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Chapter Ten : Kaoru’s Cake House, II

“Where’s Izz?!” Wing’s voice from the kitchen echoed within the walls of Kaoru’s Cake House. Bob, who was at the cake display rack near the cashier counter, could hear it clearly. What less the customers that were seated nearby?

Wing’s favorite employee had disappeared from the kitchen without notice half an hour ago. Denny didn’t know where he had gone off to so the rest wouldn’t as well. Denny looked at Bob, Bob looked back at Denny. The both of them were clueless. If was as if Izz had vanished into thin air.


Izz appeared at the front door, the main entrance—not the emergency exit door or the back door located in the kitchen—of the cake shop. This meant that he had gone to a place far from the grounds of Kaoru’s Cake House.

Bob went to were Izz stood and then asked, “Where did you go, Izz? Wing’s been looking for you!”

Like his usual behavior, Izz still looked calm like nothing had happened, puzzling everyone else further. It was a known (and terrifying) fact of what would happen when Wing became angry.

“I went out for a while and forgot to inform someone. It was an emergency,” Izz replied Bob. He strode into the kitchen where Wing was waiting. Bob and Denny could only watch Izz as he did so. In his right hand was a small paper bag with Tiffany & Co. printed on it. The two males stared at it for a few extra seconds before looking at each other and sharing the same thought;

‘Izz has a special gift for someone!’

Izz entered the kitchen and saw Wing busy getting ready to bake something—most likely trying a new recipe. Noticing Izz’s presence, Wing left his work.

“Where did you go, hmm?” he questioned.

“Sorry boss, but she’s back so I have to achieve my dream before it’s too late,” Izz answered politely, showing an expression that asked for forgiveness for this one time.

“What do you mean?” Wing raised an eyebrow. He couldn’t fully comprehend the words of his employee that was the most silent and obedient compared to the others. However, when his eyes caught sight of the paper bag from an exclusive international jewelry brand that was in Izz’s right hand, he understood.

“Liyana’s back already?”

Izz nodded in confirmation. Wing fell silent. There wasn’t any use to lecture Izz for leaving the shop without permission. After all, there are times when love overcomes reason. Today, he must accept that that was what made Izz act out of character.

One of Wing’s weaknesses is that he clearly understands the love one feels for someone. It was something to be cherished, especially when it’s from a young man who truly knows the meaning of love and is also very patient with the person that gained his affection. Izz will never act rashly even though he has waited for a long period. Still, patience will wear thin like how clear water will turn cloudy at some time. So before rust lines the shining object, Izz gets…something from Tiffany & Co.?!

“Is that what she likes?” Wing motioned at the paper bag. Izz nodded again in reply. He placed the paper bag on the shelf near the area where drinks were made.

“That’s sweet,” Wing commented while returning to his soon-to-be cake. Izz did not reply. He stood still as if he lost all reason to do anything. Wing proceeded to mix the ingredients he placed in the mixing bowl like Izz was no longer there, making the other male feel uncomfortable.

“You don’t wish to say anything else, boss?”

“What else should say? That’s expensive. I’m sure you’ve been saving up money these two whole years to buy that. Or did you use your other savings that’s for publishing the illustrated book about cakes that you want to create in the future?” Wing replied without looking.

“I have to try again. Who knows, maybe she has changed.”

Wing stopped rolling the dough together and let out a long sigh. He removed the traces of dough on his hand and went to the sink. He turned on the tap and washed his hands with soap. Once he was done, he dried his hands with the small hand towel that hung nearby. He then, made his way towards Izz.

Wing placed a hand on Izz’s shoulder and said, “There are times when the other is right and we are wrong. What we want changed may not change because it is at where it belongs. Two years have passed Izz, has she ever tried to contact you?”

Izz was silent. Wing was right, but he can’t give up. He was not afraid of getting rejected by the person he loved. “I will keep on trying,” he said firmly.

Wing let out a shorter sigh this time. He patted Izz’s shoulder twice as if to give him support.

“One orange juice and an ice lemon tea, Wing! Mike Celes and his fiancée are here!” Denny’s sudden voice interrupted their conversation.

Izz immediately started to work on the drinks while Wing headed to the front to greet said customers.

Mike Celes and Moon Johanez were already seated when Wing emerged from the kitchen.

“Hey Wing! Good business you have here,” Mike waved with a grin.

“After a certain period of losses,” Wing replied with a small smile, earning a laugh from Mike, as he sat down on one of the remaining two seats.

“The interior of the shop is really beautiful now, especially after you’ve refined the image with all of these yellow and white chrysanthemum flowers,” Moon complimented, causing Wing to smile again.

“Right, I’ve just noticed! Where did you get this idea?” Mike asked, but before Wing could answer him, they were graced with Ginn’s presence.

The young fashion designer had seemingly appeared out of the blue with his DK portfolio artist bag while saying, “Woah, what a nice interior! Where did all the carnations go?!”

Mike, Moon and Wing smiled at Ginn’s exclamations. There wasn’t anyone who didn’t know him. He was charismatic, loud, tall and confident with an occasional ego at the right times.

“So Wing, what happened to this shop of yours? It looks splendid!” Ginn continued while taking the final empty seat at the table his brother, friend and soon-to-be sister-in-law sat.

“Yeah, that’s what I wanted to say earlier. This shop looks delicious! It must be the chrysanthemum,” Mike added while Moon nodded her head in agreement.

“Look at the other customers. They’re all diligently eating your cakes. I’m very sure that the new inside look is the reason why their appetite goes wow!” Ginn motioned to the other customers seated at their respective tables. A cynical smile appeared on Wing’s lips as he shook his head. He clearly understood what his friend was implying.

“Seriously Wing, whose idea is this? The carnations weren’t bad before, but without doubt these chrysanthemums give a new feel. I’ve never thought that they can make one feel fresh. Especially…” Moon tried to put her thoughts into words but she could not find the right ones to express them.

“Well, time to order a drink,” Ginn said.

“We’ve already ordered,” Mike told while Moon nodded.

“Alright, then I’d like a glass of chrysanthemum tea. Not the one from the juice box or carton, but the one from the flowers you have here,” Ginn ordered. He wasn’t joking but serious. This gave a slight startle to both Mike and Moon. Wing, on the other hand, examined Ginn’s expression for a moment to make sure he was joking or not. Ginn was serious though. The chef smiled and stood up. “Ginn, you’re definitely suitable with her,” he stated.

Mike and Moon were puzzled by Wing’s statement. Who was the female that he’s mentioning? Ginn was even more puzzled. Since when was Wing good with matchmaking?

“Her?” Ginn tilted his head to one side. “Who’s that?”

“A very impressive girl who brought the concept of chrysanthemum flowers to this shop. Thanks to these flowers, the shop’s earnings are increasing. Believe me, her way of creative thinking is like yours. Besides being decorations, we dry the wilted flowers to be used for making chrysanthemum drinks. A lot of customers order them. It’s like a blessing! Ginn, you should meet her,” Wing replied. He didn’t say the girl’s name although he did not know why either. It didn’t matter anyway. Let time take its course.

The chef left Ginn, Mike and Moon to prepare Ginn’s drink as Bob appeared with a glass of orange juice and ice lemon tea—Mike’s and Moon’s order. Once the adorable waiter placed the drinks on the table, Ginn enquired him about the girl who came up with the idea of using chrysanthemums as decorations.

Bob smiled widely when he heard Ginn’s question. His thoughts went to the pretty girl who had the same taste as him; blueberry cheesecake sprinkled with nuts!

“Jasmine…” Bob said barely audibly.

“Huh?” Ginn, Mike and Moon chorused. They couldn’t hear the adorable waiter clearly at all. Bob looked down in embarrassment like someone who had gotten caught daydreaming in the middle of something important. His thoughts spontaneously drifted off to Jasmine instead of cakes this time. Bob bowed as a sign of apology.

“Jasmine. Her name is Jasmine. She’s the daughter of a florist shop in this area. If I’m not wrong, it’s called Maria’s Bukit. Err…eh! No, no, I mean Maria’s Bouquet!” Bob corrected himself quickly while bowing another time before going back to the cashier counter. He felt really embarrassed!

“Ohhh,” Mike and Moon made a sound to show that they understood. Ginn didn’t though. He recognized the name. Isn’t it the name of his neighbor that lived in the condo unit E-14-3? Well, it should be her.

‘Fate can’t be changed,’ Ginn mused. His eyes glanced at the chrysanthemums all around inside Kaoru’s Cake House. They brighten up the place, beautify it. It felt like Jasmine was standing right there as well.

Moon and Mike noticed Ginn’s actions. The couple had questions running though their minds like why Ginn’s ears seemingly perk up when the name Jasmine was said. Then, they realized…

‘Something must have happened between them!’ an invisible light bulb appeared on they heads.

Any doubts regarding something will be asked anyway~!



– The word ‘Bukit’ is a Malay word that means ‘Hill’, it’s left there for the laugh since Bukit is almost pronounced the same as Bouquet.

– Also, notice Jasmine’s condo unit number (E-14-3)? Take away the E and the dashes and you’ll get 143 which is part of the novel’s title~

Chapter end

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