143 Kaoru's Cake House CH 11

Chapter Eleven : Kaoru’s Cake House, III

 An hour had passed since Ginn, Mike and Moon sat down to discuss about Moon’s wedding dress, that passed hour was also an hour after Elle Cavier arrived. In that time period, more than five other customers had entered and left, buying the delicious cakes at Kaoru’s Cake House. Now and then, Wing stopped by at their table and every time he did, he would definitely be asked the same question; ‘What do you think?’ by Elle. The answer he gave every time asked was, ‘Well….not bad.’

Now, the final say has been accepted. Moon had finally agreed with one of Ginn’s designs but, it is with the deal that the wedding dress’ collar on that design was not to reveal too much cleavage.

“I like the wedding dress that Kate Middleton wore during her wedding. It looks so marvelous! I want something like that, but without sleeves. Have the lace that covers the skin connect from the dress to a collar and add on silk gloves that ends above the elbows instead,” Moon slightly gushed. Mike and Ginn exchanged looks before smiling at each other. They were both men who understand Moon’s tastes. Ginn, someone who Moon once loved and Mike, the person Moon loves dearly now.

“Alright guys? Don’t make that kind of face. I want a dress like that, simple, classy and elegant yet not too old fashioned,” Moon continued sternly. The two men she was addressing two said nothing but nodded their heads in reply instead. Elle could only smile as he shook his head. “Moon, Berry’C will make sure that youlook way more marvelous and way more gorgeous than Kate Middleton on your big day, ok?” he said.

Moon’s lips curled up into a shy smile. “You don’t have to go that far, Elle. Simple is already enough. Kate Middleton is a girl who’s married to a prince. I am only a normal girl who’s going to marry a normal man.”

“Moon, this is a once in a lifetime thing so there’s nothing wrong to that…unless, you want to marry again sometime?” Ginn replied in a joking manner. This made Moon’s face turn a shade of red while Mike could only blink his eyes.


 A playful slap from Moon landed on Ginn’s right shoulder.


 A hard flick from Mike landed on Ginn’s left ear.

“Ouch! Mike! That hurts!” Ginn whined while rubbing his red ear.

“Who asked you to say such nonsense?” Mike replied angrily causing Elle to shake his head again at the sight of the Celes brother’s argument. Elle got up from his seat and then, made his way towards the cashier counter. The second he ordered something from Denny who was behind the cashier counter, the bell hanging above the front door suddenly jingled which meant that a new customer had just entered.


 The door closed by itself behind Jasmine as she entered. Denny’s expression changed to a happier one when he saw her—his dream girl!

Seeing that Denny’s attention now was to something or someone behind him, Elle turned his head to see the recently entered customer and as soon as he did, he couldn’t help but feel attracted to her.

“Hey guys!” Jasmine waved at Denny at his place behind the cashier counter and at Bob who was at his spot near the cake display rack. It was for sure that her smile was too sweet that it melted Denny’s heart.

However, there was also another’s heart which also melted.

‘She’s beautiful!’ Elle mentally exclaimed.

The conversation between Ginn, Mike and Moon had stopped. Ginn’s eyes were on Jasmine who was walking towards the cashier counter. Her steps weren’t too big or too small. It had a slight skip to it that made her appear more cheerful than she was at that moment. Ginn’s heart began speeding up. The girl who had a grip on his heart had appeared before his eyes!

Mike and Moon were confused by Ginn’s sudden interest in something else. Their eyes followed where his eyes were staring. When they saw Jasmine, they smiled knowingly at each other. She was the girl that came up with the idea of decorating the interior of the shop with chrysanthemums! She was the one that made Ginn seem like a new person. He was finally going after a girl! His ego flew away as soon as his eyes set sight on her, this was amazing!

At the cashier counter, Jasmine stood directly next to Elle. She looked at his with her sweet smile on her lips while thinking about how handsome he was. Elle returned the smile while giving a polite nod. Inside, he felt like his soul was stirring—like someone who had fallen in love (at first sight).

“I feel like I know you from somewhere…have we meet before?” Jasmine tilted her head to one side. Her words puzzled Elle who was trying to control his feelings. “What do you mean?” he asked.

When her question was replied with another question, Jasmine became confuse as well. It was weird how she had spoken that way unexpectedly and it was the first time as well. “I’m not entirely sure, you just seem familiar…never mind, please forget what I’ve just said,” Jasmine replied, dropping the subject. She turned attention to Denny after that.

Elle grew suspicious at this but pushed the feeling away as it would be troublesome. On the other hand, Denny was waiting for Jasmine to speak. However, that girl suddenly furrowed her eyebrows in confusion instead.

“Eh?! Where is she?!” Jasmine exclaimed, looking left and right as if she was searching for someone. Then, she turned to the front door of the shop.

“Oh, that girl!” Jasmine let out a huff. “Sorry, I’m supposed to have a friend with me, but she didn’t want to enter and it clearly looks like that she did just that! Hold on for a second, alright?” she explained before going out.

Denny and Elle looked at each other, both lost and both shrugging to show that neither knew what was going on.

Ginn grew irritated the second he saw Jasmine suddenly exit the place. It disappeared soon though as it was barely even a minute before she reentered the shop while dragging another girl.

Jasmine’s steps came to a stop in the middle of the front door and cashier counter of Kaoru’s Cake House. Something had made her freeze. She felt something like something was pulling her. Her heartbeat echoed in her ears. She spun to her left where Ginn sat. When her eyes caught sight of him, her heart pounded louder. As she was about to smile and as Ginn was about to catch it, she thought otherwise.

‘This isn’t the time,’ Jasmine thought. She turned back around and continued her way towards the cashier counter. She didn’t see Ginn’s disappointment and how the couple sitting in front of him was bewildered.

“Denny, please bring us two slices of blueberry cheesecake sprinkled with nuts, one orange juice and one…” Jasmine paused and turned to her companion. “Liyana, what would you like to drink?” she asked.

“Strawberry milk, please,” Liyana told Denny, looking uncomfortable. She felt like she couldn’t breathe.

Denny’s eyebrows were furrowed after he had gotten a good look at Jasmine’s companion. She looked really familiar and he voiced that out. The girl gave a small smile.

“Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten already, Denny? It’s me, Liyana!” Liyana replied while holding out a hand for a handshake.

“Ohhh! Liyana! The Liyana that was with…” Denny took her hand and shook it, but he was unable to finish his sentence because Liyana had cut him off. “Shh! Let’s talk about that later, alright? Is he still here?” she said.

Jasmine smiled at her spot next to Liyana. Although she didn’t know the full story, at least she knew that Liyana had visited the cake shop once and even made friends with the employer and employees.

Elle had not spoken since the beginning of Jasmine, Liyana and Denny’s conversation. Like a stranger, he merely listened. After all, standing next to Jasmine was already enough.

“He’s at the back with Wing. It’s been long since he has last seen you, right? Where did you go?” Denny questioned.

“I see…let’s talk later. This man wants to order something. He’s been waiting for a long time already,” Liyana motioned to Elle who still has not spoken since then. Jasmine turned her head to look as well. Elle was smiling politely at them. Questions on whether she had truly met him before were still running through Jasmine’s mind. From his looks, Jasmine knew that he was a man that shared the same tastes as Ginn.

“Ah! Let me introduce him to you. This is Elle Cavier, a fashion designer from Berry’C,” Denny told Liyana and Jasmine.

“Oh, I know why you seem so familiar now! Elle Cavier! Two weeks ago, you’ve ordered some flowers from my mother’s shop!” Jasmine exclaimed with a bright smile. Then, she noticed Elle’s expression that showed that her words still didn’t ring a bell in his head. “Maria’s Bouquet?” Jasmine reminded.

“Ah, I see! So, you’re Miss Maria’s daughter, right?” Elle replied once realization struck him. Jasmine nodded and this is the blooming friendship between them.

Ginn who had been watching from a distance all along could feel an unpleasant emotion flooding his being. The sight of Elle and Jasmine conversing and laughing…their first meeting was better than how he and the same girl had first met. That unpleasant feeling was jealousy and it’s sprouting in Ginn.

Jealousy can show how much you care for a person…

Chapter end

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