So why didn’t he?

“About that, don’t worry. I’ll introduce her to you when I get one,” Ginn jokingly replied.

“Ahh…that’s enough! Anyway, I only called to check on you because your future sister-in-law was complaining so much since she couldn’t reach your cell phone an hour ago.”

“Where is she?”

“Right next to me,” Mike laughed, “She says hi. We’ll confirm later on when we can sit and discuss about the design. By this week for sure though.”

Moon was at Mike’s side and silent all the while? That was the Moon that Ginn knew since long ago. Even if she was noisy, she would still remain soft-spoken. She was a girl that didn’t have many words but, many ideas instead. Ginn could imagine that Moon was smiling all the while as she witnessed his and Mike’s playful banter.

“Alright, send my regards to my future sister-in-law who’s the director of the heart of the other shoot of the banana plant’s,” Ginn said before ending the conversation.

“Goodness, you’re going overboard! Well, bye!”


Mike disconnected the call immediately after. Ginn was left alone once more. His eyes wandered to balcony where the sky had fully darkened. He hadn’t realized that dusk had already turned to night. Ginn directed his attention to the clock on the wall, 8.15PM it read. The coffee in his hand had lost its warmness. A cynical smile appeared on his lips before he headed for the kitchen…



* When Ginn says, “Alright, send my regards to my future sister-in-law who’s the director of the heart of the other shoot of the banana plant’s.” Well, by the last part of the sentence, he was referring to the fact that banana plants can produce 2 shoots at a time; a larger one for immediate fruiting and a smaller “sucker” or “follower” to produce fruit in 6–8 months.

Chapter end

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